Minutes of Annual General Meeting
held on 2nd November 2007

The social sailing fleet Annual General Meeting was held in the Bar at HISC at 11.00 a.m. Doreen Bennett, the fleet Captain, welcomed everyone and thanked the 34 members present for attending.

Apologies were received from Tony & Adrienne Aitken, Jean Baker, Belinda Cook, Geoff Coop, Barbara Glasby, Jane Hooper, Julia King and Mike & Angela Wright-Anderson.

Minutes of the Spring General Meeting 30th March 2007
The Captain went through the Minutes and mentioned the trips made during the season to Ocean Village where those taking part felt that the venue was unremarkable and Clarence Yard which, while enjoyable, had been expensive and not suitable if the weather was not perfect. It was agreed that these should be dropped. However, the other new venue of Gin's Farm will be booked again.
There being no further points raised, the acceptance of the Minutes was proposed by John Cook and seconded by Mike Baker, and carried unanimously.

Captain's Report
"I would like to record our sadness at the loss of John Hutchins early this year.
"The social sailing fleet have had a busy and very successful season with 6 power boats, 1 Elite and 20 yachts participating.
"I did have a personal embarrassment on the "Poole trip" in that Fancy's engine stopped, which meant a tow into Lymington Town Quay by Trevor, work on water in the fuel by John Beck and on an air lock by Richard and Anthony, for which I am eternally grateful.
"I would like to thank the following people for their particular input to the fleet:-   Barbara Beck for administration; Jane Blaydes for notification of events; Judy Cave for the list of members and various gifts; Jean & Mike Baker for the wonderful BBQ; event organisers; Marine Manager and staff for the ferry and other help and the House Manager and staff for their good hospitality.
"I hope we will have some good social gatherings this winter and thank you all for your support."

Treasurer's Report
As Geoff Coop was unable to be present, the Fleet Captain explained the figures for the year and read Geoff’s comments as follows:- "There are sufficient funds to pay outings for 2008, provided no charge for the ferry is made until after the November meeting for 2008. It is proposed to wait until that meeting to decide what further funds are needed by that date."

Provisional Programme for 2008
John Beck then ran through the proposed, provisional programme in order to obtain the views of those present.

For the "Poole trip" there was some discussion regarding alternative venues at Poole, viz Poole Y.C. and Parkstone Y.C. (John Cook reported that Parkstone now cater every day). Judy Cave suggested a possible opportunity to visit Brownsea Island. It was felt that Royal London should be omitted this year and alternatives at Cowes Corinthian, Cowes, berthing in Shepard's, and Warsash were suggested, Anthony Penfold will enquire about moorings across the river at Warsash. Several members thought that two nights in either Yarmouth or Lymington could be considered, Paul Cook suggested using the Marina at Yarmouth, but Pam Marrs said it would be expensive and many thought that Hayles is enjoyable in its own way.

The proposal for visits to The Royal Yacht Squadron in May, and Island Harbour and Osborne House Prom in July were well received, and lists commenced for those wishing to take part.

Mike Cave asked if we could arrange to sail round the Isle of Wight from Yarmouth, coming back to Bembridge; and also why we should be precluded from sailing in August during the Club events. It was felt that we might be able to arrange impromptu events at that time.

A trip across the Channel or to the West could be fitted into the gap between the "Poole"week in June and Island Harbour on 18th July. Other day trips could be included at this time and the team will investigate venues. Seaview, Ryde and Wootton Creek were mentioned.

The September trip to Southsea Marina could be followed by spending the night in Cowes, or Seaview could be visited on the way to Portsmouth Harbour.

It is not known as yet when the boats laid up at HISC will go back in the water, but Richard Curties confirmed that there are no events planned around Easter, which is early next year. Good Friday is 21st March.  

Judy Cave suggested that we make local trips at the beginning and end of the season, perhaps stretching into October if the weather is good, Emsworth and Bosham could then be included.

Christmas trip to St Malo
This will take place on 14/16th December and many members have now booked, mostly direct with Brittany Ferries. Basil Rizzi will contact Graham Smith to check on the number of members who have booked.

