Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at HISC
on Friday 12th October 2012

PRESENT: Richard Smith (RS, chairman), Cathy Rayner (CR Treasurer) and 37 other  members.

1 WELCOME:   RS thanked everyone for coming. 

2 APOLOGIES:  Adrienne and Tony Aitken, Jean and Michael Baker, Belinda Cook, Judy Lockwood, Valerie and David Mitchell.

3 MINUTES of SGM on Friday 30th March 2012:  There were no points of accuracy raised. 

ACTIONS:  Members Lists:  RS pointed out that there are no formal lists of people without boats who would like to go to events, or of boat owners who are willing to take passengers.  Monica Rose (MR) pointed out that in former times it was the policy that those who would like a lift contacted Doreen, who then rang around.  John Cook (JCk) said that a list would be helpful.   Mike Tong (MT) suggested that passengers could contact event organizers who could liaise with boat owners.

Trevor Rose (TR) pointed out that expecting people to ring asking owners for a lift tended to lead to a “closed shop”, and Gary Gledhill (GG) felt that contacts through organizers was the best bet.  RS felt that lists should be made of owners and passengers for co-ordinators to use, and both owners and passengers could and should contact c0-ordinators when appropriate.        


There being no further points raised the acceptance of the Minutes was proposed by Chris Rayner (CR), seconded by JCk and carried unanimously.


Ladies and gentlemen,

We meet again for our AGM, and it’s time to look back on one year, and forward to the next. It is a statement of the obvious, but I fear we are, all of us, just one year older.

In August Tony Mills died. Tony was one of the most experienced ocean sailors in the Club. He had a distinguished career in the RAF and was awarded the OBE, but he didn’t talk about those things much! He was a great guy, and his advice and his help were always given so freely; we will miss him loads. As you know Tony suffered from a rotten, horrible and incurable disease. He and Hazel, of course, knew that, but they both battled on and amazingly remained cheerful and positive, and were and are an inspiration to us all. (Richard then read out a letter from Hazel thanking everyone for their kind wishes and donations, in aid of The Rowans Hospice and Cancer Research, which amounted to 1,000.00)..

A number of our members have suffered illness, and again battle through, and again are an inspiration. I have said it before, but I repeat, that I hope the companionship from the members of this fleet helps, and helps all of us.

We welcome some new members over the summer----Liz and Mike Abraham, Carol and Gill Carter, Jenny Dandridge, and Valerie and David Mitchell. We all hope you get as much enjoyment from Social Sailing as we all do. Welcome again.

There has been some decline in our membership numbers. You will note when Cathy presents the Accounts that our subscription income is down, and paid up members have declined from 96 to 75. This appears rather disturbing, but having looked at names and numbers, it’s mostly a combination of genuine leavers and members who hardly ever came to events in the past, and this year have not come at all. We do need to “push” a bit harder perhaps to encourage people to come.  We need also, of course, to encourage new members and I think all of us can take action here. Persuade people to come and give it a try. We do miss out because we don’t social sail at weekends, but I think we are right to keep to that principle. But, I guess it’s always up for debate.

As always, our summer programme tends to be dominated by the weather! We don’t have much choice!


I propose that we cancel / do away with our SGM. I really don’t think we need two General Meetings a year. We see each other a lot informally, and that’s much better. Please may I have a seconder for my proposal.

Finally---my thanks. It’s a repeat, but that makes it no less important.

for 12 months to 30th September 2012

Cathy Rayner (CyR) then presented the account



Opening Bank and Cash balances
as at 01/10/11








Subscriptions ref 2012 season




Flag Sales and donation








Website renewal




General Admin




Turkey Dinner




Pre Dinner drinks for Soc Sail Dinner




Itchenor Ferry costs




Cards, Gifts, Flowers, and Donations




Full Payment for all flags




Dep pd to Lymington Harbour Comm




Dep returned from above




Income - Expenditure




Closing Bank and Cash balances
as at 30/09/12




Fleet Assets 30/09/12




Bank Balance




Petty Cash








Stock of Flags at cost




Total Assets























(CyR) pointed out that the most noticeable difference from last year is the reduction in the number of subscriptions paid, which reduced the income by approx. 100.  However, there had been a donation towards the cost of flags and profits from the sale of each flag.  Therefore, the accounts are in a healthy state with a slightly higher balance than last year. 

