The Christmas Cracker Pursuit Race had been cancelled and by evening the winds were still very strong - enough to deter a few of the less hardy souls from leaving their cosy fires.
However, there was still a goodly turnout, with Social Sailing occupying 2 of the 7 tables - 10 people per table - in order to consume the correct amount of turkey.
Yummy starters of salmon mousse parcels nicely decorated with green pesto(?) and then ‘carve your own turkey’ with all the trimmings in a little Yorkshire pud pot.
Followed by mince pies and coffee all intermingled with whizzy balloons, party poppers and some building of modelling balloons (provided by the Solos); although it must be said Soc Sail do not shine in the modelling department, nor yet the Hat department, Jane (after a G & T) being only one of four people supporting this competition! - apart from a few red F C hats


Richard made a remarkably small speech, albeit profusely thanking Jennie and John for the cuisine and attention to detail and service.
A happy, riotous time was had by all, with a horrible mess left to be cleared up by the never-complaining staff!

Winter Lunches at HISC

Fridays, Oct 4th + Discussion, Nov 1st + AGM and Dec 6th

were all well attended



Wednesday, September 25th  HW 15.36

Not a very auspicious sailing day - low cloud and no wind, but with flat water which suited the motor boats!
Boats set off under engine - after scrubbing the decks - to the accompaniment of the first sightings of a skein of Brent Geese. Barely a sail in sight except for a few dinghies out of Cobnor and they were all paddling.
 Boats arrived at Chichester in a distinct lack of water. Audacious, the last to arrive, managed to fit into a very tight hole on the outside of the pontoon but Sugar Glider had to cut a groove in the mud, at high revs, with her starboard keel  in order to get in the last space on the inside of the pontoon. Proud Moments moored ahead must draw a bit less!
Kusi, from Northney, arrived the night before and stayed, handily, inside the Marina, whilst Gundog from Langstone arranged a HISC Mooring overnight and Stewpot, also from Langstone, spent a very pleasant evening anchored off Easthead, both of them arriving at Chichester in good time. Also present, our leaders, Trevor and Monica in Naughti Lady, Red Snapper, Seldom Seen, Lynx VI and Sea Harrier who had also moored on a HISC mooring overnight.
It was warm enough, for those who could cope with the wasps, to eat outside and mind Poppy, who could not be left at home as she was enamoured of the decorator and who snapped at wasps whenever she could.
Fare, as usual, was very good but there did seem to be a preference for jacket potatoes - with very good fillings - and of course the cod and chips.
Battle was done with the coffee machine which had a predilection for pumping just hot water and needed professional attention!
45 people -some of whom had come by car - the most ever there - enjoyed the hospitality -  and eventually trickled back to the pontoon to admire Stewpot engage the bow thruster and maneuver out smartly, remarking that most folks have to make do with human bow thrusters.
We all motored home again - still with insufficient wind, though some were lucky enough to spot a seal surfacing for a lo-o-ong look about before diving and exposing his whole round shiny back.
Everyone was collected in good order by Rory in Selene
Many thanks to Trevor and Monica for their organisation of  this event, which Trevor pointed out, was the fifth time we had been to CYC this year - and most years, in fact


Wednesday, September 18th    HW 11.36

Much better weather than forecast with a pleasant NW wind which allowed a nice little sail up to Itchenor.
The sailing boats, Naughti Lady, Lollita, Proud Moment, Sugar Glider, Seldom Seen, with Aurora the last to arrive having explored a Yacht Basin?,  all picked up the visitors moorings, with M B Phoebe tying alongside SS and Lynx VI parked on the pontoon  - with special permission. The crew of Gundog parked in the carpark, the sail from Langstone  not being convenient that day. Various other crews had hitched llifts where it was not convenient to get out their boats either
 A little ferry ride took us ashore ( 1 pp/each way) where we found a warm welcome from Itchenor SC and the tables all beautifully laid out in the sun room for the 38 of us all. A choice of battered cod or stuffed chicken breast was much enjoyed, followed by fruit crumble for those that had room!
 A short exploratory walk along the beach for some before re-embarking on the Ferry , watched by a seal that was cruising up river.
 The sail back was a close fetch and got a little hairy as the wind rose to 19 knots near the Winner Bank. So sails were hastily dropped for the turn up to Emsworth
A good day out and many thanks to Barbara and John Beck for organising the event


