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Procedure to take when the Provisional Programme is established after the AGM -

All organisers and Co-ordinators will be provided with list of paid-up members with their email addresses /Tel numbers

1) Venue and Marina contacts
When you have agreed to be the organiser of a specific event, you need to contact the venue, i.e. Pub, Marina, Sailing Club before year end if possible and make a provisional booking for the suggested date.
Make sure you have specified lunch or dinner  as required. 

Always make the point that, as it is a sailing event,  the weather is key. If weather is doubtful, contact venue 1 week in advance but at least 2  days notice will be given if we need to cancel.

Early next year, contact the Venue and confirm the booking, and a “book by” date,
Ask for menu choices and prices, dress code and time
Do they require individual menu choices?
Do they require a deposit?

Contact the Marina for provisional booking. Ask  for their call sign and any tidal limitations.
If contact was by phone, take the name and e-mail address of the person you had the discussion with and confirm all the above points in writing.

If not in a Marina, arrange moorings and Ferry to get ashore

If a deposit is required ask Paul Young (Treasurer) to pay it. Remember to ask for refund afterwards.

2) At least 14 days before

Fleet Captain or Co-ordinator may need to chivvy organisers to send in their information to be advertised

 For single event - Organiser 10-14days , send all relevant information  out on the members email system
For weekly event 
- Organiser to advise Weekly Co-ordinator  at - see programme -
Co-ordinator will then advertise on the members email system

Venue, Marina and date of event

Call sign for entering Marina  and any other information

Or Details for  moorings and Ferry to get ashore - or advise bring tender

Specifications for Venue – time and dress etc

Menus and request Choice of menu if applicable

Book by date - this should be a day earlier than that of the Venue!

Email contact for members to book with you

3) Keep a list of people coming and  always acknowledge email bookings  as otherwise members are not sure if their email has been received.

On their ‘book by date’, inform venue of final numbers/menu choices etc.
Advise Marina of numbers of boats,  their names, length and draft. - as specified on the members list.
If weather is doubtful, communicate with either Fleet Captain or Co-ordinator and advise venue 1 week in advance to cancel or advise of possibility of canceling

At the venue - decide whether gratuities should be made individually by collection, included in initial price  or if a sum should be given  out of fleet funds.
Or - beforehand buy gift for hosts -  eg Sailing Clubs

HISC FERRY will initially be organised by Fleet Captain for all events during the summer .
The Fleet Captain will also check the Ferry availability for departure and return  before each daily event



Acquire from Paul Young a list of Organisers and their email addresses.

Contact all your daily organisers and collect all relevant information from each as detailed above. 10-14days , send out on members email system

You need to know all boats participating and all members coming by land

Weather - keep a check on weather. It will be your responsibility to decide if cancellation due to strong winds is necessary, or if events should be delayed or aborted mid week.

Ferry. The day before departure, make sure the Ferry will be running as requested.
The day before return, check Ferry availability and advise members by what time they should return

 will initially be organised by Fleet Captain for all events during the summer .
The Fleet Captain will also check the Ferry availability before each daily event
Co-ordinators should check for their week


Guidelines for Organisers!