At this point RS said that sale of flags had been very successful – 15 yacht flags and 7 motor boat flags had been sold, leaving a stock of 5 yacht and 3 motor flags.

Mike Cave (MC) suggested that members who left the group should be able to sell their flags back to the group at a reduced rate, for re-sale.  However, it was pointed out that we must sell the remaining flags first!

MT suggested that a small fee each year helped maintain the members list and RS proposed that subs should be 5 for the coming season, this was seconded by John Beck (JB) and carried nem. con. 

RS thanked CyR for her efforts and acceptance of the accounts was proposed by CR, seconded by JCk and carried unanimously.

6  DISCUSSION DOCUMENT:  RS referred everyone to the document from the 2011 AGM.  He expressed concern that some people were left out of events and JC pointed out that not everyone receives the yahoo messages or even has a computer.

GG suggested that mooring fees at some of the lunch time events could be paid from the subs and, if people thought that money was being used for this purpose, more may be encouraged to attend.

RS asked about accommodation at venues, and Judy Cave (JC) reported that this had worked well for them in the past.   Pat Bovis (PB) asked if a list of overnight accommodation for events could be provided to assist those who could come by boat but had no sleeping facilities.  Lyn Smith (LS) pointed out that this could be collated and held on the website.

            ACTION LS

June Tong (JT) suggested a visit to East Head for a BBQ as another event for the day sailors.  ACTION RS

Ray Stewart (RyS) suggested that we could try a weekend event at sometime during the year to encourage some younger cruisers to join us – perhaps to The Folly.  The fleet could go early and others join us for the weekend. ACTION RS

MC said that starting some trips on Sunday evening would be good, especially for longer trips to the western Solent, etc.

7 WINTER PROGRAMME: LS went through the winter programme, pointing out that there will be Social Sailing lunches at HISC on the 1st Friday of each month to March, one exception being December when the date has been moved to Wednesday 5th because of a dinner on our usual evening.

Saturday 27th October should be the Laying-Up supper, and Sunday 9th December if the Christmas Sale which starts at 10.00 a.m., in line with the Boat Jumble.

The full programme is on the website.

8 DRAFT SAILING PROGRAMME: The programme was displayed on the screen and the following points were made:

Paul Cook (PC):  The cost of Shepards at Cowes is lower than Cowes Yachthaven, until the cost of showers is added, when it becomes more expensive.  However, RS was able to confirm that this is now changed since the shower tokens are now given free at Shepards.

JCk reported that he had found Warsash pontoon very exposed, and that the toilets were rather a long walk from the boat.

MT suggested trying Mercury on the Hamble, but there is no restaurant.  This could be used for one of the “self-catering” events.

JB suggested Hythe Marina which offered the opportunity of using the ferry into Southampton.

TR reminded everyone that Marchwood S C had been suggested and Sue Maclaurin-Pratt (SMP) confirmed that it is a nice little sailing club.

RS suggested using Newtown Creek on the way to Lymington or Yarmouth.  Those that did not like stopping there could go on and be joined later by the other boats.

Royal Lymington:  It was felt that the food this year had not been so good – there is a new chef- and MT reported that friends at Lymington had made the same comment.

RS pointed out that Royal Corinthian at Cowes had been left out of the programme for 2013 in favour of the Island S C.  This change was approved, and RS suggested that the Royal be put back in the programme for 2014.

Poole Week:  It was suggested that this trip is misnamed and Rosemary Gledhill (RG) suggested “Sail-away Week” as an alternative, but no decision was taken.

GG suggested that day trips could be made to Bembridge since recent dredging would allow up to 6 hours there now, and if the weather proved unsuitable and venue could be changed to Itchenor pub without any problem.  Some people felt that there would be insufficient time for lunch but MR pointed out it would be possible to have a picnic in the adjacent field, and GG suggested the Baywatch Restaurant.  LS suggested that some could do a day trip while others were doing an overnight visit.

