Possibly there were not as many people from HISC this year, but the actual group was probably bigger as the offer of this cruise was sent to several other clubs.
In a way this didn’t matter except for the Saturday evening meal. Here we found that we were down the side of the boat and rather split up either side of the row of pillars so that, in effect, we did not have quite the same party feeling.
 The menu was, of course, completely up to scratch.
Saturday ashore and people went off to their chosen venues - supermarkets, and the markets of Dinan, Dinard, St Malo and Cancale. It seemed to have been a good idea to do the supermarkets early as later in the afternoon it was not possible to park - even in the huge car parks! Also, the sun came out in the afternoon which helped counteract the zero temperature and the NE wind. Another mode of avoiding the temperature was, of course, a long lunch in one of the many restaurants which, again, were very busy but always good. It did, however, help to advise members of your party which restaurant you were aiming at! Somebody, unfortunately, got lost in Dinan! On returning to the boat, we had what seems to be the usual long wait for embarkation - this time due to a customs’ police strike or something similar.
The only real problem, which probably needs sorting for next year, was that of cereals for breakfast. Cereals was not on the approved list so had to paid extra for. This was a bit hard on those who only had cereals and nothing else. Mind you, it did depend on which girls you went to on the checkout!
So, a good time was had by all with no major disasters this time. And John Bovis finally received his Mandarin Napoleon on behalf of his wood carving services to the Solo Fleet.

Booze Cruise 07