Mon - Fri Sept 2nd - 6th

Well, what an amazing week  - wall to wall sunshine for four days at least!
Monday - A Northerly wind gusting up to 19 knots made for a brisk sail initially. However, it backed and died and some boats then had to motor from the Forts
Most boats had arrived at the Folly by about 3.30 pm - remembering to radio the Folly Berthing Master on Ch 72 - except for Proud Moments and Seldom Seen who stopped off at Osborne Bay for lunch and a dip.
All four motor boats, Sea Harrier, Kusi, Lynx VI and Audacious,  parked on the walk -ashore, whilst the others all enjoyed the less expensive outer pontoon. These were Excaliber, Sugar Glider, Karma, Silver Moon, Gundog, and Naughti Lady with Steorra on the outside of Stewpot who was flying the leaders banner.folly2
John and Marilyn were celebrating their wedding anniversary - only 46th - and kindly invited all aboard Silver Moon for a pontoon party and entertainment by June and Tony who sang ‘Memories are made of This’ accompanying themselves on the Ukuleles. 33 people went ashore and  enjoyed the very good menu of the Folly Inn
Tuesday Naughti Lady stayed at Folly but her crew hitched a lift up to Newport in Stewpot. Kusi went into Island Harbour and was joined later by Louise and Aurora
The bigger boats  - Excaliber, Steorra and Silver Moon went off to Yarmouth where they were joined by Wild Thyme who had taken a flyer down to Poole and Studland Bay for Monday night
The other boats all went up to Newport, watched three buzzards circling on thermals above the port,  and prepared to sit on the mud. There were various bus trips - to Yarmouth for a swim and to Cowes for a walk back along the river side, crews returning to find nothing more disastrous than a few squashed fenders as the tide ebbed
 In the evening, the crews of PM, SS, SG, Gundog,  Audacious, and Stewpot walked along to the Premier Inn to be joined by those of Louise and Aurora to make a party of eighteen - all organised again by Margaret and Ray.
Wednesday and we were greeted by thick fog which cleared fairly quickly to reveal more blue sky. Out of the River, a fresh Easterly necessitated motoring up to Osborne Bay for lunch for PM, SS, SG and Karma - strong wind and tide not inducive to dipping, whilst the others made straight for Port Hamble on a broad reach. Those arriving before 5 pm were told obligingly, on Ch 80, their mooring slots and to mind the tide trying to get into them! Those arriving later from Yarmouth had to phone the Marina. There were eighteen boats in total for this event - those already mentioned plus Sunmaid (resident),  Eva Rose and Wild Thyme and 49 people went to the RAF YC for a very good three course meal all organised by Anthony.
The RAF YC also provided reduced mooring fees
Thursday and off again - not too late before the flood tide  got going  - to the Beaulieu River. Some boats anchored in the entrance for lunch and a swim whilst others preferred to get to the pontoon where the uninitiated parked - much to the annoyance of their Harbour Master - without calling first on ‘Sea Echo’ CH 77.
SG crew went up the river in the Flubber to Bucklers Hard for an ice cream and to view likely places to moor up for next time. They returned to find Tony and friends in full voice accompanied by the Ukuleles - very pleasant and restful
Ten boats moored up on the outside of the pontoon at ‘Ginns Farm  - Eva Rose by herself, Karma, SG and Gundog - Stewpot, Steorra and Silver Moon then Excaliber, a local boat and Wild Thyme,  with Audacious on the inside. 
On moorings were PM, SS, Aurora, Louise and Sunmaid, joined a little later by Pendragon. Excaliber - June being the organiser for this event - kindly hosted a pontoon party and 43 people then adjourned to the Clubhouse for a two course menu and coffee- rather expensive for what it was but then one is probably paying for the location and extra staff etc
 A lovely evening, particularly enjoyed, rather impolitely, by the one local boat in our midst, which carried on partying until 01.00 hours!
Friday - and it was raining!. Most boats set off about 7.30 am to get the best of the Eastgoing tide, but it was a case of motoring through the flat calm and then low cloud until the weather cleared at the Forts. A brisk wind filled in from the SW and sails were set but hurriedly reduced as the wind gusted to 27 knots! - a rather roly broad reach back in as the seas rose accordingly.
Boats retuning via the Dolphins seemed to fare a little better
Several gannets observed having a lovely time swooping about above the waves.
Eva Rose motor-sailing home
All boats were back in and collected by Rory in Selene by about 11.30 am
 Many thanks to all the organisers - Margaret, Anthony and June for making this a memorable week
Pictures of this week, taken by Tony Aitken, can be seen - click here-



