Minutes of Spring General Meeting
 Held on 27th March 2009

The Social Sailing Fleet Spring General Meeting, which took place in the Bar at HISC at 11.00 a.m. was opened by Doreen Bennett, Fleet Captain.  She thanked the 44 members present and welcomed newcomers, Bill & Kathy Dodds and Peter and Gusti Taylor.

Apologies were received from Jane Hooper, Judy and Mike Cave, John and Pat Bovis, Belinda Cook, Edward and Xan Carr, Peter Wareham, Barry Blaydes and Carolyne Curties.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 3rd October 2008 were reviewed by Doreen Bennett.

After some discussion of various items, the Minutes were accepted by general consent.

Matters Arising     The sum of 200.00 for outstanding ferry charges had been paid to the Cruising Committee.  Richard Smith and Mike Baker had worked hard to get the fees down and it had now been agreed that no more charges would be made.

Christmas “Booze” Cruise     It was agreed by those who had made the trip that it had been good value in spite of the weather conditions.  John Cook agreed to negotiate with Brittany Ferries regarding another trip in December 2009;  Janet and Paul Ripley were willing to liaise with the restaurant “Fringale” in Caen on a “one drink and meal” basis.

Trolleys     Richard Curties stated that we now had 6/7 big-wheeled trollies; the Marine Department keep 2 for their use.  Doreen asked the meeting if they were happy with the number and all agreed.

Cruiser Meeting     Those present who had attended the meeting agreed that Mark Cavell’s talk had been excellent.  Doreen Bennett expressed the hope that it could be repeated at some later date.

Winter Programme     Everything planned had gone well.

Anti-fouling     John Cook stated that no interest had been shown.

Elites     Trevor Rose stated that he thought the Corporate Entertaining plan was fine.

Club Visits     Colin, Marine Manager, has put labels on the buoys for visiting yachtsmen.

Fleet Captain, Doreen Bennett’s Report     I would like to record our sadness at the terrible loss of Arnold and Cybil’s daughter, Sarah, after the birth of her twins.

Many Fleet members have enjoyed socialising throughout the winter by supporting our monthly lunches, Wednesday suppers, Trevor’s music and some interesting slides and talks.  French lessons and bridge continue very successfully, as do the ladies’ lunches.  Our thanks are due to Nick Griffiths and staff for their hospitality.  I am sure we would also like to thank Colin, the Marine Manager, for his and his staff’s hard work and willing co-operation.

Lyn Smith sent the Fleet a lovely letter thanking everyone for the flowers and for the kindness and support she and Richard received during the time before and after her operation.

John Beck and I have produced a very full programme for 2009 and I wish you all a very happy season with good weather.

Treasurer’s Report     The Treasurer reported that we started the 2009 season  - after paying the ferry fees of 200 - with  104.66 in the Bank.    John Beck was holding the sum of 69.00 to pay for deposits at  Gin’s Farm.  (This amount had been returned from last season’s deposit at Lymington.  John expects to pay 20.00 for Gin’s Farm and will return the remaining 49.00 to the Treasurer).

Geoff proposed no subscriptions for this year.  However, after some discussion, it was suggested that we needed more money in the kitty for emergencies and Richard Smith proposed a resolution that, for this season,  there should be a subscription of 5 per person.  This resolution was seconded by  Paul Cook and passed by a majority vote.

Provisional Programme for 2009

The programme for 2009 was discussed and venues and dates confirmed.

Itchenor on 20th April – Doreen stated that the Ferryman will be available and the meal will be in the Pub.  She was anticipating that 25 people would be attending.

Chichester Yacht Club on 27th April – Trevor Rose will be liaising with CYC to arrange.

Bembridge on 12th May – At the present time Bembridge S.C. is booked for lunch.  Some boats may stay overnight and return to HISC the following day.  There is low tide in the evening.  Doreen to find out if  Brading Haven are open in the evening for those who may like to go. 

Haslar on 22nd May – John Cook will contact Haslar Lightship after Easter to confirm lunch arrangements.  Some boats may stay overnight returning to HISC the following day – Saturday.  Individuals to make own dinner and marina arrangements.

Gin’s Farm and Littlehampton - all arranged.

“Poole Week” – 22nd/26th June – Shepard’s Wharf and Island Sailing Club are booked at Cowes.  Richard Smith asked for a show of hands and 9 boat owners indicated they would be attending.

Individual bookings have to be made at Yarmouth Marina  – 11 berths left – the website is www.yarmouth-harbour.co.uk -  a few boats may wish to stay at Hales or take “pot luck”.  On Monica and Trevor’s recommendation “The Wheatsheaf” has been booked for dinner on 23rd.

Poole – Arrangements as  last time at Parkstone YC.  Lymington – The Town Quay has been booked and dinner will be at “The King’s Head” for approximately 25 persons.

Social Sailing Week – 6th/10th July – Emsworth, Dell Quay and CYC all arranged.  Itchenor – possibility that Sailing Club will not be available so lunch may have to be taken in the Pub.  Bosham – Judy will investigate.

The usual evening activities will take place – skittles, supper, dinner and “The Baker’s BBQ”.

The trip to “Folly Inn” and Osborne House – 24th/25th/26th July - has been arranged by Hazel and Tony Mills.

Southsea Marina on 7th August – arranged.  Tony Mills will be arranging Hornet on 13th August.  The Joint Services have to be kept in touch.

Folly Inn/Warsash on 2nd/3rd September – in hand.

Haslar Marina/Hythe Marina – 15th/16th/17th September – Hythe Marina not available; Shamrock Marina could be an alternative.  Due to tidal conditions it is a difficult entrance.  Discussions focused on Ocean Village – people were not impressed with the prices.  However, it was agreed to stay there overnight.  Doreen to enquire the price for Dinner at the Royal Southampton Y.C.   John Cook will talk to Haslar Marina regarding lunch or dinner arrangements.                                          

CYC and Itchenor SC on 22nd and 24th September – in hand.

Rear Commodore – Cruising – Issues

Richard Curties read out a notification from the Captain of Cruising at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club dated November 2008 in which was outlined 7 points regarding Code of Practice to be observed by members organising and/or taking part in cruising events.  Doreen Bennett stated that she and John Beck had drawn up a “Code of Practice” for the HISC Social Sailing Group.  Much discussion followed on the subject and it was agreed that common sense should prevail at all times.  There was a “Code of Practice” for HISC members printed in the Handbook, which should be followed.

Richard will be arranging a Club Cruising weekend – 19th/20th September – when the Theme will be “Pirates”.  He hoped to see many members on the water.

Any Other Business

John Cook mentioned that a couple from Mengham Sailing Club were interested in joining some of the trips with their own boat.  He had tried to persuade them to join HISC as members.  However, it was felt that as we were up to capacity as regards numbers of boats, it was not viable.  They could come as occasional guests on members’ boats.

Doreen requested that Social Sailing lunches and other events could be put in the Autumn Newsletter.  Pam Marrs suggested that details were given to the office a month before mailing.

Trevor Rose stated that boats were being launched early in March, but that the date for starting up the Ferry Service did not coincide.  Also, there was no indication that a Ferry service would be available over the Easter weekend.  Richard Curties stated that “Selene” was still being overhauled, but that a RIB was available.  John Cook stated that this was not widely known.  (Since the meeting, Richard Curties has confirmed that the Ferry (RIB) will be running at Easter and a RIB is available at the present time).

Richard Smith suggested that Colin, Marine Manager, be asked to attend the Social Sailing Spring and Annual General Meetings – this had been done but he was unable to attend this particular meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.55 p.m.   


SGM 2009