FRIDAY, December 1st  Lunch at HISC

Perishing cold day and about 30 people turned up for the last lunch of the 2017 season and gathered beforehand in the adults bar - some sampling the proper coffee. In the absence of our Fleet Captain, Paul stood and did the little speech about forthcoming events and payment of subs etc. Crackers were provided by the club for a bit of jollity after usual excellent lunch produced by John

FRIDAY, November 3rd - AGM & Lunch at HISC

There was a good turnout for the meeting with a few members turning up late . Mike went through the Agenda reporting - after admitting to trolling through the website reports - on what we had all done throughout the year and then went on to show us his provisional programme for 2018. There was lots of discussion about the fact that there were several rallies to be held over weekends and also the lack of single day events where members could take guests for a day trip. Mike promised to insert into the programme venues such at Dell Quay SC, Seaview, Haslar and Southsea

 Lunch followed in sharp order - there were jacket potatoes, and with crayfish - besides all the other delicacies that John provides and quite a few more folks arrived after a morning walk, with John giving the numbers for lunch at 46


FRIDAY, October  6th       Lunch at HISC

This Friday was a gorgeous day, lovely hot sunshine but a distinctly wintry breeze from the North, OK on the SE side of the balcony!
 After discussion with Diane , the House manager, it was deemed unnecessary to   book with the club as the chef would be expecting 30-40 people in any event. In fact, there were probably more than 40 people all arriving shortly after 12 noon and the jacket Potatoes RAN OUT!
Lots of social chat  and discussion about the chart datum etc and of course - THE PONTOON! Various hypotheses as to why it had not turned up on schedule and whether it would, in fact, now turn up this autumn because of the winter birds deadline.
Mike stood for his speech rather in the middle of lunch . He announced that he would be seeking to organise a committee to deal with events and that Terry Mcmahon had offered to draw up a programme for next year. There would be some alterations, namely the Harbour Week. Mengham had asked if we could come for supper at High Water which would put the kybosh on sailing in the harbour for that week. In any case, Mike considered that Harbour week needed to be altered - we went to Itchenor, CYC and Dell Quay several times during the year so it was not necessary to visit them again all in one week. No alternatives were offered at this stage.
Mike said he intended to stand as Fleet Captain for one more year only and would stand down at the end of 2018 .
He hoped that lots of people would come to the AGM starting at 10.30 am on Friday, November 3rd



TUESDAY 26th      HW  16.02     HT  4.3  .
The HISC ferry was brought forward to 10.30 to allow more time but even so , the crew of Quiver opted to get out even earlier on their tender and also collected the crew of Wild Thyme. These two boats had a good sail up the creek and were well moored up by the time the others arrived - despite a small incident overtaking Quiver, the skipper  deciding to go inside a large moored yacht at Easthead and inadvertently running aground on the middle shoal, the which necessitated a rapid reverse!

Proud Moment, Sugar Glider and Daydream came out a little later, and as they arrived on the mooring the first of the very large and very noisy skeins of Brent Geese flew over- quite spectacular!
One of the crew of Proud Moment was only too happy to join the solitary skipper of Daydream. Daydream, being a proper boat, sailed all the way to Park whilst the other two bilge keelers opted to motor all the way rather than tack laboriously!
Three of the boat crews were collected by the very prompt Itchenor Ferry leaving PM and Daydream - moored together  - drinking  ‘coffee’  for another 10 minutes.
Walking up the road, Barry had time to go into the office and chat with the Harbour Master re getting the tide sensor on Chimet fixed.
The pub had kindly arranged a table for us inside but as it was such a nice warm day we all opted to sit outside where we were joined by Mike Cave - Judy doing something with Kurdish people - and the Stewarts. This was quite acceptable and the excellent  food promptly arrived, as pre-ordered and detailed on the little individual slips that Paul handed out.
Paul made a short speech - prompted by Lyn  - about the next  lunch at HISC etc .
Many thanks to Paul for organising this event - he had taken over at short notice from the Becks.
The crew of SG promptly left to go on an excursion to Gosport marina.  SG and everyone else had to motor back as the wind had done a 180 and both wind and tide were on the nose, but Drew, in Selene, was on hand to do a quick  and cheerful pick-up for everyone.
Meanwhile, SG managed a bit of a sail in the sea-mist along Hayling front and later explored the old Naval buildings of Gosport and noted the Aircraft Carrier opposite.
Next morning there was still a mist with a fair wind but on the nose, so it was motoring through the main channel. Getting near the Fort, the Dolphins, which had been just about visible, disappeared entirely - together with everything else. The SEE MEE was switched on and Barry had fun with the foghorn. The Starboard marker of the Dolphin eventually appeared about 5 yards off the port bow  - thank heavens for the GPS! Going through, Hayling beach gradually materialised and the sails were set.
Back on the mooring, Wild Thyme cruised past - the crew  had planned a trip out to sea but  after a quick look, thought better of it and went up to Emsworth instead!




