I had a bit of a disaster and completely lost the last of the summer cruises!

So we will start again with Autumn as this terminology  seems to be politically correct

The cruise to Bembridge, after  much alteration, was again altered because of the weather forecast, and a select few went carefully up to Itchenor for the last of the summer cruises.

The first of the Autumn Lunches at the Club was a bit underpowered as many people were away, but a good event none the less


The AGM at the Club
on Friday, November 2nd

There was a good turnout of over 40 people for the meeting  which produced the usual reports and discussions, the most prominent being that of Tender Parking and Sand!

The full minutes is posted on this site and is also put up physically on the Notice Board in the corridor

Lunch was, as usual excellent, with menus for the really hungry and not so hungry


Autumn News 07