A good turnout for this meeting was installed in the adults bar so as not to clash with the babies!
Doreen opened the meeting with a bit about her trip to Australia and then the various points were progressed through
In the absence of Geoff Coop, Judy Cave collected 5 from each member (not each boat) and more will be collected as the season continues. So far, our funds have gone to pay the ferry system, which came under some scrutiny as the hours it will be available have been reduced, although there are some errors in the programme and the printing. After several people pursued the suggestion, Mike Baker will find out if it is possible for various nominated people, possibly with ‘Power Boat level 2’ qualifications, to be licensed to drive Selene.
The summer programme seemed to be satisfactorily underway. Several venues will have menus that need ordering and these will be displayed, appropriately, for you to choose, on the ‘Next Event’ page of the web site. Doreen has come to a better agreement with Chichester YC so these two trips in the summer programme will go ahead.
As, during last year, the TTTLs did not function all the time, it was decided to abandon this system and rely on the web site and reminders sent out on the Hisc General Newsletter. People must tell the organisers if they are coming, the number of their crew and if they have spaces or need more crew. Spare crews sill have to contact the organiser for day trips only.
Basil regrettably informed us that Sparke’s Cruising Club no longer exists and that he will not be running the St Malo trip again. Richard Curties offered to organise it, with Carol, for the benefit of all of the Club.
Iris is looking into more theatre visits
Jane Hooper has informed us that she has moved house to Emsworth. Her new address can be obtained from Jane, Judy or the Club.
It was announced, with much regret, that John Hutchins has died following a heart attack that occurred whilst he was assisting his sick wife Jean. Our sympathies go to the family and a further notice will be prepared
A full report of the meeting will be posted on the board in the corridor.

A good lunch was enjoyed afterwards, with people signing up already for the next St Malo trip!



There was the usual turnout of about 40 happy, chatty members who enjoyed the new introduction of the very interesting salad bar. However, there was a certain amount of disgruntle when Doreen disclosed that she was having trouble with the new secretary of Chichester YC who has changed everything - and not to our satisfaction. It was, therefore decided to cancel the lunch there on February 9th so the next lunch will be here at the Club on March 2nd


This event was very well attended, food was good with a different items  on the menu and everyone had a really good chat!
The date for the Spring Meeting was settled at March 30th - 11am for the meeting with lunch at 1.00pm


TO ST MALO  DECEMBER 15 -17th, 2006

Members from Etap OC, Sparkes CC, HISC and HISC Socsail met up on the new Britanny Ferries boat, Pont Aven, and a wonderful time was had by all - eventually!
Saturday night was distinctly rough and the cabins produced some sleep restricting groans / creaks every time the ship rolled. Super breakfast though, and after the usual confusion of whether it was English or French time we disembarked into pitch black, pouring rain with the flags at horizontal, rather wondering why we had come! However, after a bit of/ large amount of, retail therapy and some very nice coffee, the sun came out and the various destinations of St Malo, Dinan, Dinard, Concale, etc. with their assorted interesting architecture and, of course, cafes for ‘le plat du jour’, were sought.
End of the day and back on the boat and we all dressed up (the flashing hats appeared again - though minus a few flashes) for our dinner which quite came up to expectations. I say all - we did hear of someone who had a surfeit of ‘moules’ but hope they had recovered sufficiently to attend. This appeared to be the only blot this year - no bloody bandaged heads etc!
The main course was ordered and then we could go and help ourselves to the first course, and likewise the third and fourth courses, and could eat as much as we liked - ad nauseum!
Part way through the main course, it was noted that the engines had stopped; but not to worry, according to one of the waiters, it was just so that we did not arrive too early. However, still in sight of the land, the boat swung around so that it was broadside onto the swell and it started to roll. Surely this was not right - in a rather narrow channel with all those rocks around? Then the lights went out and a general worried hush descended. But, lo and behold, from the kitchen marched the head waiter with a cake well alight with candles;  it was Janet Ripley’s **** birthday! It transpired that it was, also, someone else’s 21st birthday so the lights were again doused for a second cake. Shortly after, an intrepid band marched forth to investigate and the engines almost immediately started up again. It was generally assumed that John Bovis had managed to sort things out and he was duly congratulated.
A much quieter night,  an hour longer for breakfast and then off to find the cars - some more easily than others who seemed to have lost their useful bits of paper with the car deck reference!
Then it was back to HISC for the final dinghy race of the winter series, the last Sunday Roast for the year (well attended)  and the prize giving for the dinghy and cruiser racing. Quite a weekend, and many thanks are due to Basil for organising everything for us!

