Turkey Dinner - Christmas Party
on Saturday December 17th

Over 40 members, together with the Solo and Fifteen parties, had a whale of a time.
Trevor and the Ripleys entertained in the adults bar before and after the dinner. Dinner was ‘serve your own turkey’ on the table and was interspersed with lots of balloon and popper fun.
Prizes were awarded for the best hat and model balloon ‘construction’


Lunch at the Club Friday December 2nd

Things were back to normal and about 50 members enjoyed the usual excellent fare


Lunch at the Club Friday November 4th

This was a rather meagre event with only 12 attendees due to a total lack of advertising. In part, this was fortunate as the Club did not have the event in their diary either!


The AGM on October

Click here for full report:- AGM 11


After the dismal weather and cancellations of the previous three cruises, the two last events of the season in September had absolutely fabulous
sun and light winds

On Tuesday 27th, there was no sun and no wind to start with, which deterred  the crew of Squawk who did not want to put-put all the way to Chichester and so debunked to another boat.
Lolita set off first and by Fishery the sails were up and pulling. Just by East Head a funny looking seagull was spotted. It materialised into a peregrine and  was joined by another, the two of them playing for some while over the Stocker bank before idling back towards Chichester. By Itchenor (engine on), the sun was out and all the  boats  - Nauti Lady, Proud Moment, Lynx, Sea Harrier, Puffin, Lolita, Freya and Seldom Seen, - quickly arrived to berth up at the pontoon by the Marina and start partying. The Chichester YC was as welcoming as ever and the excellent menu was enjoyed out in the garden, although it was too hot for some! Running home, a very elegant ship - the first mast with  cross trees (there is probably a name for this) was espied in the anchorage past Itchenor. For those interested, information about this boat can be found at-:
http://www.bel-espoir.com/navire/be  http://www.bel-espoir.com/

On Thursday, 29th, the sun was already out and there was more than the forecast 9 knots.  The waters were quite busy - every one coming to park at East head (?) so there were quite a few avoiding tacks to be made. Spotted one black backed gull on the water with a very long fish (garfish?) hanging either side out of its beak with the which it did not seem to know what to do.  Near Sandhead, there was a bit of tactical putting about which did not  pay off.  Lolita  put about Picaro but then couldn’t point high enough and was stuffed into the wind. However, bearing off onto the reach to Park, Lolita soon overtook Picaro again and was shortly able to pick up one of the remaining visitors buoys off Itchenor. Lots of rafting up happened with more partying before Heron and Stewpot’s rib kindly ferried ashore all the crews off Lolita, Picaro Seldom Seen, Squawk, Nauti Lady and Sapphire - only to find that, unfortunately, Itchenor SC was not expecting us!  They had forgotten to write us in their book. Kindly their secretary phoned and warned the Pub that we were on our way - so all was well.
Another run home and another great ‘summer’s day’ out! and many thanks to our organisers the Becks (away on yet another holiday) and Trevor and Monica.


July 4th - 8th

The forecast for the week was not what one would have hoped for but all the events took place .                   Report from Richard et al

We met at HISC for a “planning of the week” meeting, with some success!!
Lunch at Emsworth SC. Congratulation to  Puffin, Sqhawk and Excalibur Too who braved the lack of water. A good gathering of members also arrived by road bringing the numbers up to 35.
From organiser Judy
Eve. A total of 18 souls had a great evening at the British Legion skittle alley. We all survived, and the star winner of the evening was Pat Bovis, who left with her prize of two bottles of wine, one in each hand!! Thanks to Angela for organising.

TUESDAY was all the way up to Dell Quay with 11 Solos doing their Dash with a kink and then being finished on the Quay. Jean and Liz did their usual excellent value Ploughmans’ and strawberries, albeit rather late because of the late time of the tide, and 45 crews all sat contentedly inside and watched, through the encompassing picture windows,  the rain clouds gathering down the harbour. The Solos had a rather damp beat home with the two lasers having to be towed by the accompanying rib out of the doldrums through Itchenor to more wind. The Elite had set off early, not wanting to get stuck on the mud on a falling tide, and the crews of the Cruisers, Nauti Lady, Seldom Seen, Proud Moment, Sea Harrier, Kusi and Puffin mostly kept dry in their cabins and motored home. Organisers - Jane and Barbara.     From Jane

at Chichester YC. Despite high winds, low water, and heavy showers, 6 boats -  Nauti Lady, Proud Moment, Foxtrot V, Lynx V1, and Sea Harrier - visited Chichester marina and moored at the marina pontoon.  We were joined by a few members arriving by road, and an excellent lunch was enjoyed at the Club. From organiser Trevor.
Eve. There were tables at the Club reserved for us, and a good number of stalwarts turned up.

at Itchenor SC. The weather was bad---gales and rain—and we abandoned our ships, and went to Itchenor by car enjoying the scenic route through the village of Itchenor for a change. A total of 17 members came, which was a good effort. It was a good lunch which we all enjoyed, and thanks to John Beck for organising.
Eve. Our Social Sailing Dinner was held at HISC, and was a very successful and happy occasion. About 40 members attended. Coffee was served in the Over 18 Bar, and June Tong and John Beck provided a little entertainment, enjoyed by all. Thanks to Lyn for organising.