THURSDAY SEPT 21st       HW 13.02     HT 4.9      HISC FERRY 11.00 am

With a forecast of some wind - 16 knots from the SW and imminent rain, two boats braved the conditions for this event, Seldom Seen - arriving first - with her multitudinous motley crew - for random reasons reduced to a mere four, and MB Woden. Woden was able to leave their Creek mooring and were  kindly picking up their quest crew from Sparks , who were unfortunately delayed. Woden was going back into Sparkes as they would be unable to get back into the Creek
SS came up under Genny alone and remarked on the rather bumpy ride that they had coming past East Head. Hearing this Sugar Glider was doubly glad that they had not stuck to their plans but come home a day early from Bembridge to then join the other 9 folks who came by car. Although, while in Bembridge they were able  to  watch from the beach as The Waverley, the last paddle steamer followed a destroyer through the Forts on her way back to Weymouth, having apparently   done a circuit round the Island  first
SG did have a rather hairy goosewinged run  with shifty wind which - with the lumpy seas - eventually caused an involuntary gybe with resulting difficulty of preventing a broach. They then had a problem of getting ashore as the CLUB rescinded on the ferry arrangements due to the building of new pontoon - the which was not obvious in passing - so they had to go onto Spakes, unload Barry who had to walk round to HISC, get the tender out and drive it round to Sparkes before we could go and pick up the mooring!
Back to CYC, we had the Quarterdeck room to ourselves but were obliged to move the tables around to accommodate the 19 of us in a long row.
The food was good, the Special pie deemed delicious and the meat balls very tasty but a tad tiny. Frothy coffee came with a posh CYC chocolate stencil
Lots of chat about forthcoming boating holidays in Greece, Teneriffe  etc
We had a good view of four cormorants preening on the end of the pontoon and they were later joined by a very busy coven of coots. Not much in the way of boat activity
The promised rain arrived as drizzle two hours early. Ok for Woden crew who could all get inside but someone had to steer SS and plough through what was probably now quite rough water with wind over tide around East Head and Thorney. Crew of SG left to ponder over a new carpet
Many thanks to Trevor and Monica for organising this event-


 September, Sunday 10th - Friday 15th


Those of you who had been watching the weather forecast were not surprised to hear that the Solent Rivers Event had been cancelled due to horrific wind forecasts alongside the hurricane IRMA n the US..


A 'CONSOLATION DINNER' was held at the Waters Edge restaurant on the Hamble on the Thursday evening as originally organised. This was an opportunity for those who had missed out on the final Solent cruise of 2017 to get together despite the weather, by traveling by road to the venue.

What a great occasion it turned out to be! The first decent (wind free) evening of the week, and  the four participants arrived to see a Seal swimming in the Hamble from the balcony of the restaurant. The sun streamed down and the pre-dinner drinks went down well with the usual Social Sailing chat about previous expeditions and future possibilities.

On to the food, which did not disappoint. A great evening was had by all, proving that boats aren't always necessary to have great time for Social Sailing stalwarts.

