Minutes of Spring Meeting held on 30th March 2007

The social sailing fleet Spring General Meeting, which took place in the Members’ Bar at HISC at 11.0 a.m., was opened by Doreen Bennett, the Fleet Captain. She thanked the 33 members present for attending and welcomed newcomers Chris & Liz Adler and Arnold & Sybil Whapham.

Apologies were received from John & Marion Blake; Delia & Alan Clark; John & Mildred Cook; Paul Cook; Jane Hooper; Freddie & Pam Kemp; Iris Long and Glenda Tickner.

Minutes of the A.G.M. 29th September 2006 The Captain went through the Minutes and there being no matters arising their adoption was proposed by John Beck and seconded by Trevor Rose. The proposal was carried unanimously.

Fleet Captain, Doreen Bennett’s, Report. I am sure we are all looking forward to the new season, with lots of sunshine and perfect sailing breezes. We have certainly got a full season, and I thank John & Barbara Beck for their help in planning and administration. My thanks also go to Jane Blaydes for her communication of events to us. The fleet have enjoyed winter socialising by supporting our monthly lunches, Wednesday night suppers and Trevor’s Musical evenings, also French lessons from Janet Ripley and Bridge classes from Gary Gledhill. The Ladies Lunches have also been very popular and very well supported by Social Sailing members and other club members. Many thanks to Lyn Smith for these.

Our thanks are due to Nick Griffiths and his staff for their hospitality.

Treasurer’s Report. In the absence of Geoff Coop, Doreen was able to report that we have the £210 necessary to pay to the Cruising Fleet towards the cost of the Ferry. However, Geoff had expressed the view that it would be necessary to pay fees again this year, and £5 per person was considered acceptable. To assist with this Judy Cave volunteered to collect the subscriptions from those present. John Beck reported that he had had to pay £20 to Royal Southampton Yacht Club for the booking at Gin’s Farm, and this was duly repaid from the subs collected.

2007 Programme – Update The programme, as printed in the Club Handbook was agreed. There were a number of queries regarding the tide times for the week-long trip to Yarmouth, etc. (These have been checked and amended as indicated below.)

Southsea Marina is booked, together with the Bombay Bay Restaurant.

Gin’s Farm, Beaulieu has been booked. The buffet menu should work out at about £13 per head. The cost of moorings will be checked.

Yarmouth, Berths have been booked at Hayles Yard, they require notice of numbers of boats and boat lengths. Dinner has been reserved at Royal Solent Yacht Club at a cost of £15 per head. A choice of two dishes is available and choices must be notified 5 days ahead of the event. (See Jane’s communiqué)

Poole Quay Yacht Haven will be contacted with numbers of boats expected. John Beck reported that The Thistle Hotel currently wanted a full payment on cancellation, but he will contact them again. Richard Smith suggested that we wait until very near to the time when they may change their requirements. The Buffet would cost £15 per head.

Lymington – the Harbour Master has offered to reserve the whole of Town Quay for our use and dinner has been booked at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.

Cowes – The Royal London Club have been contacted and confirmation will be sent to them. They have their own jetty now, but if this is untenable it will be possible to use Shepards Wharf.

Harbour Week – so far only Dell Quay has been booked, other bookings will be reported later. The Friday will be spent sailing in the harbour, possibly with a picnic at East Head. The tide is too late to use Northney Marina as everyone wishes to be back early for the Baker’s BBQ.

Royal Clarence Yard, Portsmouth has been booked and the little restaurant there is confident it can cope with the expected numbers. This is a new venue for us.

Folly Inn, Cowes – has been booked for 9 boats on the pub pontoon, others on the river pontoons, arriving after 4.0 p.m.

Ocean Village, Southampton – berths have been reserved, but we are unable to eat at the Royal Southampton Club as they do not open on Wednesdays! However, there are a number of large restaurants nearby and also a cinema.

Hornet Club – has been confirmed for 9th August.

Folly Inn booked as above, Wootton creek is an option and the Royal Victoria Club will be contacted.

Chichester Yacht Club. Doreen has been informed that the recent change in arrangements, which caused us to cancel our winter visit, was a mistake and we will be welcomed there to partake of the usual restaurant facilities.

Bosham - it is reported they now have, or will soon have, their own catering staff, so we have high hopes.

Issues from the Cruising Committee Ferry Service. Richard Curties said that the ferry timetable printed in the new handbook was incorrect and there had been a muddle over the Bank Holidays, nothing had been discussed with the Cruising Committee. In fact, the ferry will run from 8.0 to 6.0 during the period March May, and then as previously during the main season. The Committee will discuss the plan for September since a consensus of opinion is that the ferry needs to run later than offered at the moment. It was also indicated by a show of hands that a ferry is needed on Friday evenings in September. Gary Gledhill asked how members would be notified of the changes and it was agreed that the website should be used. It was agreed that a log should be kept to indicate the usage in order to run the ferry in line with the tight budget.

Interviews have taken place and five ferry drivers have been engaged. However, if there is a shortfall the staff has to do the job which entails overtime payments. Jane Blaydes asked if named drivers could drive for Social Sailing events if needed and Mike Baker agreed to look into the matter of insurance with Carol Letten.

Strops Richard Curties has sent a questionnaire to mooring holders regarding the strops and from the replies received any improvements will be assessed.

Christmas trip to St Malo Basil Rizzi reported that Sparkes Cruising Club is no more, but that Graham Smith of Brittany Ferries is keen for the event to continue and it was suggested that HISC should organize it with him. Richard Curties offered to work on this project with Carol Letten, as a Club event.

Any Other Business

Anti-fouling John Cook will co-ordinate the ordering of anti-fouling for next year if this is required and the matter will be discussed at the A.G.M. when the results of this year’s applications will be known.

Mike Baker drew members attention to the problem of applying anti-fouling in close proximity to other boats and will provide a tarpaulin for members to use to cover adjacent boats. It is also important to wear a mask when applying these chemicals.

Theatre trips Barbara Beck reported that Iris Long will be pleased to organize theatre trips for those interested as the summer programme is very exciting. The Theatre have offered groups Monday & Tuesday evenings for £16 a head, all seats; or 10% reduction on parties of 10+ and 15% on those of 20+ on other evenings, except Saturdays. Please, contact Iris if you are interested.

Members List Judy Cave asked for the details of new members for the list. It was agreed that the telephone tree is no longer needed and people expecting to attend events should contact the organizer to discover whether there are places on boats. Numbers of boats and sailors are needed for ALL events for the caterers.

John Hutchins Members were shocked to be told by Mike Baker of the sudden death of fellow member John Hutchins, and condolences were extended to Jean and his family. Doreen will arrange to send a card to the family and a donation of £25 In Memoriam will be sent on behalf of the Social Sailing group for the Hayling Island RLNI branch.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.45 p.m.

Since the meeting the tides for the Poole trip have been checked and should be amended as follows:

Wed 20 hw 16.15 Lymington

Thu 21 hw 17.08 Royal London, Cowes

Fri 22 hw 18.03 Return to HISC

Our apologies for these typing errors. It means that the tide will be against on the trip back to HISC a.m. but a morning shopping in Cowes is possible with a favourable tide Friday afternoon.


Spring AGM 2007