Pics from the Dinner:
















More on:-



The usual lunches have been going on apace on the first Friday of the month, well attended and enjoyed by all. On the third Friday of the month there has also been the Ladies lunch group, attended by some of the same peoples but missed by the men of course.
At the last one, June Tong produced the following and it was thought that everyone might like to read it!

I read this out today at the Ladies Lunch and Judy Cave said to send it to you.  When  Mike first brought me to Hayling and I went sailing for the first time. I was not keen. However, I was out to impress so had a go and we actually came first equal on our first race.

A novice’s introduction to sailing club racing


We were in the bar at HISC, when in came Pete and Di and crew
We talked of boats and racing, where to go and what to do
If you’re looking for excitement, fun and camaraderie
They said, why not try racing, with our club CCRC

No further use for baggy sails and rigging stretched and thin
We scraped and scrubbed and varnished, we painted out and in
Our friends helped, conned by promises of foreign tours proficient
Then our first race, 18 more boats with crews who looked efficient

The members are a friendly crowd, the sailing’s done with style
I’ve learnt to stay calm when becalmed, shout ‘starboard’ with a smile
Use sailing phrases like, ‘the wind will fill in from our side’
‘We’ll average 6’, ‘have supper in France, if we leave on the morning tide’.

I’ve learnt to cross from boat to boat and throw a helpful dart
And counteracting dehydration’s down to a fine art
It’s early in the season but so far it would seem,
It’s about a lot of drinking, with some sailing in between.

June Tong



on September 29th

This was attended by 40 + members and was held in the dining room to avoid the Baby Club! The usual reports were received and there then followed a very long and unresolved argument about paying for the ferry during the week.! It was eventually terminated by us agreeing to collect 5 per person at the Spring Meeting - in case! A lively and enjoyable lunch followed.


Monday 11th September

Doreen provisionally booked for 50 people for this very popular outing, but in the event, due to a few cancellations, there were 44 people who sat down to the usual excellent lunch provided by the club.
Several boat crews had combined, so in the end there were 10 boats which fitted comfortably 5 either side of the pontoon at the entrance to the marina, and one car which was quite happy in the car park.
It was a lovely sunny day and with a light south-easterlyish wind, it was a pleasant sail both ways. Thanks to Doreen for her organisations - yet again.

6th -7th September

What a fantastic outing!. People had been arriving all day from different locations, Hamble, where Roy Barnes had been watching his son racing in a 707, Bembridge, where some boats had stayed the night before, and Hayling, of course. The wind was rather on the nose from Hayling but with a favourable tide and glorious sun, a bit of beating, either through the Forts or the Dolphins, was no particular trial.
By 4 pm all boats had arrived and 6 had parked by the Folly with the occupants of the remaining 11 on the opposite bank ferrying over later. Several people went for a walk up to Whippingham Church, which was quite delightful and of which pictures are available, but by 6.30 everyone was gathered on the Folly pontoon ready to drink to Basil on his birthday (number of which  not specified!). Then on into the Inn where 39 people sat down to a very good supper.
Back on the boats, it was an incredibly quiet evening but the promised drizzle came later, brought in by a fairly ferocious wind which had skippers scrambling out to tighten halyards and check moorings. By morning the skies had cleared and a steady NE F4-5 set in. However, with the tide turning to the west by about 10 am, and a forecast of increasing wind, those boats not going on up the river, set off before 8 am and were through the Dolphins by the time the worst of the west-going had set in. The N-E wind allowed for a brisk fetch all the way home at 6-8 knots, just flying genoas.
Meanwhile, new members Tony and Adrienne Aitken, were made welcome and also made themselves useful by taking lots of pictures which can be viewed at
A great excursion; and many thanks to John and Barbara Beck and to Doreen for their organisation.






