Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
held on 8th October 2010

The Social Sailing fleet Annual General Meeting, which took place in the Dining Room at HISC at 1.30 p.m. was opened by Doreen Bennett, the Fleet Captain.  She thanked the 36 members present for attending.

Apologies were received from Mike & Judy Cave, Belinda Cook, Carolyne Curties, Mike & Toni Durrant, Jane Hooper, Julia King, Tony & Hazel Mills, Richard & Sue Pratt, Richard & Lyn Smith, Margaret & Ray Stewart, Glenda Tickner, Jan & Peter Wareham, Arnold & Sybil Whapham and Mike & Angela Wright-Anderson.

Minutes of the Spring General Meeting on 9th April 2010 were available before hand and there were no matters arising.

Fleet Captain’s Report  I must start my report with my sincere thanks and amazement at the tremendous support I’ve had from the fleet and the club generally since the news of my pancreatic cancer, so many cards, phone calls, visits and flowers.

I do feel inadequate in my lack of computer skills and I know there are a few like me.  If we let the appropriate people know they will post details.  Barbara Beck, Jane Blaydes and Judy Cave do this for me and some others already.  Do let them know.

If you are willing I am very happy to stay on as your figure head fleet captain, after 12 years service.  I’m sure I’ll still be bossy.

We haven’t had quite such high numbers this season but we’ve had some good sun and fun and several members have done their own lovely trips.  Trevor and Monica went to La Rochelle and I know several went a good way west.  August was quiet for us, but we are very pleased the club had great success with the Lasers.  Staff and helpers/volunteers worked so hard to achieve this.

I would mention the highlights of this season: Poole week (6 went to Poole, the majority stayed in the Solent but we all enjoyed what we did).  Our first visit to The Island S.C. was great (well done Richard).  Liz & Jean Sagues made our Dell Quay visit very special at 5 per head.  Between 50 & 60 of us went in both Solos and yachts.  They also sent a donation to the Chichester Harbour Trust from us and DQSC.  Of course Mike & Jean’s BBQ is still top of the list!  So sad I missed it and went into hospital the next day.

Our thanks also go to Peter Taylor, and Gusti, for his tremendous effort in taking over the Osborne House concert trip.  He had considerable problems which he overcame and I was refunded my 50.  This was due to his ingenious plan to combine with another fleet.  The Max Aitken Museum trip was outstanding with 35 attending the dinner, thanks to Anthony.  CYC was also well attended, 39 people going there.  Thank you Trevor & Monica.

We still miss Basil’s great enthusiasm.  Adele still joins us when she can.  At Sunday lunch I’ve seen Joan Thomas (Bill’s widow) with Iris who at the moment is in Wimbourne nursing home.  Mildred is doing so well after her illness last summer.  John Bovis’ heart operation was very complicated but he’s doing very well now.  It was great to see Sybil and Arnold at CYC.  I know they’ve had a very hard 18 months since their trauma.  Glenda lost Arthur but is busy and involved at MRSC and was chuffed with HISC’s send off for him.  Also we are pleased to see Tony and Hazel Mills have joined us again after his health problems.

Back to a celebration, Mike Cave is now 70 and Judy is sad to miss this meeting as they are away but she has brought forward acknowledgment of this with a cake at the Itchenor SC end of season trip – Happy Birthday Mike.  32 people joined the last trip to Itchenor, and I was sorry to miss it.

I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following people for their particular input to the fleet:

Jane Blaydes - notification of events, Barbara Beck – administration, Judy Cave - list of members, and organising gifts, Richard Smith – treasurer and Jean & Mike Baker – BBQ.  (Phone numbers for the above are in the handbook).

All event organisers, (especially for me from season), Marine manager & crew - for the ferry and other help, and House manager & crew - good hospitality.

I hope we will have some good social gatherings this winter.  Thanks again for all your support.

Last but not least I would like to thank Geoff Coop for the wonderful job he has done looking after our finances for the last 12 years.  On your behalf, at the end of the meeting, I would like to present him with a small gift to show our appreciation.

Doreen then introduced Seumus Kilpatrick, the Vice Commodore Cruising Elect.  Seamus explained his connection with Social Sailing, saying his mother-in-law, Jane Hooper, kept him informed about the group.  As he has a young family and is a working man he will not be able to join our mid-week outings, but hopes to be able to offer whatever help we may need with cruising matters.  He then thanked Richard Curties for his hard work over the years, and he hopes to continue this if elected to the post.  At the moment he is not constrained by Club “politics”.

Doreen prompted him to explain some of his ideas, and informed the meeting that he hopes to be able to organise trips for younger family groups within the Club, and, to this end, hopes that the Social Sailors will be able to help him with advice.  He is also a member of Emsworth S.C. and would like to try to organize some activities jointly with them.

On the matter of weekend cruising four events were organized this year, and Richard Curties confirmed that the 1st event to New Town was attended by 6 boats, no boats attended the second weekend, the 3rd was the Osborne House trip and the 4th was supported by 2 boats.