The weather was not kind. Tent working parties laboured under great difficulties, but conditions did improve somewhat to allow at:
1800hrs---Jean and Mike Baker’s BBQ. The garden looked terrific; food was great (steaks a la Trevor), and company, of course, was wonderful. About 50 members enjoyed the evening. Jean and Mike are very generous with their providing the venue, and the steaks and the fish, and we are very grateful. They were presented with a bouquet of flowers and a drop of whisky---richly deserved, and Richard was given a bottle of wine or two---certainly not so deserved---but thanks.

It was a good week. The weather could have kinder, but a lot of people did a lot of things. There was a mixture of older members and newer members, and we all enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who came.




Report from Richard Smith


Variable conditions were “enjoyed” from Hayling to Shepards Wharf Marina by vessels: Sea Harrier, Nauti Lady, Lolita, Picarro, Excalibur Too, and Kusi.
They were joined by: Proud Moment, Lynx V1, Seldom Seen, Saphire, and Silver Moon, most of whom enjoyed very leisurely conditions from various Solent ports.
So—11 boats arrived, and 25 members managed a pontoon drink or two with Proud Moment, followed by an excellent dinner at the Island SC.


We “lost” 3 boats on the way, but gained two in compensation!
So, 10 boats occupied finger pontoons in Buckler’s Hard Marina: Sea Harrier, Nauti Lady, Lolita, Picarro, Excalibur Too, Proud Moment, Seldom Seen, Silver Moon, Blue Bat, and Stewpot.
We were joined by Barbara Beck, and Pat and John Bovis, all of whom arrived by road.
We all (27 members) enjoyed a pre dinner drink aboard Silver Moon, and then an excellent dinner at the Master Builder’s Hotel. Lyn worked hard to organise that meal—thanks Lyn.
Publicity photographs were taken of us all at the hotel. We await results with trepidation!
It was Pat Bovis’ birthday, and we all enjoyed a bit of birthday cake.
Times of departure varied from about 0730 to 1500 hrs on the Friday, but everybody returned safely---but with not much wind---and rather variable direction.

It was a very successful couple of days. Weather was delightful, locations very pleasant, and the company, as always, wonderful. 



Monday - Friday June 13th - 17th

This week happened but was not blessed with the best of weather!

Report from Richard Smith

MONDAY was something of a battle day for most. Winds were WSW Force 5/6 so it was not too easy from Hayling to Cowes Yacht Haven. Sapphire, Sunmaid 1V and Proud Moment had it a little easier, with voyages from Yarmouth, the Hamble and Beaulieu respectively. Sea Harrier wisely decided to turn back, having seen Chichester bar and spent the night at Chichester Marina. Rumour has it that Jean intends to move permanently to that venue, abandoning Hayling (and Mike)!!

So---9 boats (Lynx V1, Nauti Lady, Picaro, Proud Moment, Sandpiper, Saphire, Seldom Seen, Silver Moon, and Sunmaid 1V) made it safely to Cowes and 22 of us enjoyed a pontoon drink or two on Proud Moment, followed by drinks and an excellent meal at Cowes Royal Corinthian. Thank you Anthony Penfold  for your great organisation.

TUESDAY. Sapphire and Sandpiper returned to Hayling. The day was warm with gentle / nil wind and favourable tide, so the remainder of the fleet made it to the Dan Bran pontoon at Lymington.  It should be noted that Picaro and Seldom Seen out sailed Proud Moment!! We were joined at Lymington  by Blue Bat and Sea Harrier, and later by John and Mildred Cook by car. Pontoon drinks were hosted by Marilyn and John Blake;  large boats enable sitting in comfort aboard! Thank you Marilyn and John. 24 souls then enjoyed drinks and a very good meal at the Royal Lymington.  Thank you Barbara and John Beck for your patience with us all, and your organisation once again.

WEDNESDAY. Blue Bat left us for the Hamble, but the rest of the fleet managed to reach Yarmouth. Our numbers increased as Poppy (the dog) joined Proud Moment. It rained quite a bit. Another large boat, Nauti Lady, managed to cope with us all for pre dinner drinks, and thanks a million to Monica and Trevor. Most of us ate at the Wheatsheaf Pub.

THURSDAY. Weather forecasts were bad. Despite a gale warning, most of us ran for home. We made it---wind was OK; visibility at times was very bad, and it rained lots and very, very hard!! Picaro and Sunmaid 1V stayed at Yarmouth, and crews ate at the Royal Solent.