Thursday August 17th

This was another good day out, attended by about 40 people. However, as rain was forecast (but did not actually materialise in quantity), 8 members went around to the Club by car as they had youngsters in tow


 July 26th - 27th

This happened in absolutely scorching weather but not a lot of wind. Obviously, several boats stayed over as at about lunchtime on Thursday, boats were returning to be told that there was no ferry service available. Trevor seems to have sorted that out!

Tuesday July 11th

Not a lot of wind, which was sort of Westerly, but a lovely sunny day and a flood tide.
About a dozen boats went up, including Missy with Peter Glasby in charge, as a support boat and also as the starting boat for the 13 Solos taking part in their Dell Quay Dash. All the boats, including the Christmas’s Elite were able to moor against the new pontoon on the end of the quay, which was very convenient.
 The usual, excellent lunch was enjoyed on the decking on the south side of the club and afterwards Peter and Iris thanked Liz and Jean Sagues with a present of wine.
New members to the Section, Alan and Delia Clarke proved invaluable with their rib and assistance for Ted Gadd who capsized in Itchenor Reach whilst retrieving his hat!
The wind got up for the trip back but probably most people had their motors on going through Itchenor though it was a nice sail, albeit a beat, after that.
Many thanks to Iris for organising this event which is usually the largest of the year, with over 50 people altogether this time.


 Friday July 7th

A SW F 4-5 fortunately did not materialise so it was not too rough. Most of the cruisers seemed to have spent one or two days in Bembridge having a good time eating and drinking so arrived in very good time. Mutoli came over from Northney and also arrived early. Lolita was the only one to sail over from HISC but still arrived in time for a very good lunch. Lyn Smith walked all the way from Bembridge and Garry and Rosemary walked from Priory Bay where they had anchored their boat. This latter was a good ploy as it meant that they did not have to pay the doubled ferry fees!
The sun came out for a bit for a pleasant run home.
Thanks to Lyn and Richard Smith for organising this at long distance while they were away on a trip.
The sun came out for a bit for a pleasant run home.

June 26th - June 30th

Monday proved to be a rather damp day for the trip to Emsworth Slipper SC. However, the reception at the club and the meal made up for this and journey home allowed people to dry out.
 Tuesday evening was skittles at Walderton and Emmy excelled at hitting lone balls in the knockout competition
The trip to Northney Marina proved a trifle hazardous for some, with the East wind knocking Almorah onto the mud at the entrance and causing Lolita and others some trouble manoeuvring in the confined space. However, there was help to hand and a small tug was available free of charge!. The Becks provided an absolutely sumptuous picnic on shore and a good time was had by all. Thursday, the Solos had a work party in the morning to relay their matting and then all toddled off to find the Cruisers at Itchenor. Some were noted returning, but it was such a glorious day that the Solos all sailed on up to Chi and then onto Dell Quay SC!
Friday was Bosham and the much appreciated BBQ at Mike and Jean Baker’s.
Thanks and flowers were offered to Mike and Jean and also to Doreen for her never ending, excellent organisations

to Yarmouth, Poole and Lymington

All went according to plan. The weather was lovely except for Tuesday which did 30 knots but didn’t prevent people getting to Poole either the inshore or outer way. A lot of eating and drinking was done and the return trip was made on a really glorious day.
A truly brilliant trip.

Many thanks to all of the organisers for their hard work.



