Minutes of Spring General Meeting held at HISC
 on Friday, 30th March 2012

Present:  Richard Smith (RS, chairman), Cathy Rayner (CR Treasurer), Barbara Beck (BB) and 23 members.

1 Welcome:   RS thanked everyone for coming and BB for dealing with the Minutes.

2 Apologies:  Michael Baker, Jane & Barry Blaydes, Lyn Bodilly, Edward Carr, Paul & Belinda Cook, Peter Glasby, Freddie & Pam Kemp, Peter & Judy Lockwood and Jan & Peter Wareham.

3 Minutes of AGM on October 14th 2011:  There were no points of accuracy raised. 
Judy Cave (JC) had asked for information about venues, and an up-date of members’ particulars and co-ordinators for planned trips.  All updates to be sent to JC.  These lists were available for members at today’s meeting.  It was agreed that the venue list should be for co-ordinators only. Trevor Rose (TR) pointed out that CYC, for instance, did not want individual members to ring to make amendments.   There is currently no formal list of boat owners who would be willing to take passengers and members were asked to let RS know.                             ACTION  ALL MEMBERS

CR has now taken over as Treasurer.

Flags have now been obtained (see below).

Extra day trips have been added to the programme, as requested.

Acceptance of the Minutes was proposed by TR and seconded by Mike Durrant (MD), and carried unanimously.

4 Fleet Captain’s Report:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a truth universally acknowledged that I talk too much and too often. I intend this Report to be short, in an attempt to counter such “truth”.

“Winter can bring health problems to those of us not quite as young as once we were, nor quite as young as we thought we were! Modern medicine has replaced knees and hips and things, but for some, rotten health and just a bit of old age, can be very tough. I have said before that I sincerely hope that the companionship from the members of this fleet helps all of us.

“It’s been brilliant that so many of us have met up over the winter period, and so frequently. Our first Friday of the month lunches have been so well attended. We went to Emsworth and Chichester YC again for lunches, and great numbers turned up. Club events and dining in nights have kept us busy, and again Social Sailing has been there. The conclusion has to be that we rather like each other, and that’s rather nice!

“I’d like to stray into the “slightly political”---perhaps where angels fear to tread, but--.

As you know the Club has had a new Committee Structure since last October. Our Rear Commodore Cruising does not sit on the General Committee, which is the top table of the Club.

I have said many times before, probably particularly when I sat on the old Policy Committee and Management Committee, and when I was the Club Treasurer, that I believe very strongly that HISC is one Club, one Nation, and if we lose that concept, we lose an awful lot.  However, it is also pretty vital that our Cruising voice does need to be heard.  The Club has spent considerable sums of money on dinghy racing “things” recently ,and I heard a rumour or two that questions have been raised as to whether the winter lay up of cruisers should continue.  These are maybe only rumours, but our cruising voice needs to be heard.  Look at the Club website to keep up to date and I urge you to attend the Club SGM on 15th April (that’s a Sunday), and discover some of what is going on, and say things.

“Our Main fleet communication continues to be by General News announcements and through the Club website and our own website.  The club site has been in a state of change, but hopefully things are now improving.  Jane Blaydes is very patient, and thanks Jane for all you do.

“We have a “Battle Flag”.  Iris, we have you to thank for the idea, and for some funding of the project.  Thank you Iris.  Thank you Trevor for the detailed work.  We hope you approve of the finished article.  We will look at the flag a little later down the Agenda.

“I hope everybody has had a look at our Summer Programme.  It’s a pretty full session, and not for the faint hearted!!  There is, I hope, a mixture of the old destinations, and a little of new ideas.  We hope there is enough for everyone – day sailors, overnighters, etc.  I would emphasise that any major cruises, perhaps across the Channel etc., do have to “go” when the weather and tide are right, and can’t reliably be programmed.

“Could I ask whether any of our noble Co-ordinators wish to make any comments ref their expeditions?  We don’t need to repeat what is detailed on the programme, but is there any clarification needed? 

“Please – any comments from the floor on any aspects.”   

Pat Bovis  ((PB) asked if the programme in the Year Book is accurate, and RS pointed out that the continually up dated Programme on our Social Sailing website was the best source for information.  At the moment the information on the Club website is not accurate.

Emsworth – 18th July – JC reported that the pontoon, where we planned to have a picnic, is about to be dismantled for replacement.  However, it was felt that any decision about that trip could be postponed until nearer the event.

Dell Quay Pub – 23rd July – John Ainsworth (JA) read a message from Gary Gledhill (GG) regarding tides on that date, viz., high water at the entrance is 14.06 HISC ferry is at 10.30, set off at 11.00.  Shallow draft boats to arrive at the quay at about 12.15, other boats to arrive gradually.  The meal will be from 13.00 to 15.00 leaving about 1 hour after high water.  GG will make final decision about eating in or out at the pub the day before.

TR would like to know if members would like to continue having 5 trips during the year to CYC in future programmes.  RS pointed out that attendance at all CYC events was always very high and this rather suggested that 5 trips were acceptable and desired.

Ship Inn Itchenor – 28th September - BB reported that she and JB will not be able to organize this trip as they will be away, so another organizer is needed.

