My dear Social Sailors,

How can I describe the last ten weeks. I simply do not know. It has certainly left me reeling.  All I do know that the support that you all gave initially to me and Richard, and sadly latterly just to me has been overwhelming. My Richard always prided himself on the caring nature of the members of the Social Sailing Group, and believe me, the last few months have proved it. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

Richard was always so very positive and brave through his terrible illness, he was a very easy patient to nurse, and made those last few  weeks so precious.

Monday will be a difficult day for all of us, he want so suddenly, but he was very definite that we should drink a glass of wine to his eternal memory, and that is what he would have wanted!

All I can say is to thank each and everyone of you for your kindness over past few months, life goes on and after Monday Poole week will be an enjoyable affair, at least the weather finally looks kind. Not sure whether Proud Moment will make it, but she is looking forward to coming on future events, but she will of course need another skipper!

Love to you all,


P.S. I get much comfort from looking through all the wonderful cards that I have received


Tribute to Richard Smith

I know that all members of Social Sailing will want to express their grief and immense sadness at the passing of Richard, our Captain and leader for several years. There will be many tributes paid to Richard in the coming days but this is to express our gratitude and admiration for what he did for Social Sailing. When Richard took over from Doreen, his attributes of being an excellent sailor and an outstandingly good socialiser soon enabled him to strengthen and extend the activities and membership of our group. He worked tirelessly with Lyn to ensure the success of each and every event. Even during the final days of his illness he found the courage and strength to talk about and advise me on Social Sailing.

Richard and Lyn have already been sorely missed at Social Sailing events this year. We now look forward to Lyn joining us again and enjoying things organised in the spirit which Richard would have wished. This is the strength of our group.

richard 1



The photos reflect Social Sailing's very fond memories of Richard - great sailor, fun lover and eloquent speech maker.


by Gary Gledhill






richard 2

richard 3

richard 4


Tribute to Richard