Minutes of the Spring General held on 9th April 2010

The Social Sailing fleet Spring General Meeting, which took place in the Dining Room at HISC at 11.0 a.m., was opened by Doreen Bennett, the Fleet Captain.  She thanked the 32 members present for attending.

Apologies were received from Edward & Xan Carr, Paul Cook, Gary & Rosemary Gledhill and Jane Hooper.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 23rd October 2009.  Doreen went through the Minutes, which had been available on the website.

Matters Arising The following matters were raised:  SocSail Burgee    No further action had been taken, but Mike Baker suggested that Harriet (from the chandlery) could be asked to design one.  However, the cost of burgees from them is quite considerable.  Monica Rose suggested that a defaced Club burgee could be used, perhaps with the addition of a button-sized emblem for our fleet.  Richard Smith pointed out that this may be against the rules of the Club.  An alternative of a “battle flag” could be made to fly at events.  Doreen Bennett will look into this possibility.  Trolleys    The Rear Commodore Cruising not being at the meeting further news on this front was unavailable.  However, Anthony Penfold reported that he thought there were four trolleys for cruiser use.  It was felt that these were usually being used by the staff.  Crews    Doreen reported that a new member, Sandie Barlington, who keeps her boat at Northney, will hope to attend some events and is looking for crew;  likewise Ron & Eileen Wiltshire and Arnold Whapham.

There being no further matters arising from the Minutes their acceptance was proposed by John Cook and seconded by Anthony Penfold.  The motion was carried unanimously.

Fleet Captain’s Report  I would like to record our great sadness at the loss of dear Basil Rizzi.  We will all miss him leading the way with a wave, and the many happy gatherings on “Trilogy V”.  I think we could say he was our most enthusiastic member!

I also have to report that we have heard that, sadly, Arthur Colley died on Wednesday 7th April after a long struggle with cancer.  As yet we have no news of the date of the funeral.

It has been a long dreary winter, and a panic to complete work for the launch, but it appears everyone has made it.  We visited Emsworth SC in January and Chichester YC in February, and had our monthly lunches at HISC.  Also many members supported other club activities.

Our thanks are due to Nick Griffiths and staff for their hospitality.  Thanks also to Colin Ralph and staff for their hard work in difficult conditions.

John Beck and I have arranged a very full programme for 2010, and I wish you all a very happy season with good weather.

Treasurer’s Report  Geoff Coop handed round copies of the current figures, which showed a balance in hand of 275.89 after all known expenses.  He expressed the view that this would be adequate to cover any further expenses for this season and, therefore, no fees should be payable except by any new members joining this year.  It was agreed that the situation would be reviewed at the A.G.M. in the autumn.

2010 Programme Doreen went through the proposed programme, as published on the website.  Certain alterations had to be made as Doreen had been unable to book Bembridge for the weekend trips in April & May.  Several members confirmed that the Marina was often very busy at weekends when rallies are booked.  Therefore, the weekend trips on 30th April/1st May and 14th/15th May have been cancelled and an overnight trip on 29th/30th April substituted.  This booking will be confirmed by Doreen and Jane Blaydes will be asked to make the news available on the website and by e-mail.  For those interested Doreen will also try to book Bembridge for Wednesday 12th May so that members may stay at Haslar and go directly to Bembridge.   Interested parties should notify John Cook and Doreen as soon as possible.

Restaurants at Southsea Marina are to be confirmed by John Beck. Northney Marina has been booked by Roy Barnes, who pointed out that definite numbers are needed by him as the buffet will be arranged especially for us.


SGM 2010