Tues - Thurs, August 13th - 14th

Rather a busy event with lots of boats and a fair amount of wind at times, but warm with sunny spells. The sail over was a dead beat, with the 29ers getting in the way of the port hand tack along the beach avoiding the East-going tide. Towards the Island the wind was 20 knots and for the later boats it rose to 25 knots.
A reef made the going a bit steadier
Most of the fourteen boats arrived about 3 pm, as soon as the tide allowed, and the Harbour Master was kept busy slotting everyone in as other boats left. We were mostly rafted out in 2 blocks of four with the Trimaran, Pendragon, neatly folded up on the outside of Naughti Lady, Gundog, who sailed over from Langstone single-handed, and Quiver. The block in front were Excaliber, Sugar Glider, Sunmaid and Wild Thyme. Stewpot with her lifting keel, arrived fairly early and was put on the inside of the pontoon behind Kusi, who had also come single-handed. Manana the small sleek motor boat belonging to our latest members, Sue and Gary Gwinnel -Smith was also slotted in here and Rock Hopper, arriving quite late, was rafted next to Stewpot
The river taxi was available at 7pm for those not wishing to walk both ways to Brading Haven YC but most people enjoyed the walk through the marshes.
Supper was excellent with several choices and seconds available and then a choice of dessert. In the absence of Richard and Lyn who had lent their boat to the family for a couple of weeks, Jane collected the monies for 33 people (although in the absence of Audacious and Blue Heron it was actually 27), Ray handed around his hat for staff tips and Trevor offered the vote of thanks
Next day, lots of people went walking around Bembridge. Excaliber’s dinghy was useful for the short cut across the river and for some the river taxi was summoned for the return trip from the Tollgate Cafe.
Boats started to leave again about 3 pm and it was a rather roly-poly dead run all the way with about 10 knots.
Again the 29ers had to be avoided as they were all coming home around the Bar Beacon at about the same time, some capsizing as they gybed around.
All home by 6pm  and collected by Drew working overtime in Selene
Many thanks to Richard and Lyn for their organisation of this event and to those who helped out on the day.


Friday, August 9th

 A warm, though windy, day of sunny spells bode well for an outside event. About 40 friendly souls gathered  in the sheltered garden in Langstone Harbour and mingled happily before digging into the various repasts and BBQs on offer.
Most folk had come by car as it was easier, but Naughti Lady motored round with passenger and Sugar Glider and later Kalma sailed around with a head wind rising to 20 knots. Sugar Glider made a poor show of coming alongside, not anticipating the sudden gust which blew her onto the stern of  Naughti Lady, already ensconced on Ray’s pontoon, but Kalma came in very smartly and arrived alongside in perfect order. Both these boats left fairly early to run home so as to miss the effects of the ebb tide but Sugar Glider still managed to surf a couple of waves coming over Chichester Bar.
Many thanks to Ray, and Margaret who looked stunning in a lovely red sun-dress, for their exceedingly kind hospitality.


July 22nd to 26th

Monday - There was a meeting to discuss the week, swimming off the beach and then a specially arranged Dinner at the Club
49 people met in the adults bar for complimentary drinks and returned after the dinner for to be entertained by June Tong, John Beck, Paul Ripley and Trevor Rose

Tuesday - It was off to CYC for lunch. A rather light southerly allowed a slow drift with the tide up to Chichester where 10 boats moored on the pontoon for drinks before going up to the Club house.
Boats were - Naughti Lady, Proud Moment, Sugar Glider + grandchildren, Excaliber + dog, Red Snapper, Katie, Jane II, Phoebe, Lydia, Audacious and Amorita Two
There were about 38 people including the Caves who came by road - Mike was looking a little better after his illness.
Space had been reserved for us in the deckhouse again but those with children and dogs opted for outside in the sun where a couple of buzzards were identified circling over the land.