Seumus is keen to hear our ideas and feels that the cruiser section of the Club is rather “quiet”, and he hopes to improve their voice within the Club.

Mike Baker said we have very successful mid-week trips, but understands Seamus’s desire to involve weekenders.  He added that “cruisers” are rather nomadic and like to go to places when they are quieter and less crowded.  Jean Baker explained that Social Sailors sometimes like to get away from their grandchildren! 

Treasurer’s Report In the absence of Richard Smith the following message was handed to those present:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon, and I am very sorry Lyn and I are not with you at this AGM.

“Firstly, and very important, I would like to thank Geoff Coop for all he has done over the years as Treasurer of the Social Sailing Group.  Geoff has kept us on the straight and narrow --- some no mean feat when you look round at such a disreputable crew, and he has been so helpful to me over the last few months.  Thanks again, Geoff, and enjoy your “retirement”.

“I enclose the Income and Expenditure Account for the Year to 31/10/10, and would make the following comments:

“I have followed previous practise and taken the financial year into October.  Depending on the timing of the AGM, it may be sensible next year to finish our financial year at 30th Sept.

“We began the year with funds of 427.87, and finished the year with funds diminished at 303.51.  Our Income was 50 and our total expenditure was 174.36.

“Our apparent “loss” therefore was 124.36 (50 less 174.36).

“We should just note, however, that our Income included 40 from 2009 Subscriptions, and our 2010 Income only amounted to 10.  Our real “loss”, therefore, for the year was 164.36 (10 less 174.36).

“But---don’t despair!!  We made the decision last year only to charge the 5 per person subscription for a new member to the Croup, and hence our loss and diminished funds.

“My recommendation is that we continue the above policy, and do not re-introduce a subscription for the existing members at this time.  We have sufficient funds to “suffer” a loss again next year, and sufficient funds to pay deposits that may be necessary, although this does slightly depend on the timings of our expenditure.  At our Spring Meeting or at this time next year, we may wish and decide it is prudent to increase the funds again.

“Thanks.  I hope the figures and the above make sense!?  Please, do give me a shout if you wish to talk through any item.”

(A copy of the actual figures will be attached to the Club Notice Board, together with the Minutes.)

A motion to accept the Accounts was moved by Mike Baker and seconded by Trevor Rose.  The motion was carried unanimously.

 2011 Programme An outline of the provisional programme was displayed and John Beck went through the various plans.  (This programme will be available on the web site when bookings have been made).

Several points were made concerning the plans. 

Anthony Penfold suggested that the Club should support The Royal Corinthian Y.C. on one of their trips to Cowes. June Tong said that the food was disappointing, but this was during Cowes Week, and Freddie Kemp said that his experience had been good.  Contact will be made with the Club with a view to a visit next year.  Anthony had also ascertained that a meal at the Master Shipwright’s Arms at Bucklers Hard would cost 17.50 for two courses.  Trevor Rose reported that the NautiCat Association had dined at Beaulieu House, and these two possibilities will be investigated.

John Beck pointed out that night passages in the Solent can be very pleasant as there are few boats about, the wind has often reduced, and trips could be arranged to go or come back at night.  This would, however, necessitate staying on the moorings until the next day’s ferry.  It was felt that this was something Seamus could consider.

For Cowes visits John Beck pointed out that Cowes Yachthaven no longer has permanent berthholders and on a recent visit there were many empty berths.  It is slightly dearer than Shepards, but is nearer the town centre.  It was noted that Warsash had not been included this year as some members were unhappy with the facilities, however, the Club were very welcoming.

On the subject of “Poole” week several members expressed the view that Parkstone Y.C.  had been disappointing and was a long way from the centre.  Therefore, a booking at the Yachthaven at Poole Quay will be offered this year.  John Cook said that most members would prefer to use the walk-ashore pontoons at Yarmouth next time, as Hayles is more expensive and has poor facilities.  Roy Barnes pointed out that the walk-ashore pontoons can be booked in advance, but have to be paid for in advance and this payment is not refundable.  Therefore, participants must make their own bookings.

Anthony Penfold said there would be an opportunity to go across the Channel to Alderney on the Thursday of Poole week, if members were interested.

Tony Mills will kindly organize the trip to Hornet Club, and, in his absence, Barbara Beck pointed out that the trip is limited to 25 members if we wish to eat in the clubhouse, or a set meal in the marquee if there are more people.  Therefore, it would be first come – first served.  Doreen pointed out that this is a popular event.  She also emphasised that it is very important that members let event organizers know in good time if they wish to attend, and not just turn up!!      

Rear Commodore’s Report  Richard Curties reported that the winter lay-up will be going ahead as planned and the new tractor is more powerful and should be able to lift out all boats without any hitch.  Also the new pontoon is now up and running.