With a couple more waterborne event this year coming up in the next  two weeks we can then look forward to 'Winter' lunches, boat maintenance and 'next year' - hope it will be as good as this year has been (mainly!)

Report from Peter Wareham with thanks for his last minute organisation



Sunday August 6th - Wednesday August 9th

SUNDAY 6th   HW 11.46   HT  4.3  HISC FERRY 10.30
Folly Inn - for Dinner. Organiser -  Margaret Stewart

RayMargaret2        Folly Moon

 MONDAY 7th        
Ray & Margaret at Murray’s

Report from Mike -
10 yachts sailed in fresh winds to the Medina on Sunday 6 August to meet at the Folly on a fine afternoon. Most boats were berthed on the “walk-ashore” pontoon - convenient for us “silver-haired” sailors! Some souls walked on to Island Harbour.
22 party animals then met in the pub for a very convivial evening with the normal tasty food
Next day we set out for the momentous voyage down river to the Yacht Haven where we were moored close together under the Marina Office and close to the High Street. Steorra, Stewpot  and Emmy 2 joined us as well. Later, after afternoon walking and shopping, 24 sailors met for an “Excalibur” pontoon party on another fine evening. Then we strolled to Murray's for what turned out to be an excellent evening of great food (mostly fish), cheerful company and lots of “chat”.
Next day, Tuesday, most set off home a little early in view of a windy and wet forecast for Wednesday. Our “experiment “ of an “away” trip in August  despite being during the holiday period had been a great success.

Good fun over the past couple of days, well done all. There are a few images at: Pictures from Tony Aitken



Monday 10th to Friday 14th July

MONDAY 10th    HW 13.23  HT  4.5 East Head for picnic lunch - Ferry 11.00 KevinBring your own chairs, sunshades, food and other refreshments.
 About 6 boats turned up for this - Excalibur, Wild Thyme, and Daydream with a couple of Ribs and Selene doing some ferrying ashore. --- and Poppy

Kevin was the champion at the swing ball

Pic by Rosemary


 MRSC Dinner, 7pm for 7.30pm
 Carol and Gill organised the bar (and everything else) with great efficiency and Xan took our money and handed out the table labels on which were our menu choices - all very effective. The menu was wonderful and everyone of the 64 folk there enjoyed themselves and the views over the mud and eventuality some water. moonThe setting sun lit up to blazing orange the chimneys on HISC and later we watched as a huge orange moon rose behind HISC
Mike thanked all the staff and then Mengham Commodore spoke and said everyone was welcome to come by boat and use the club.

Most people took one look at the weather forecast and decided to come by car, except for the Carters’ who came by BIKE form Mengham!
Seldom Seen, with motley crew again ( skippers words) carried the genny up to Itchenor and arrived in good order to pick up the visitors mooring where they were collected by the Clarkes’ their Rib Silex.  Emmy Two came with her maximum load of four and, with Silex, tied up on the club pontoon.
Dell Quay made all 31 of us very welcome and provided the usual amazing ploughmans, pud and coffee (dietary requirements catered for deliciously) for the silly price of 7; this price will be amended for next year, I was told!dellquay-SS
going homeMike thanked all the Club’s volunteers, Jane, the organiser for this event,  presented the boxes of chocolates and Gary thanked the Clarkes for coming in such awful conditions to act as ferry.
By this time it was setting in a fairly heavy drizzle . Silex took the Crew of Seldom Seen out to the boat and they set off. The returning BIKES hit a deluge coming onto HAYLING BRIDGE, Emmy Two‘s crew were fine in the cabin  and here is a picture of Seldom Seen taken by Rosemary who was keeping dry in the cabin watching the tennis on their TV!
Silex’s crew must have had a horrible journey back.

