Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 3rd October 2008

The Social Sailing Fleet Annual General Meeting, which took place in the Bar at HISC at 11.00 a.m., was opened by Doreen Bennett, the Fleet Captain.  She thanked the 40 members present for attending.

Apologies were received from Tony Aitken, Richard Archer, Barry Blaydes, Lyn Bodily, Xan and Edward Carr, Mike and Judy Cave, Richard and Carolyne Curties, Jane Hooper, Mike and Val Iddon, Pam and Freddie Kemp, Sue Maclaurin-Pratt, Tony and Hazel Mills, Adele Rizzi, Jan and Peter Wareham and Angela Wright-Anderson.

Minutes of the Spring General Meeting on 7th March, 2008 were reviewed by Doreen Bennett.

Acceptance of the Minutes was proposed by Mike Baker, seconded by Paul Ripley and carried unanimously.

Matters Arising It was pointed out by Mildred Cook that John’s right-hand woman in organising the Caen trip was not Lyn Smith, as stated in the Minutes, but his wife!

Fleet Captain, Doreen Bennett’s Report  Despite the wind and rain, particularly in August and September, the fleet have had a full and very enjoyable season.  We lost Northney due to the eating area not being ready;  Seaview to cost and their being overbooked;  East Head to weather and no takers, and Littlehampton due to wind strength and direction, no one wanted to turn left out of the harbour.  Gale force winds meant that for our last event we went to CYC by road.

We had two very special events, i.e. Roger Vickers arranged for 40 of us to visit the RYS and use their new marina.  Also Tony and Hazel Mills organised a weekend in Island Harbour with a BBQ and music on Friday night, and the Bournemouth S.O. Concert at Osborne House – which was hard work for them, but wonderful for all of us.  Paul Cook did very full research for us to visit Littlehampton, which I hope we may still use next season.

I would like to extend sincere thanks to the following people for their particular input to the fleet.  Barbara Beck for administration, Jane Blaydes for notification of events, Judy Cave for maintaining the list of members (at the moment 70 members, 32 boats, but luckily we only average 11 boats and 40 people), and various gifts; Jean and Mike Baker for their wonderful BBQ, and how pleased we all are to have Jean back among us; all event organizers; the Marine Manager and staff for ferry services and other help and the House Manager and staff for their hospitality.

I hope we will have some good social gatherings this winter and thank you all for your encouragement and support.

Treasurer’s Report  Geoff Coop reported that there is approximately 300 in the funds at this moment, but he had received an invoice from the Club for the ferry costs in 2007 and 2008, together with some photocopying, which amounted to 500.00. 

There was considerable discussion and much unhappiness was expressed about the high charges levied by the Club.
It was generally felt that a sum of about 120.00 had been agreed at a previous Social Sailing AGM after Rear Commodore Cruising had been persuaded to reduce the figure.  It was unclear whether this 120.00 applied to one or two years.
Doreen read out a letter from Richard Curties, expressing his point of view re the whole charging matter and also mentioning that it had been suggested that Social Sailing should have a representative on the Cruising Committee.  He pointed out that Gary Gledhill and Kevin Crouch already serve on his Committee.  However, if the meeting wished for a further representative, one could be co-opted.  No one was put forward.
Richard Smith was very unhappy with the charge from the Club and promised to investigate and modify the charge, if necessary.  He also pointed out that the Management Committee had now agreed that no further charges would be levied for ferry costs for Social Sailing in future years.
Paul Cook proposed that the Social Sailing Fleet’s view should be reported to the Committee.  This was seconded by Mike Baker and carried unanimously.

Geoff Coop proposed that, if we do not have enough money to pay the invoice, further monies could be collected at the next meeting.  Doreen expressed some misgivings at charging 5.00 to persons who only attend on a couple of occasions.  However, Barbara Glasby felt most people without boats would be happy to pay 5.00 and this was the consensus among those present.  Paul Cook felt that any excess monies could be used towards the Christmas Festivities.

Provisional 2009 Programme Doreen and John Beck had worked out a programme for next season and copies were available for those present.

Most of last year’s venues have been repeated, with the addition of more day trips following a request from Roy Barnes.  Bembridge and Haslar can be extended to overnight trips, and lunches have been added at Ryde, Wootton Creek and Southsea Marina.  The “Poole Week” has been re-arranged to start at Island S.C. Cowes, and use the Harbour walk-ashore pontoon at YarmouthSocSail Week will run from Monday, 6th July.  Osborne House Concert could be included possibly using The Folly or East Cowes Marina.  However, Tony and Hazel Mills are not available to organize it this year.  In September, a longer trip has been planned to include Hythe Marina for two nights in order to use the ferry to go to Southampton Boat Show if desired.