Winter Events
Doreen Bennett suggested lunch visits to the Royal Southampton Yacht Club at Ocean Village, Chichester Y.C. and Emsworth (Judy Cave's suggestion) during the winter, in addition to the usual SocSail lunches on the first Friday in each month up to March. These ideas were approved and bookings will be made. Outside events will hopefully be booked for Thursdays.

Cruiser Meeting
Richard Curties confirmed that the Cruiser Meeting will take place on the last weekend in January this year. He has not yet booked a speaker but asked if members would be interested in a talk with slides about his and Caroline's visit to French Polynesia.  This was well received. Heather Lewis recommended a speaker from the Chichester Planetarium and this will be mentioned to Carol Letten for a Wednesday night booking.

Richard Smith mentioned the proposed work on the tender parking, where advice is being sought from an expert. He felt it was important that the views of the tender owners are taken into account and their needs are fully understood. Richard Curties confirmed the change in policy about the method of charging and said that Gary Gledhill is unofficially appointed "Rear Commodore Tenders" and is taking a keen interest in the plans for next year. Tender owners have been asked to remove their tenders from the Club so that the problem of sand can be dealt with as soon as possible. Then tenders will have an allocated spot or spots, which will be given on a first come, first served basis. It is felt that a points system for usage should be operated so that those most frequently used should have priority. Paul Cook reminded everyone that Mark Woods said at the Club A.G.M. that those who removed their tenders first would have priority and, therefore, it is necessary to record that a tender has been removed from the Club. John Cook pointed out that the "toast-racks" could be separate from the area for "hard" tenders, and Richard Curties said that areas that are too small for the racing boats could be used for tenders

Richard Curties confirmed that two new trolleys, which are bigger and have bigger wheels, will be available in time for next season. These will be housed near the flag pole, but one could remain at the base of the pontoon. Doreen Bennett said that she thought that 3 or 4 new trolleys are needed. The 1 cost of use does not seem to be enough to ensure that the trolleys are returned for the next user.

John Cook reported that a survey of results was restricted by numbers, especially as there had been problems with the product. Plastimo have agreed to compensate users with free replacement this year. He has negotiated with Emsworth Chandlery to obtain a discount this coming season, not necessarily for Plastimo. However, only a few options will be available. He hopes to have users' views by the end of this month so that arrangements can be made with the Chandlery.

Fleet Numbers
The Captain reported that Judy Cave now had 107 members on her master list and felt that we should now restrict membership to boat owners only, and non owners should come at the invitation of skippers. Doreen Bennett pointed out that difficulties arose when members arrived hoping for a ride. Problems had arisen this season, especially at The Hornet Club when Iris Long had 58 names down to attend. In fact, only 46 arrived and that number could have been accommodated in the Dining Room. As it was, the whole party ate in the marquee where the menu was restricted to two choices and no snacks.

Trevor Rose suggested that a list be made of those owners willing to take passengers, either on day trips or overnight, and this could be passed on to enquirers.  Jane Blaydes will publish this list and, hopefully, one showing people who would like a ride.

Any Other Business
Website  Jane Blaydes reported that space on the website was up for renewal. Last time it cost 14.98 for two years' subscription. It was agreed that she should apply for another two years and this cost will be met from the funds.

Theatre trips
Iris Long reported that several trips had been arranged and that she could continue to make booking, preferably for 10 or more to obtain a discount. There had been some problems advertising these events on the Hisc General Newsletter, but response had been good.

Christmas Sale
Although this had been cancelled by the Club, several members decided to run it themselves, so please send books to Mildred Cook and Boat Jumble to Mike Baker. The sale will take place on Sunday, 9th December.

Lyn Smith asked if there was any chance that Social Sailing Members could obtain a discount at the venues we visited as a group when visiting as individuals. The Captain will look into this matter.

At the end of the meeting John Cook proposed a vote of thanks to Doreen for all her hard work.

The meeting closed at 1.00 p.m.


AGM 2007