WEDNESDAY 12th HW 14.33  HT 4.5 Chichester YC - lunch  Ferry - 11.00
It was blowing 20 knots plus from the North but did drop off a bit for the return journey.
Report from Trevor -
The good news is that I heard no complaints of the food and drink. Although I personally think the beer prices are high for a sailing club.
There were about 25 of us but only four boats and this included Winter who came late and wanted to moor  off shore and come in by tender - but the engine didn't work so they arrived late.
We all experienced problems in the clubhouse. Being mid summer they were very, very busy and the room around the corner was occupied by others. They also  had a party of about 20 ladies and we had to find seating where ever we could.
There seems to have been a change of management or at least management style and I spoke to at least four of these people trying to get us altogether. We should all have another think about whether we need to go here as many times or at least to cut it out in July.
Monica tells me that they now require an extra payment to reserve the room around the corner which I think is called the quarterdeck

THURSDAY 13th    HW 15.10  HT 4.5
Afternoon beach party on HISC beach starting approx. 1400 hrs –. Games, chat, swimming, relaxation! All sorts of boats in the Lagoon.   Organiser - Mike
Rosemary sailed her windsurfer over from home to the lagoon, waited  awhile and then sailed home. Richard sat in the dunes for a bit -.............

FRIDAY 14th   from Midday. Social Sailing Barbecue
Venue - Littlemead House, 110 West Lane, Hayling Island PO11 OJW
Nick and Patsy Danby  welcomed us to this annual event.

Well what a fantastic day! Cool wind, lots of sun but lots of shade provided by surrounding trees and big shades and lots of lovely vintage garden furniture, supplemented slightly by a few brought in chairs, spread around the gorgeous gardens in front of the elegant old house. The two halves of this house have been in the Danby family possession for many years, half and half about; and now another cottage ‘next door’ is being rebuilt for a nephew.
Liberal car parking was in the adjacent  field with four exclusive vintage cars parked nearer the garden and the Carters’ tandem bike up against the house.
It was all very convivial with, of course, lots of delicious cordon bleu food provided by ourselves with John Blake doing the honours with the steak and salmon on the BBQ borrowed from the club!. It is always amazing how things work out although Carol did make sure of what food was coming!
During the afternoon we were treated to a visitation by the local Spitfire which did a couple of noisy  circuits, under-shadowed by a buzzard which appeared soundlessly out of the trees.
 A few games of croquet and petanque and then Mark Covell was upstanding and presentations in his worthy voice were made to the various event organisers and helpers of the week, flowers for the ladies and bottles for the gents, with ultra-special thanks to the Danby’s for their hospitality  in providing us with such a wonderful venue and making us all so welcome.
Many thanks also to Carol who was the organiser for this event.



Sunday, June 25th - Saturday, July 1st

SUN 25th      HW 13.11.  HT 4.9  HISC  FERRY  11.00

MON 26th     HW 14.08   HT 4.9 Yarmouth
Excalibur and Picaro spent a rather wet night here and then went home


Monday, June 12th - Saturday, June 17th


TUESDAY 13th          HW -  14.54   HT - 4.4   FERRY 12 NOON
Mooring at Shepards followed by supper at The Duke of York.
Contact/Organiser was Lyn
On the day of arrival, Skippers, should call on VHF Ch 80 for berthing instructionEmmy2s. 







Report from Gary with more bits and pics from Tony Aitken

It was a good sail over to Cowes and most folks moored into Shepards Wharf with Wodan and Excaliber opting for the Yatch Haven. Rather more people seemed to arrive at the Duke of York that had been catered for which caused some confusion and the food was apparently rather variable

Group7One of Lyn’s offspring up someone’s mast as viewed from Karma?






Lots of purple striped Jellyfish in the MarinaGroup6

which might be called - Chrysaora colorata



Leaving the Pontoon Party on the way to the Pub


More pics here - 7/     Contact Tony for  copies

WEDNESDAY 14th   HW - 15.32   HT -  4.4
Newtown Creek for BBQ
Pick up mooring/anchor as available. Bring your own food/drink/BBQ etc – hosted by Richard Archer and Kevin Crouch on entrance beach
Nice sail over to NTC Perfect weather for  BBQ and excellent provisions by Richard and Kevin of wine and nibbles. Much better siting of the wind shields than last year though hardly needed and arrival with outgoing tide and return at slack water made life easy. June and Mike joined us rather later  An excellent evening. Wogan was pleased to come along side us  - Seldom Seen - in order to have a place on the moorings and a stable place alongside
Steorra didn't do the BBQ  as they eat at 4 p.m.  and were still there in NTC a second night, as  were we -  rather than going to Lymington.
MIke gave an address to the BBQ gathering which was all about the upcoming harbour week  but no arrangements have been  made, as yet, for Poole Week