Tuesday June 6th

Briefly, the SSG fleet departed HISC around 10.00 under blue skies, wind SSE F3. Same tack all the way to Portsmouth entrance, virtually everybody at Haslar marina by 12.30. Last arrival had to raft up. 'Proud Moments’ joined having overnighted at Bembridge and the Penfold/Chrismas syndicate sailed in from Hamble. The Lightship coped very well with our biggest numbers yet, 11 boats and 40 people. Apart from the motor boats, the return leg required motoring beyond the Dolphins to get close hauled to Chi and a quiet run into the harbour. I think everybody enjoyed a good Solent day.



on Tuesday May 30th

This was our first out-of-harbour event and all went without a hitch this time. We had a fresh and very cold NW wind with, fortunately, quite a flat sea and every one got there in good time although “Lolita” was a little behind as she is still having trouble hoisting her main.
Forty people sat down to lunch having arrived either in nine boats or by ferry or by car.
There were three more new boats out , Mike Baker’s “Sea Harrier”, Arthur Colley’s “Westerner 2”, a lovely traditional looking sail boat that would have been more aptly named Roly Poly! But as Arthur was about to take her down the French Canals he wasn’t too bothered about this. What did bother him on the day was that the diesel saloon heater was not working! And thirdly, there was Roy Barnes new cruiser/solo committee boat, Mutoli( Grandfather’s Toy). Richard and Lyn had new sails on Proud Moments, the last ones having been sent to the laundry, had come back pale green so had had to be replaced. It was gathered that the seating in of the new sails caused a few WORDS!
Lunch was good but people had a bit of trouble locating a desert menu. Geoffrey eventually tracked down an exotic chocolate thing which was then delivered to Jane, by mistake, who ate it, by mistake, and Geoffrey was left chocolate-less - it being the last exotic chocolate thing - very miffed and in danger of being overcome by a hypo (so he said).  But he did have some sweeties handy in case. The coffee was real and gorgeous!

Thanks to John Beck for organising this day out


The Itchenor cruise went ahead as planned but the cruise to Cowes and RLYC disappointingly had to be abandoned because of bad weather


Points arising from the Spring Meeting 

Friday, April 7th

1) The visit to Chichester Festival Theatre to see Penelope Keith in 'Entertaining Angels', will be on Thursday, May 11th at 2.00pm. Anyone wishing to go should contact Barbara Beck ASAP so that she can book. Price of ticket approx 24.

2) Anyone wishing to go on the trip to France on July 3rd should contact Basil Rizzi as he needs to know names and numbers of people and boats.

3) Anyone wishing to join the Social Sailing Section should contact Doreen Bennett. Cost for joining is 5 and you will be put on the Telephone Tree list and reminded of every event.




Lunch at the Club
Friday, February 3rd 2006

Again, over 40 members turned out for a delicious lunch on an excruciatingly cold day and were able to watch Nick and his crew start on the job of laying the moorings. Actually, Anthony was heard to remark that it was a bit stuffy inside and he needed to get out!
Doreen reminded us about giving in names for the Chichester Luncheon on February 17th and there then followed a discussion about the CEVNI training sessions which have been changed to Wednesday, March 8th. Basil pointed out that trainees needed to collect, from Sparkes Chandlery, the training booklet (6 85) and also the Hand Chart Book (19) which was needed to get into Rouen and beyond. He did reiterate that going up to Paris was really only for power boats as masts would have to come down.
Doreen then said that Emmy Kelly was not too good and that she, Doreen, was going to visit her on her way home with some flowers.
Mike Wright-Anderson then thanked everybody for being so kind while he was in hospital


Subsequent to this meeting, it was democratically decided to reinstate the Telephone Tree and Team Leaders will continue to phone around as usual for the coming 2006 Summer Season. However, the Team Leaders will report directly to each event organiser. Non-boat owners can contact the organisers to find out which boats may have crew spaces.  Negotiations can then be made directly with the boat owners well before the day of the event.