FRIDAY. Picaro returned to HISC in fast time with a brisk S wind. Sunmaid returned to Lymington, to join the Contessas for racing.

The week’s weather was unsettled, and mostly windy. “Poole Week” became “Solent Week”, but well over 20 members enjoyed themselves with good food and drink, good company, and good sailing.


Cruise to Bembridge

Wednesday to Friday, June 1st - 3rd

This was a rather spread out event with lots of options all rather dependent on the time of high water!
Kusi did a daytrip on Wednesday but due to the tide and having to raft on the outside of 5 boats did not go ashore but happily picnicked aboard.  Wild Thyme also had to moor on the outside berth and told the story of the owner of boat number two who wished - very unreasonably - to leave at 9.30 am on Thursday morning. They eventually let him out at about 10.30 but still with a certain lack of water
Proud Moment, Sapphire and Stewpot sailed over on Thursday passing Wild Thyme (on her way to Seaview for the day), Excaliber Two and and Lolita all going home with a view to missing Fridays forecast.
Arriving near the Marina, Mike and Jean were spied walking in the dunes on the west side, apparently on their way back from investigating Bembridge SC, to be promptly collected by the ferry.
The afore mentioned boats, with the crews of Lynx VI, Seaharrier  and Rock Hopper, had all dined at Brading Haven on the Wednesday night and were well catered for despite the Club  being un-aware of any bookings! Thursday lunch was also good and various crews retired to their boats to sleep/ sunbathe, or in the case of PM, catch the remaining tide home. This latter exercise was jeopardised by the skipper’s reluctance to stop chatting and then the incompetence of one of the crew who managed to drop a fender overboard just level with Sea Harrier and Lynx which produced a certain amount of ribaldry, especially as a fishing boat actually got to the fender first and picked it up.
Next day the promised NE winds arrived . Three boats headed straight into it for Chi Harbour but Stewpot sailed, with jib only, through the forts, back past the Dolphins and into her berth just inside Langstone Harbour, doing a splendid  8.5 knots with the wind gusting at 28 knots.
Point to note for next year - do not book events at Half term!

Iris’s 90th Birthday Party

 A very happy event.

This party - one of about five we gather - was held in the Club Dining Room on Tuesday, May 31st and was attended by a large number of members of the Social Sailing Fleet and their guests, some hailing from as far as San Francisco i.e. Alan Crouch, and of course, Val and Dick



Members brought loads of sandwiches and cakes and Judy made the special, very yummy, birthday cake. Actual tea and coffee was produced by the Club, Iris brought some wine and the bubbly was provided by Dick



Mike Baker made a shortish speech expounding on Iris’s career which started during the war where she was in Intelligence, and continued with her long-standing support of the Red Cross. Various of their many boats were enumerated and stories told and the speech was rounded off with a toast to Iris and the next ten years.



The birthday cake was produced and it’s ‘candle’ - more of a small firework which went on for ages -  was lighted, to many exclamations of delight and cheers



Cruise to Haslar and Folly

Wednesday - Friday, May 18th - 20th

The forecast was a little over the top for some and Lolita decided a trip to CYC was more in order. However, Sandpiper, Lynx, Sea Harrier and Kusi left their various berths in Chi Harbour and Sunmaid set out from Hamble. It was a good broad reach from Hamble but it still took over 2 hours to get to Haslar. Nearing Portsmouth, a Square-rigger was noted and also the new fleet of large Sunsail yachts.  It was thought best to go to north of a large orange buoy which turned out to be the leeward mark for the fleet from the Royal Thames YC which rounded it to be finished with resounding cannon by the Royalist.
Time for a short slurp after tying up, before a very good lunch aboard the Lighship.
On the return journey,  Kusi had a bumpy ride in over the bar and Sunmaid had a splashy close fetch home over a favourable tide but with occasional gusts of 24 knots which put the leeward gunwale under. Those left at Haslar undoubtedly had a pleasant afternoon shopping at Gunwharf Quay.
Thursday, and the weather was a vast improvement over the previous day or two, with warm sunshine and OK winds.
Stewpot was the first to arrive at Folly, midmorning, having spent a couple of nights at Newtown Creek. Proud Moment managed to struggle up from Cowes Yacht Haven, and then Nauti Lady arrived, having left Weymouth at 05.30 hrs.
Seldom Seen came direct from Hayling and Sandpiper, Lynx VI, and Sea Harrier sailed over from Hasla.r
Good food, wine and company was enjoyed as ever and the return Journey on Friday was a leisurely sail with a light, but building, westerly.

Cruise to Seaview

Thursday, May 12th

What a fab day for our first trip out into the Solent! Lots of sun – only a few black clouds with a mere splattering of rain  -and a fluctuating 15-20 knots of westerly wind.