Haslar - 31st May – John Cook (JCk) reported that he would be unable to confirm this booking until after Easter.

Bembridge – MC asked about the situation concerning Bembridge Harbour and it was confirmed that running of the marina has been taken over and dredging will be taking place.

Lyn Smith (LS) explained that meals for the trip to Bembridge have been booked and the first dinner will be at Brading Haven Club and the second at
Bembridge S.C.  The latter will involve a water taxi trip which she will organize.  She has the menu and also that for the Master Builder on the Beaulieu trip.

“We welcome this week to HISC our new House Manager, Jennie Hickey.  As a Fleet we do realise that we ask quite a bit of our house staff, and we look forward to a great working relationship with Jennie.  Welcome. 

“Finally – I’d once again just like to say my thanks:

Thanks again.


5 Financial Report: RS thanked CR for taking over the role.  Copies of the finances were available for members.  Basically, the cash balance was 557.17 at 30th Sept 2011, this balance was reduced by expenditure totalling 532.48, and 55.00 was received, leaving a current balance of 79.71.  A deposit has been paid for both Dan Bran at Lymington and the marina at Beaulieu.  These monies will be returned if the bookings are taken up.

If subs are charged at last year’s rate and the same number is received this will add 480 to the balance.  RS proposed that a charge of 5.00 per head be made again this year and this was seconded by John Beck (JB) who asked where else could we get so much fun for a fiver?  The proposal was passed unanimously. 

250.00 had been paid towards the flags which cost a total of approx. 850.00 and it is estimated that 14 yacht flags and 6 motor boat flags will be sold.  Approximately 600 is owed to RS for the flags.

A proposed price for the flags is 35.00 for yachts and 20.00 for motor boats.  This is slightly above the actual cost, but will off-set the increased price which will be charged for any new stock purchases. RS explained that a new order of 10 flags would cost members 39.00, so a slight profit had been built in.  In addition to the boat flags there is a large “battle flag” which will be used by the lead boat on each trip.  It is expected that the flags will be flown in port.  The cost of this flag has been part covered by a gift from Iris Long (IL) who originally suggested  having such a flag.

Mike Cave (MC) suggested that new members should be expected to buy a flag, but Barbara Glasby (BG) pointed out that that would mean all current members must buy a flag.  MD expressed concern that there would be pressure to buy.  It was pointed out since the membership of the group cost only 5.00 anyone who wanted a flag could become a member, and Lyn Smith (LS) pointed that club members who might like to try Social Sailing would be deterred from joining us.  Those present voted that no one had to buy a flag.

6 Cruiser Meeting:  No problems had arisen following the cruiser meeting.
RS pointed out that good weather had enabled Colin and the Marine Department to complete the launch of cruisers in just five days – Well done Colin!  TR explained that the staff had worked as two teams, one preparing and one launching and that system had worked well.

7 Any Other Business:  JC reported that she had met Heather Lewis who has now moved to Kent to be near her family, and has joined Deal Sailing Club for 25.00 a year!  She is very happy there and everyone is very friendly.  She sends her good wishes.

Roy Barnes made an annual reminder to everyone to communicate on Channel 10 on all trips.  It was agreed that the Coastguard are not happy for ordinary communications on Channel 16.  It was also agreed that radio checks should be made before the boats depart, this would be the responsibility of the organiser.  JB remarked that Channel 12 (VTS) is no longer so reliable and bigger ships are using AIS and do not call on 12 as much as they used to.

MC reported that diesel is a very good price at Emsworth Marina, but they do not have petrol. JCk added that the price there is expected to rise to 1.20 a gallon for their next delivery.

Red Diesel:  TR believes that this is only a problem when travelling to France and boat owners were reminded to keep their receipts.  Richard Pratt (RP) confirmed that Holland will accept receipts, but JCk reported that Belgium poses a problem.

8 Presentation of Flags:  RS, with help from CR, demonstrated the “battle flag” and the flags for yachts and motor boats.  He thanked TR for organising the purchase of the flags.

Debate took place about other club members buying flags, and Paul Ripley (PR) said he felt we could justifiably say that the flags are for Social Sailors only.  CR asked if any other fleets had flags and it was thought not.  Toni Durrant (TD) said she felt not letting others have the flag might appear unfriendly, but BG pointed out that they could be persuaded to join Social Sailing.   RS confirmed that the Club had not been approached officially about flags and RP asked what he felt the reaction would be.  RS said that a decision had been made not to use the burgee shape on the flag as it was felt this would be wrong, and that the design chosen would not be against flag etiquette.  TR reminded members that he had originally shown the CCRC flag and the design, using only the shield had been suggested by Jan Wareham (JW).    

MD suggested that the Club be contacted ref Social Sailing flags.  RS made the decision that the flag would be for Social Sailors only at the moment. 

Monies should be paid to CR for the purchase of flags, and cheques made payable to R. Smith.

At this point Iris Long arrived and RS again showed the flags and thanked Iris for setting the ball in motion and for her generous donation towards the “battle flag”.  There followed a round of applause from all the members present.

On behalf of all present MD thanked RS and everyone who helped with the organisation for their hard work.

The meeting closed at 12.20 p.m.

SGM 2012