Arnold Whapham requested that more trips are organised for, or end on Friday, as the ferry is normally available without any problem.
Iris Long said she felt that if a club is accessible by road, members who have said they will attend should drive, as the various clubs have made special efforts to accommodate us.  This is a view endorsed by other event organisers.

Christmas “Booze Cruise”  John Cook reported that 31 members have booked to go on this year’s trip to Caen, and bookings have now been closed by Brittany Ferries.  Members will receive individual invoices.  Paul and Janet Ripley have investigated the restaurant and will be going there again soon when they will check our requirements.  John thanked them for their help.
He also pointed out that it is now a mandatory requirement that a least the driver and advisably the passengers, have reflective vests to wear when outside the car in the case of accident or breakdown.  It is important to have these in the car and put them on before getting out.

Trolleys Doreen enquired from those present if there are enough big-wheeled trolleys and if it is felt that they are convenient.  It was pointed out that they are often not in their proper place and this required co-operation by everyone who uses them.  Colin, the Marine Manager, reported that new locks are needed for the pontoon area and that when these are in operation, the trolleys may be returned in order to collect the l.00 deposit required for usage.  Arnold Whapham requested that at least one trolley be kept near the flagpole for use when it is necessary to leave a car in the overflow car park.  It was pointed out that this could be connected to the security box.
Doreen reiterated the view that more trolleys are needed and it is hoped that the old ones will gradually be replaced with the big-wheeled type.
Problems have occurred using the new bigger trolleys on the pontoon and Richard Smith pointed out that when the new hammerhead is installed, there will no longer be a bridge to negotiate.

Cruiser Meeting  Doreen asked when this meeting would be held, but no date was known.

Winter Programme   Doreen reminded everyone that the Laying-Up Supper is on 8th November.  It was suggested that we also have a Pre-Launch supper too.

Social Sailing lunches will again run through the winter, on the first Friday in each month.

The first Dining-In night is on Friday, 10th October – remember to book with the Club if you wish to attend.

There is a full “Ladies Who Lunch” programme, and French will commence again on 10th October.

A visit to Chichester Yacht Club will be arranged in February.

Jane Blaydes asked if we could get the lunch programme for next year into the Programme early so that we do not have to fit in around other events and it was agreed that she should organize this.

Any Other Business

Anti-fouling  John Cook is willing to organize orders for anti-fouling for all interested boat owners, ordering in January.  Please contact him direct.

John also suggested that we get together a list of tradesmen and suppliers who have been particularly helpful and/or efficient for the benefit of all our members.  It was agreed that this is an excellent idea and John said he would be willing to organize the list.

Elites  John Cook reported that it had come to his notice that there is a project coming before the Policy Committee to use a number of Elites for Corporate Entertaining, using Club moorings.  Where he wondered are these moorings coming from?  Mike Baker pointed out that people only obtain a mooring if they have put their name down (and paid a deposit), but John believed that the list will be headed by the Elites as it is felt they will earn money for the Club.  Paul Ripley reported that an Elite owner had told him that the moorings will be near the Club and monies will go direct to the Club.  There was considerable concern among the members at this high-handed action.  Richard Smith pointed out that if everyone paid their mooring fees promptly the mooring would be secured, at least for the next year.
There was some scepticism that having 6 Elites for hire would make very much money, and Rosemary Gledhill pointed out that corporate hiring at Seaview has been successful, but that they need to change their fleet.
Trevor Rose was of the opinion that the Club should have a keel boat fleet kept on the moorings, as most other clubs do.  This would give the Club the opportunity to have racing in conditions when the usual fleets of dinghies cannot go out.
Pam Marrs suggested that the matter be raised at the forthcoming A.G.M.

Club Visits  Lyn Smith pointed out that we visit many other clubs in the season and it would be nice if we could invite them to visit our Club.  It was pointed out that there is a shortage of moorings and Mike Baker said that he has written to Carl at the Marina who would be pleased to accommodate yachtsmen visiting the Club.

Mike Cave  A card was signed for Mike who is having his operation today.

Thanks  Mike Wright-Anderson expressed his thanks to Jane Blaydes for keeping everyone informed of forthcoming events.  Heather Lewis proposed a vote of thanks to Doreen and her team and this was seconded by Barbara Glasby and roundly approved.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.55 p.m.


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