THURSDAY 15th       HW - 16.15   HT -  4.3
Lymington Berthing at Dan Bran pontoon.
Contact/Organiser was June Tong
Evening – own arrangements
Apparently 4 boats arrived

FRIDAY 16th               HW - 17.04   HT - 4.3
Lymington Dan Bran -
Supper at Lymington Town SC with 3 course supper at cost of 22.00 -  -
 Fourteen people  - including some who came by car - attended this supper

SATURDAY 17th         HW - 17.59   HT - 4.2
Visit Lymington market?    //   Return HISC



Tuesday 30th May -  Friday , June 2nd

TUESDAY 30th May   HW 16.08. HT 4.7   HISC FERRY 11.00 AM
Folly Pontoon
- .   The Walk Ashore pontoon was fully booked by another club   leaving only the Mid River Pontoon available for berthing. Report from Margaret -

Everything went really well. All 9 boats on my list turned up;  Stewpot, Silver Moon, Quiver, Aurora, Steorra, Freyja, Gun Dog, Wodan (Penfolds) and Seldom Seen with 22 social sailors in the evning at the Inn.   The meal was good.
Seldom Seen came a day early, but encountered fog all the way. The engine decided to stop as they were crossing the path of a tanker, which was hooting at them; there was just  a little panic and a few  unanswered radio calls to the tanker  After rushing to put up the headsail all was well, they just made it!!
Gun Dog was second to last to arrive, with Paul and Terry in shorts even though there was no sunshine and grey skies. They had happy faces.
Drinks and nibbles on the pontoon with crisps blowing off the plates.    Then sunshine. 
Three tenders went  to  the Folly,  the first two, Paul, Ray, rowing,  and Gary. Later, when leaving,  a wager was set by Paul -  “Ray, I bet you a 1 that  I will beat you back to the boats ”. Then, at the start Paul shouted “make it 5”.  It wasn't Gary's day -  he ran aground leaving the Folly pontoon!!  Watching the race, cheers were coming from the Ferry including the Ferry man.  Results, Ray first and 5 better off, Paul second, Gary third (with engine).   All good fun!!         
Thanks to Margaret for her organisation

WEDNESDAY 31st May  HW 17.00.   HT 4.6
Overnight visit to the Gins Farm the Beaulieu River.
Report from the organiser - David Archer 
We were fortunate to have good weather but the wind was on the nose most of the time. The Penfolds managed to make it after initial engine trouble which worked out well for them as there was space on the walk ashore pontoon by the time they arrived. We were a bit envious.
There was some mucking about on arrival as Gins bosun wasn't about to instruct us for berthing, but we muddled through as usual.
We all had a splendid meal and we were rewarded with a sighting of a barn owl hunting in the adjacent field. After a minor pudding issue we retired to our boats for a peaceful night.


THURSDAY JUNE 1st   HW 17.52  HT 4.4
Hythe Marina
There was no booking necessary to go through the lock, and berths were allocated on arrival (call Channel 80 when past Hythe Pier).
Boathouse Restaurant was the venue for the evening for the evening
John Bailey was the organiser for this event and here is his report -
We were so lucky with the weather for this one.
Silver Moon, Gundog, Quiver and Steorra made it to Hythe, mostly motoring to Calshot but with a good wind up to the marina. Steorra returned to her mooring, while the other crews exploredHythe garden the village. Waitrose was useful as well as other interesting small shops. June and Mike joined us for drinks on the patio at 36 Astra in perfect weather, followed by an excellent meal at the ‘The Boathouse’ with views of the marina and Southampton Water.
Everyone seemed very pleased with the marina facilities and the meal, which we were very satisfied about.

