Minutes of Annual General Meeting
held on 23rd October 2009

The Social Sailing fleet Annual General Meeting, which took place in the Bar at HISC at 11.0 a.m., was opened by Doreen Bennett, the Fleet Captain.  She thanked the 49 members present for attending.

     Apologies were received from Liz & Chris Alder, Jane & Barry Blaydes, Bill & Catherine Dodds, Jane Hooper, Tony & Hazel Mills and Paul & Janet Ripley.   

 Minutes of the Spring General Meeting on 27th March 2009 Doreen went through the Minutes, reporting on actions taken on the matters raised therein.

 Matters Arising There were no matters arising from the Minutes and their acceptance was proposed by John Cook and seconded by Trevor Rose.  The motion was carried unanimously.   

   Fleet Captain, Doreen Bennett’s, Report. I think 2009 can be reported as successful, despite some of the weather!!  Three events out of twenty-four were cancelled;  twenty-five boats and eighty-one people participated averaging 30 people and eight boats.  By far the most popular were “Poole Week”, Osborne House Concert, thanks to Tony & Hazel, and Social Sailing Week, topped off by Mike & Jean’s BBQ.

Liz & Jean Sagues, our Dell Quay hosts, made a donation from HISC Social Sailors and Dell Quay S.C members to the Chichester Harbour Trust.  Four boats braved Littlehampton and I hope more may go this year. Richard Curties organised a Pirate Weekend in September which was great fun.  If it takes place again I can recommend it, and power boats need not worry about the calculations.

I had a nice letter from Joan Thomas after the sad loss of dear Bill, thanking us for the beautiful hydrangea, which Iris kindly delivered on our behalf.  Bill was a member of HISC for may years and enjoyed organizing our trips to Hornet Club.  Mildred & John have also been through the mill since mid-summer, and sadly had to confine their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations to a meal with mainly family and very close, longstanding friends.  However, Mildred is doing really well now and is here today.  We are all so very pleased.  Gary had had a troublesome hip operation, but I understand he is coming on well now.  Also I know Tony Aitken has been very poorly, but John Beck rang and spoke to him when we were working on the programme and I am pleased to report all is now well and he is looking forward to next season.

I would like to extend sincere thanks to the following people for their particular input to the fleet:

Jane Blaydes                             notification of events
Barbara Beck                            administration
Judy Cave                                 maintaining the members list and organising various gifts
Geoff Coop                                treasurer
Jean & Mike Baker                    for their wonderful BBQ
All the event organizers              (they are a big help)
The Marine Manager & staff        for the ferry and other help, and
The House Manager & Staff        for good hospitality.

I hope we will have some good social gatherings this winter and thank you all for your encouragement and support.

Treasurer’s Report. Geoff handed round copies of the accounts as they now stand, which show that there is 427.87 in the bank at the present time.  He felt, and it was agreed, that no subs are required at the present time and this will be discussed again at the Spring General Meeting in April.

Some concern was expressed by several members present that there may be a problem with access if, in the worst case, something were to happen to Geoff.  The possibility of a separate account was raised, but this could involve quite a bit of paperwork.  Geoff explained that his wife, Val, would be in a position to hand over any monies required.  Heather Lewis suggested that a joint account could be opened with either one of two signatures being used.  Geoff explained that at the present time the monies are in his own account.  Trevor Rose proposed that, at the moment, we continue with the present system.  This motion was seconded by Richard Archer, and the vote was carried nem con.

Mike Baker suggested that, since there is a considerable amount in the kitty at the moment it may be possible to arrange for a Social Sailing burgee, using some of the money, and which members could buy.

Doreen raised the matter of the continued use of the website which Jane Blaydes had explained is now up for renewal.  It was agreed that the funds should pay the 14.98 for the continued use of the website. 

Provisional 2010 Programme  Copies of the suggested programme for 2010 had been handed round and before discussion of the actual fixtures was discussed Richard Smith asked why it had been decided to change to trips at the weekends, especially trips to The Folly.  However, this only occurs when visits are timed for Fridays, when the return to the Club would fall on a Saturday.

A proposed trip to Gins Farm was discussed and John Beck explained that he had written to The Royal Southampton Club following our visit, complaining that the food provided was both inadequate and of a poor standard.  He received a reply which acknowledged that this had been the case this year and that steps are being taken to re-organise the entire set up at Gins.  It was generally agreed that a trip in the coming season should be included in the programme.  John will ascertain if they will be open in May.

The proposed trip to Northney Marina brought the comments that The Ship, the proposed venue for lunch, is busy, a long walk and quite expensive.  Roy Barnes offered to make enquiries at Northney about use of their marquee and any possibility of a meal there.