Anthony Penfold asked if it is possible to run the ferry throughout the month of August.  Mike Baker pointed out that Roger had operated the ferry every morning in August, but just how many cruising people had used it is unknown.

Trevor Rose said he believed that 70 moorings brought in 17,000 to the club, but the costs probably only amounted to 250 for each mooring thus showing a wonderful profit:  also the target set for the year was exceeded by 20,000.  Therefore, the cost of a few extra ferry duties was negligible.  This was applauded.

When questioned Richard confirmed that 60 boats would be laid up and that mooring holders would have priority over non-mooring holders; also that two mooring holders who had missed the deadline for bookings would now be accommodated.  It was pointed out that more space would be available if unused dinghies were taken home for the winter.  Paul Cook said that he knew of Clubs where the dinghy park had to be cleared completely for the winter, and suggested that a clearance of just two weeks may have the effect of reducing the number of unused dinghies that may not return after the break.  Mike Baker said that, in the past, dinghies were taken home in the winter thus making room not only for cruisers, but also for easier maintenance.  However, a motion had been passed in a previous AGM that all dinghies must be registered for a full year, and owners had, therefore, started to always leave their boats at the Club.  Jane Blaydes pointed out that some dinghies sailed in the winter series up to December, and Paul Cook added the idea of a two week break in February, for instance.  It was hoped that these ideas would be passed on to Seumus.  Trevor Rose pointed out that Flying Fifteens were moved in order to erect a marquee for the Lasers, so more space could be found, and Anthony Penfold pointed out the FFs do not pay during the winter. 

Trevor also mentioned the problem of cruisers having to go back into the water very early in the season, before temperatures had risen enough to allow anti-fouling to “go off” properly.  There was general displeasure over early launching, i.e. before Easter, in order to accommodate dinghy sailing.  Although in 2011 there will be a youth championship immediately after Easter, Paul Cook pointed out that at this year’s RYA meeting there were only 20 boats involved, and John Cook expressed the view that dinghy sailing starts gradually most years.  Mike Baker pointed out that most boat owners liked to do their anti-fouling at Easter.

Paul Cook asked if something better could be done about the flooding in the cruiser park area as it made working on the boats almost impossible.  Richard Curties said the current petrol-driven pump has to be started by hand and, therefore, does not come into operation early enough.  However, a new automatic float-driven electric pump has been ordered for next year.

Doreen Bennett suggested we ask for the August ferry and/or extra time at Easter and the result of such changes can be assessed.  She also wondered if our funds should be used to pay for the extra ferry, but this was rejected by the members.  John Ainsworth was concerned that extra ferries may cost 80 a day in wages and this cost would fall on the mooring holders.  Pam Marrs pointed out that it would only be about 12 extra days.

Barbara Glasby reminded everyone that before the ferry man was employed members had driven Selene, but she was told this raised on insurance problem.  Anthony Penfold said that lots of people are qualified to drive ribs so why not Selene?  Peter Taylor commented that many volunteers drive ribs for the racing, so why is that different?

Barbara was also concerned that the ferry times are very limiting, especially on lunch time trips, leaving members with no time for a short walk, etc.

As these matters are of great concern to cruising members John Cook asked if it would be too late to raise them at the Club AGM later this month.  Mike Baker confirmed this would be the case as regards a resolution, however, Liz Alder suggested they could be raised under Any Other Business.  

Any Other Business  Trolleys There was considerable disquiet over the fact that the three new big-wheeled trolleys bought for the use of cruising members have been taken over by the kitchen and the staff generally.  Richard Curties said that a further 3 trolleys had been requested this year, but the budget could not be extended to this item.  It was suggested that the original trolleys should have been charged to the House budget since they are never available for cruiser use.  It was agreed that 6 trolleys are needed for cruising members and for their use only.  Pat Bovis suggested that they could be painted a distinctive colour to emphasise this point.  Paul Cook said it should be made clear that these trolleys are not to be used by the staff in any circumstances.

Change of Title Trevor Rose proposed that, following what were considered to be derogatory comments about Social Sailors being only interested in food and drinking, we should change the name of the group to indicate more closely our activities.  After much discussion he proposed a motion that the group should, in future, be known as the Mid Week Cruising Fleet.  This was seconded by Barbara Glasby and carried by a majority of votes, only 4 persons voting against the motion.

Internet and e-mails Jane Blaydes pointed out that use of the website and e-mails was up for renewal at a cost of 15 for 2 years.  It was agreed that this should be continued.  She will put a copy of the provisional programme as soon as it is available.  It was pointed out that anyone who cannot receive information about the activities of the fleet should let Barbara Beck know so that other arrangements can be made.

Communications Roy Barnes made a plea for clarity on the matter of communications while we are on trips and it was agreed that all boats would listen out on channel 16 for calls and move to the working channel number 10.  Everyone wholeheartedly approved of this decision. 

Thanks  On behalf of everyone Trevor Rose thanked Doreen for all her hard work over the year, and wished her well for the future.


AGM 2010