FRIDAY JUNE 2nd  HW 18.47  HT 4.2
 Return HISC


Tuesday, May 16th  HW 15.50


Report from John Cook, the organiser for this event
The weather at Haslar was kind to us; two boats sailed in - Monica & Trevor with Pat Bovis on Nomad, plus Mike Tong with crew on Excalibur, saying they had a pleasant sail over  -  but the wind did increase in the afternoon.
Others came by road, so there were 13 for lunch at The Lightship.  Food and service were good as usual. Marina forgot to collect berth fees, again as usual.
Having heard nothing since, I assume everybody got home safely!


Tues May 9th - Fri May 12th

TUESDAY 9th HW 11.50   . HISC ferry 09.30
Nice day but a fickle wind from the Northish eventually died and although some people tried carrying sails - Sugar Glider had the chute up momentarily -  all boats had to motor eventually. Shortly after everyone had arrived a very brisk but exceedingly cold SE set in - but great in the sun out of the wind!
Bembridge Marina  was somewhat incommoded by the presence of the dredger and SPLIT TWO although we did get a substantial discount for the fact that we were all rafted up on the inside - minus cleats - and the noise, when it was working, was substantial!
We had two new boats - Penfolds with their new MB, Woden, and Melvyn and Jo with their spic and spanSocsail6 Hunter Horizon, Cowrie, - with Gundog, Proud Moment, Steorra, Quiver, Stewpot, Seldom Seen, Nomad, Aurora, June Dawn, Excalibur, Karma and MB Emmy Two, all parked three abreast with no-where to manoeuver. To celebrate the advent of Woden, Penfolds’ very kindly held a pontoon party alongside.                      Picture by Tony Aitken
Supper at Brading Haven YC was at 7.30 pm and everyone walked across the harbour path with the option of the water taxi for  coming home.
We were welcomed by an Ex Commodore and also Bill Clayton who used to sail Hornets    at HISC in the late 60s and whose Hornet Barry eventually acquired. Supper was to the liking of most people but Lyn did have a bit of a problem with folks who had forgotten what they ordered or if they had, in fact, ordered anything, and helped themselves to whatever was passing. Lyn has ideas for solving this for next year!

Seaview YC for lunch but first some jobs for favoured local engineer, GARRY. Seldom Seen had yet another leak - quickly fixed - and Aurora had an elbow problem?
Lovely sunny day again but with strong, cold SE wind. People walked different routes or caught a bus to Seaview or opted for other exploratory walks. Woden was watched from the Baywatch coffee stop, circling the harbour and then taking off for Seaview where they decided it was too rough and went  home. Emmy Two also decided to brave the rough seas as they had to go home. Arriving at the Club, Garry accosted a waitress and organised the seating arrangements and we all enjoyed the usual good mdiggerenu with views of the racing Mermaids struggling in the chop. Afterwards, a small group strolled up to the Nature Reserve noting that the price of the “Beach Huts” had been reduced to 185K and the restriction of “no sleeping in” had been lifted!!!!  The walk along the beach back was halfway possible before having to take to the hills. Back to the boats for tea and  tribulation from the dredger.

Picture by Barry          Click here for video

THURSDAY 11th HW 12.54  melvyn
The wind, now a bit South of East, did seem  warmer and we all had a good fetch across to Portsmouth Harbour, Excalibur setting off carrying just the chute initially
Not all the boats came and Cowrie was captured going home followed shortly by Seldom Seen.
Pleasant trip through the Harbour but the army firing range was in action and it sounded as if the rudder was cracking up! Some boats were lucky to get through the lock on free flow but not all. Aurora entered and tied up but was then asked to move forward. At this stage they lost the bow rope and were blown crosswise over the lock.
Picture by Barrypeter        Click here for video




                        Picture by Tony
Adding to their problems once moored up,  the spinnaker halyard was inadvertently  hoisted without the HISC flag attached. Three people on Stewpot’s borrowed, extra long winch handle eventually hoisted Peter aloft with a very long boat hook to retrieve it.   
Paul had arranged very good berthing for us - all together on a long pontoon near the shower bloc and not too far to the restaurants. Far enough, however, for us to get soaked when the heavens - as prophesied - opened at ten to seven!
Prezzo provided us with a good and very quick service.