On the matter of “Poole Week” several people were disappointed that no venue was planned at Poole itself.  Doreen explained that the tides meant that arrival at Parkstone would be at teatime.  However, it was generally agreed that this could be offered as an alternative to Yarmouth on the Wednesday night, possibly returning to Yarmouth for the Thursday night.  A second night at Poole, at The Quay, could be offered instead of Yarmouth, with a stop in the Beaulieu river on the way home.

A trip in June to the Hamble river has been included, using either Universal Marina, which Ray and Margaret Stewart will investigate, or The Jolly Sailor and Elephant Yard, which Anthony Penfold will research.  No decision was made on this trip.  Immediately following this a trip is planned to Littlehampton, which Paul Cook is willing to organise.  Richard Curties reported that this year’s trip went well.  It was generally agreed that the food at the pub is probably better than the Club, which will only serve food at weekends.

Final dates for Southsea Marina and the Hornet Club were not settled, those proposed will coincide with days  when many members are asked to volunteer to help with preparations for the visit of the Laser International event.  An earlier date will clash with Federation Week!

It is not yet known if or when there will be an Osborne House Concert, if not, a different event will be organised.

(Later Doreen collected names of those who would be interested in attending the Concert event if it takes place).

In September a trip to Cowes is planned which will give an opportunity to visit the Max Aitken Museum.  Anthony Penfold explained that this is an excellent venue and they are able to serve an excellent dinner.  The cost of booking, 150, will be underwritten by the group’s funds.  A minimum of 30 people is needed and the meal will cost 25, plus a share, probably 5, of the booking fee.  Lyn Smith suggested that the Marina at West Cowes be booked for this event as they are searching for customers.  Anthony agreed to investigate this and try to negotiate a good price for a block booking.

Doreen confirmed that all Chichester Y.C. and Itchenor S.C. events are already booked and also the Dan Bran pontoon and The Royal Lymington Club for the “Poole Week”.  She also requested that people try to attend any of the events that are rained off, by road where possible, as the venues put themselves out to accommodate us.

Mention was made of the fact that several expressed disappointment that there was no after-dinner entertainment during Social Sailing Week, and Doreen asked if everyone would like this again.  It was generally agreed that it should take place and Trevor, John and Paul will arrange rehearsals nearer the time.  

Rear Commodore’s Report Richard Curties had nothing to report at the moment.  However, Doreen asked about the large-wheeled trolleys that she can never find.  Richard said there are 4 or 5 at the Club, but they are often used by House and Marine people.  Richard Smith suggested that perhaps these groups should obtain their own trolleys.

Richard confirmed that the Cruiser Meeting would take place on Saturday, 6th February.

The situation regarding Corporate Sailing was reported.  Mike Baker confirmed that it is in profit, and Anthony Penfold said that the Club is pleased with the first year, and there will be more advertising and the programme  run again next year.

  Any Other Business

St Malo trip Mike Cave reported that he had been unable to arrange a deal with Britanny Ferries.  However, John Beck has heard from Tony Aitken that Graham Smith is running a trip for the MDL group at Sparkes Marina, and it was suggested that anyone interested should try to arrange a place on that trip, possibly by talking to Tony first.

Carol Singing  Judy Cave told everyone that, with Angie Driscoll’s help it would be possible to arrange for carol singing one evening, and it was agreed that before the Dining-In on Friday 18th December would be a good time.  Doreen is hoping that Social Sailors will make this the Christmas “party” and book tables for that event.

A suggestion was made that a donation could be made from the group’s funds for a charity such as Help for Heroes.  However, several members were not happy with this idea and felt that charitable donations should be a private matter.  Richard Smith proposed that this was not an acceptable practice and Trevor Rose seconded this motion.  It was carried nem con.

 Winter Programme Doreen reported that Social Sailing lunches at the Club will continue throughout the winter, together with visits to Emsworth S. C. and Chichester Y.C.  Notice of all these dates will appear on the website.

Crewing Doreen introduced Sandie Burlington, a new member, who owns a 42’ Beneteau kept in Northney Marina.  She would like to attend some events, but needs crew members.  Active crews are also needed by Arnold Whapham and Ron & Eileen Wiltshire.

Honours Richard Smith asked everyone to express their congratulations to three of our number, namely Mike Baker and Geoff Coop who have received RYA Community awards for their long term work for the sport, and Peter Glasby who has been elected an Honorary Life Member of the Club, the highest award available.

Thanks  John Cook gave thanks from both Mildred and himself for the support and help that they have received over the past three months.  He praised the uniqueness of the gathering of friends and the way in which everyone pulls together in times of crisis.  They greatly appreciate this.  He also expressed thanks for the donation for the U.K. Myeloma Charity  which they received, in lieu of a 50th anniversary present.

Gary Gledhill agreed with these sentiments and thanked everyone for the help and support he has received following his operations, and warned everyone that he is not finished yet as he expects to have a knee done in the near future!

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.40 p.m.


AGM 2009