The pontoon was loaded and Richard parked alongside to save the ferry taking out his multitudes of crew. In fact, it was a very good turnout regardless of Richard’s fears, it being an impromptu event; 33 crew and two dogs, and 11 boats

Ten yachts,( Naughti Lady, Proud Moment, Stewpot, Excalibur 2, Wild Thyme, Nuada, Sapphire, Ellanore, Louise, Pendragon) and one motor boat (Puffin) had quite a bumpy ride out of the harbour with wind over tide. All boats held on towards Bembridge ledge and then tacked up the trots of Containers the which, from astern and with the sun on them, were reminiscent of a fleet of square riggers in full sail. It was suggested over lunch that a better route to minimise the east running tidal effects would have been to go along Hayling shore and then towards the forts, but possibly a bit shallow at low water.

Sailingwise there was a bit of competition – Nuada, with some rolls in the jib, went straight past Naughti Lady which didn’t have all her sails up and then proceeded to sail to leeward of the next boat, going freer and faster. Hardening up in the flatter water nearer the island Nuada raced away closing on Louise and Proud Moment which were having their own battle through the trots, one of them making the mistake of going to leeward of one container. In all that space, PM managed to catch Louise on port and put her about! but Louise still arrived in front followed by Nuada.

Ellanore made very good speed and actually arrived first but all boats mentioned were soon moored up to watch the arrival of Kevin, in his new ex-Vickers Contessa - Wild Thyme - and the Pendragon. Everyone was ferried ashore in good order for drinks and a very good lunch. This was partaken of inside as no-one braved the balconies in view of the approaching ominous black clouds which, in fact, produced the sharpest wind spike of the day.

The wind went slightly to the south for the run home. The Containers were now lying to the wind and had seemingly cloned. Ellanore was the only one brave enough to carry three sails and several boats decided one was enough, be it cruising chute or jenny, for a less stressful, but still bumpy, ride home, and with a gybe at the harbour entrance. We were all met and picked up by the ever cheerful Mike Connors doing overtime in the ferry.

A very satisfying day of good sailing and good food! Many thanks to Richard for organising it all


Cruise to Chichester YC

Wednesday, April 20th

This was the first event of the season and what a glorious day it was
Not a lot of wind, but brilliant sun and flat water.
This entailed a bit of motoring, initially, for the yachts but when the Durrants’ Hawk started emitting steam from the cooling system it was time for Lolita to take them in tow before the Stocker bank loomed too close!
A very fluky easterly eventually set in which meant a beat all the way to Chichester for the yachts - The Palmers in their Fifteen, Saffari, 2 Hawks, Squark and Tara, Lolita, Sandpiper, Proud Moment, and Excalibur Too, though for safety, motors were again engaged by the bigger yachts going through the Itchenor trots. Power boats, Sea Harrier, Kusi and Lynx VI were also on route and six people came by car - such is the popularity of the venue.
47 people -( and one dog )- which included one guest and the Roses who had escaped early from their business trip to London, only to get stuck on the Chichester by pass - partook of the usual excellent menu. Everyone was outside in the garden - a beautiful scenario with a buzzard circling overhead.
Time to depart, and the occupants of Sqawk produced a useful bit of wire and unblocked the  cooling intake of Tara. All safely enjoyed a quiet and leisurely run homewards, eventually to be collected in Selene by the ever helpful Mike Connor.


Extraordinary General Meeting

Friday, March 4th

Richard Smith was the only nominee for the position of Captain and so he was immediately voted in

The minutes of this meeting will be circulated shortly.



Monday, February 28th

The funeral was amazing.  The church was so full that people had to sit in the choir stalls and some were standing at the back, regardless of the fact that lots of ordinary chairs had been put out.
The service was quite informal and very "Doreen".  The coffin came in to "Everytime we say goodbye" by Ella Fitzgerald and went out to a very swingy jazz tune!  Kate did a wonderful eulogy where we learned quite a lot about Doreen's life that was news to us;  she handled it very well.  The wake was well attended and everyone talked about their memories of Doreen and her sailing career.           Barbara Beck



Doreen Bennett, long standing club member and Captain of the Social Sailing Fleet, passed away peacefully on the 10th February.

The funeral will take place at St. Thomas', Bedhampton
on the 28th February at 11.00 a.m.
Family and close friends only to attend Porchester crematorium due to very limited space.
After the church service all are welcome to make their way to HISC for Doreen's wake.

No flowers please but donations to the RNLI or Cancer charity of your choice through Edwards and Son, Funeral Directors -  02392 453549.

We would like to thank everyone for their kindness and support.

Catherine and Jim Bennett
(Address in Handbook under Doreen Bennett)



The various winter lunches at HISC, Emsworth and Chichester were all well attended and much enjoyed by members of the Fleet, different aspects of mud and birds being much appreciated