FRIDAY12th  HW 13.31
The wind,  of about 15 knots, very obligingly, went round to the South for our return trip  and most people left fairly early so as to get through the Harbour entrance before the ebb got going.

Thanks to Lyn and Paul for their organisation and to the Penfolds’ for their party

 There are some pics from Bembridge japes at:

If anyone would like Hi Def images,  contact me -



It was very cold , although nice and sunny with a NW  wind of 10-12 knots.
The first boat to arrive on the pontoon was Emmy Two and she was welcoming  visitors arriving early by car. Unfortunately, with more than four people on board there was a tendency for the stern to sink and for water to flood the cockpit floor, which was tricky for a bit until the problem was solved! Arriving much later, due to lack of HISC Ferry being launched, and by sail, albeit only one, was Seldom Seen with a motley crew aboard. Dragonfly from Northney and Stewpot from Langstone deemed it was just too cold to set out on the water that day but joined the company that arrived by car - making a total of 24 in all
 We had one big table to ourselves in the quarterdeck room and enjoyed  - or not quite so much - the menu provided by the new caterers
Afterwards, a few of us did the walk through Birdham, keeping an eye on the new hoist which we still have not seen in action properly.
Many thanks to Trevor and Monica for organising this very happy day



Just for the record we thought we would let you know that 22 people went to Itchenor where a delicious lunch had been prepared for us.

Five boats went including Peter & Jan Wareham in a rib to do ferrying duties.  Just 8 people went by road.  Very good weather with a gentle breeze, so everyone was able to have a drink sitting out in the sun.

Regards and report from John & Barbara, the organisers



Seventeen Social sailors made the trip to the Crown and Anchor at Dell Quay for lunch on Thursday 13th April. The first waterborne event of 2017. Admittedly 11 arrived by road, but the other 6 came in two boats - Excalibur with Fleet Captain Tong at the helm and John Ainsworth on Daydream each with two others on

This, despite the problems at HISC with Princess Anne choosing to visit the RYA Youth Nationals on a Social Sailing event day. 

The weather was good and lunch good also. No doubt boat numbers will increase from now on as more boats are in the water and ready for the season, and the club less busy after the Easter period.

Finally, a picture of Excalibur reversing into the Quay and about to claim right of way over an unmanned tender....

Thanks to the organiser - Peter Wareham


Friday, March 31st

34 people attended the meeting and enjoyed lunch afterwards.
A link to the notes of the meeting is here - Word file or PDF


 Thursday 9th March

10 HISC Social Sailors visited Shed 4, this time with a repeat performance from the loquacious Jim.boathouse2 for web

Excellent trip round with descriptions of all that went on as previous. We gathered that Ian Priddy plans to sail Lively Lady round the world next winter and that she is to go to a ‘yard on Hayling’ to be completed. Looks like a lot of work still to be done.

Among all the amazing wooden boats in the Shed, I was fascinated to see Fandango waiting to be rebuilt. Commissioned by Illingworth, Designed by Laurent Giles and built at Moodys, her very light construction and reverse sheer are unforgettable. I remember Ocean racing against, mainly behind, her in the 60s.  Let’s hope the new owner who paid 600 for her can get the money together to rebuild.boathouse1-for-web

Again an excellent lunch in the restaurant upstairs in the shed overlooking the Harbour. This time it was hot and sunny, some guilt that one wasn't working on the allotment, garden or boat.

But an excellent visit, thank you SS Class captain for organising.

P.S. For future reference the Small Beefburgers are plenty big enough for OAP’s and better value than the man-size ones.                        Anthony


Friday, March 3rd

Didn't happen due to all over the Island power failure

 Most of the Island came back on after about 90 minutes but not the Club. Various groups of members managed to meet up and went off to the Inn  on the Beach or the Ferry boat Inn
By Saturday the Club was still using a generator, which had allowed the Commodores Reception to go ahead on the Friday evening.