Gins Farm has been included this year, and Freddie Kemp (FK) reported that the pontoon has been extended, and wondered if it may be possible to raft up.

Anthony Penfold suggested the Southern or R.A.F. Marinas as alternatives at the Hamble: there are also more public moorings now (walk-ashore) and he will investigate these possibilities. 



JC announced an event on 1st November at the Piranha Bar at Sparkes Marina in aid of Cycstic Fibrosis, being organised by Angie Driscoll.  She is organizing a table if anyone is interested:  the meal is 12 per head.

RS had received an e-mail from Tony Aitken (TA) making the following points:  1. They had done several events this year and thought it was a good list of venues, and they had particularly enjoyed the socializing before and after dinner.  2.  They felt there needs to be more publicity to encourage others to come along.  3.  They would like more help and advice on weather conditions, tides and currents before events.  4.  Greater contact between boats on passage would be re-assuring.

It was agreed by those present that Radios should be ON during voyages and members should call each other on Channel 16 and move to 10, or another available channel for messages.  A radio check before departure should be done on channel 37.


Regarding the help on weather, etc., MC reminded everyone that we used to meet for coffee in the Clubhouse before departure, and these discussions could take place then.  However, several members do not leave from the Club nowadays. 

Richard Pratt (RP) warned that giving advice about the trip could put responsibility onto the advisor.  Several other organizations he is involved with ask everyone to sign a disclaimer as a safeguard for insurance purposes, and it is the sole responsibility of the skipper to make decisions for his boat and crew.  This view was agreed by those skippers present.  However, MT felt that the weather is always a problem, but some advice about currents, tides and appropriate times to leave could be helpful.

JB suggested that discussions about these matters could take place after the Social Sailing lunches in the winter.

JCk felt that a re-statement of responsibilities could be helpful and the skipper should point out safety matters to the crew.

           ACTION RS

JC said that she does a safety briefing before setting off and is happy to offer a copy to anyone who would like one.

PC felt that anyone who is unhappy about setting out should try a training course.

Flags:  JB said that he had not been too sure about the idea of battle flags, but had to admit that he had been wrong.  He feels they are very impressive and remind people of the Club when they are seen on trips.  They are also a useful way of finding the other boats on the trip in Marinas etc.  RS made a vote of thanks to TR for the work he put into organizing the flags.

PC reminded everyone about the HISC A.G.M. 21st October, as there are several motions concerning money, and it may be a good thing to attend.   

Nick Danby’s trophy:  Richard Curties (RC) reminded everyone that Nick has set up a trophy for cruisers that will be presented this November to the best log of a voyage – not necessarily the longest, but the most interesting or amusing.  So far only two have been submitted and more are needed.  They should be sent, electronically to Seumas Kilpatrick for judgement by the committee of Nick, Richard and Seumas.

RS reported that he had invited Colin, the Marine Manager, and Seumas to the meeting but they were unable to attend.  In Colin’s absence he wished to express thanks for the very professional way in which the lift-out has been carried out so far.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.25 p.m.   


AGM 2012


1030 hrs FRIDAY, 12th OCTOBER 2012


1.  Welcome from Richard Smith, Fleet Captain.

2.  Apologies Received

3.  Minutes of SGM held 30th March 2012 (available here - SGM 2012 )

4. Fleet Captain’s Report.

5.  Treasurer’s Report, and Fleet Accounts for the 12 months to 30/09/12.

6.  Debate (again) ref Richard’s Discussion Paper dated 05/10/11. Having experienced a further year of social sailing, do aspects or conclusions need amendment? Parts of the Discussion Paper are out of date, but are we happy with the principles? ( Minutes posted here - AGM 11 )

7.  Finalise Winter Programme 2012 / 2013.

8.  Discuss the Draft Sailing Programme for 2013.

9.  AOB

10. Lunch



At our AGM I hope for a discussion on a few broad principles and aims of our Fleet, and then how these aims can be taken to the water and we can go sailing.

We are a bit of a mixed bunch, but all love boats and the water:

So we aim for:

We have the following “destinations” ref the above categories:

I’d like to air a thought or two for discussion:

Please think about the above and have a look at the proposed programme and come to the meeting to make your points.



AGM 2012