 Thursday, February 16th, 2017

It was, for a change, a lovely sunny day without a howling gale from the East and 16 of us eventually gathered in their bar for a cosy chat. We think they may have changed their caterers and the food was excellent as usual but varied. . We all managed to sit on 2 tables in the main restaurant - which is nicer really - and watched d the tide gradually cover the mud. With sufficient water, a long, blue, one-man rowing boat emerged - from the lock? - with large lettering down the side - TREWARNETH - so maybe he was heading back to Cornwall.
After lunch, 6 of us intrepid walkers donned boots and meandered up to Birdham Marina to catch up on progress with the amazing blue hoist and the eventual occupation of the converted sheds into ‘des res’ with spectacular views of the cramped boatyard and a hedge over the road.

Thanks to John and Barbara Beck for taking over the organisation of this event  - although Trevor had originally set it up but then gone on holiday.


Social Sailing visit to Historic Dockyard
Thursday February 9th

19 hardy Social Sailors braved the extremely cold weather to visit Boathouse 4 at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to be shown round the School of Boatbuilding and repairing facility by Jim Brooke-Jones, the Head of Operations and his colleague, Alex, a recent graduate of the School.

The Boathouse is a “free” part of the Dockyard (along with many other parts except the “paying” four main warships, Mary Rose etc). Within the large building are many (mostly) old boats in process of repair with some new ones in course of construction. These are used as part of the shipwright training together with a mostly long-term renovation facility. There are separate areas for initial training in woodwork for the students, machine woodworking and painting/varnishing. Students begin “study” by making their own tools and a toolbox to put them in. The standard of work seen by us was outstanding and Jim was anxious that we should advertise the benefits of the training as an excellent base for many areas of construction well away from the marine industry although he was happy to report the accomplishments of his graduates worldwide including in the recent dynamic expansion of the “superyacht” market. The vintage boats range from steam pinnaces used as tenders to battleships and other large naval vessels down to small sailing dinghies and rowing boats from an earlier age.

Following our tour, we repaired to the attaching Midships restaurant for a delicious lunch with a view of the passing ships in the Harbour.

Overall the day was overwhelmingly interesting and informative with many of our number expressing their wish to repeat the experience and to recommend a further visit to friends.                           Report from Mike


February 3rd 2017

There was a good turnout again for this lunch. It was a tad cold in the dining room (but not as cold as outside!)  but soon warmed up with lots of roving discussions about our assorted boat repairs, the Centenary Flag Workshops with various peoples progress and also about the Pontoon regarding rumours of various plans and proposed funding for it. The latter is underway with the Charity Auction coming up and lots of donations from people wishing to donate in lieu of ‘duties’ . Any other donations will be very welcome and they are all going through HISTT so that the value will be increased by 25% - providing donors complete Gift Aid forms!. Details of how to donate can be found here -  or acquired in the Club office

Mike made a few announcements and we are now looking forward to the Dockyard visit.

Friday, January 27th

A rather dull day for this visit  - but the tide was in for a change and there were numerous assorted birds to watch as they manoeuvered around the harbour here.
Over 30 of us had gathered and we sat down to a very well prepared and much enjoyed menu for the which the staff were thanked afterwards by Mike in his after dinner speed. Mike also further explained the next event - the visit to the Dockyard which was now fully booked  - and thanked Judy Cave for organising our visit to Emsworth.

The promised rain arrived during lunch but cleared sufficiently for the after-lunch promenade along the beach towards Langstone


January 6th 2017

A well attended event for the first lunch of the season with 40+ people enjoying lunch in the cosy bar with the fire going. Diane, the House Manager had everything ready for us with the tables all nicely laid up and she was coming around to see if all was OK and  then again to see if we had any ideas for improving / altering the menus.

 Mike spoke of forthcoming events including the visit to Portsmouth Dockyard and the repairs section. Names were taken and Judy also went round getting names for the visit to Emsworth



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