Wednesday - 7 boats - including a tender, the Clarke’s rib and a canoe got as far as East Head for a swim and picnic or BBQ.
 Penfolds were seen boiling baked beans!
Little Holly Mitchell was the life and soul of the party - went around and joined in with everyone and their food! Alan let her drive the rib home. On the basis of this, Lyn is considering making this a children’s join-in day next year

Thursday This was the trip to Dell Quay and was combined with the Solos ‘Dell Quay Dash’     Report from Barbara -
There were 35 for lunch at Dell Quay S.C. and they came on Proud Moment, Seldom Seen, Excalibur, Amorita, Audacious, Phoebe and  new members, Sue & Gary Gwinnell-Smith in their 6.4m motor cruiser, all the way from Thorney. The Becks, Abrahams & Bob & Shirley Smith came by car, and there were 8 Solos racing with a support rib in attendance
Liz Sagues, very kindly, came to the club specially to finish the Solo Dash
Beryl & Don Dyton & other DQ Club members put on the set Ploughmans’ lunch & manned the bar.
DQ members were, as usual, impressed by the close finish of the Solos & even more impressed with the skill of the handicappers when told that it was a reverse handicap race.
They were also impressed by the number of people who would travel so far! They have difficulty in getting their sailors to go any distance.
It was a massive tide, which completely covered the club's jetty so the smaller craft thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of the Harbourmaster's floating pontoon although the Solos had to get lifts out to their boats which had been tied up behind various tenders.
Seldom Seen nearly had a bit of a disaster in as much as the very high tide and increasing wind caused their anchor to drag. Fortunately, they arrived back on board just in time to avert a collision with the boat behind
Proud Moments also had a problem just after leaving the Quay. They caught another free mooring and proceeded to extract large amounts of weed from the inlet pipe and filter. All sorted.
It was a long hard beat home afterwards, especially for the Solos

Friday. 6 people joined in the lunchtime swim off the Club and 12 stayed for lunch afterwards.
60 people enjoyed the BBQ at Mike and Jeans in the evening


Day Trip Cruise to Southsea Marina
Wednesday, July 10th

What a fabulous day - wall to wall sun and and a stiff breeze from the North east meant the sailing boats had a run and then a fast  broad reach all the way to the entrance of Langstone. Here, it was a rather quick fetch and a hurried sail drop before the tide whisked us further up the harbour!
The motor boats, Lynx IV, Audacious and Kusi all arrived first with Mike and Jean Baker on Kusi as they had not been able to get Sea Harrier off the mud in time. Naughti Lady also arrived in good time followed by Proud Moment and then Sugar Glider which was manhandled by the assembled crews into a rather  tight fit on the pontoon. Excaliber plus dog arrived last  - with their 6’+ draught  - to make the most of the tide
Up to the Bombay Bay and to their balcony where the 30 of us arranged ourselves under whatever shade there was with hopes that the sea breeze would arrive shortly to cool us off ;  it didn’t. Reasonable Indian or non-Indian lunch although there was over an hours wait for some who had to sit and watch others devour both their starters and main courses before the arrival of their lunch - which was not entirely due to sequence of ordering - not too impressed here.
Excaliber left before it got too shallow, followed by the other yachts - although Naughti Lady opted to motor as the wind was a bit on the nose. Sugar Glider, with a reef in as it was gusting up to 21 knots by now - and Proud Moment  had a leapfrogging competition. S G was sailing a bit faster - having recently been debarnacled - than P M which had a frilly waterline - but when heading further out over the Winner bank S G  caught a big hole in the wind for a few minutes - and then again by the Bar Beacon. Engines on for the last bit to avoid too many tacks and S G eventually got past the club first as she was motoring faster.
Great sailing - and many thanks to John and and Barbara Beck for their organisation


‘Poole Week’
Mon - Fri, June 24th - 28th

Monday, with a brisk 15 knots at about 300 and all the boats left their moorings in good order to lay the forts with the tide, except Sugar Glider which developed a hole in her water intake and had a BBQ by herself in Sparkes that night. 
From Kevin -   Nine boats made it to Newtown on Monday, Proud Moment, Naughty Lady, Quiver Excalibur III, Seldom Seen, Sunmaid VI, Silver Moon, Eva Rose, and Wild Thyme. The stormy weekend weather resulted in plenty of free mooring boys for those that wanted them.  Garry and Rosemary, of course, preferred to swing on their hook. We gathered on the rather windy western beech at the entrance to cook our BBQ's, washed down in some cases with liberal amounts of liquor ;  maybe that is why two skippers went for an involuntary swim on the way back to their boats!

.Tuesday and Sugar Glider set off with favourable tide but no wind and met up with the other boats coming out of Newtown Creek about lunchtime just as the wind increased to 11 knots  at about 220 - but  sufficient for a good sail to windward.


 All tied up nicely in Yarmouth and time for a stroll around to the Pier and icecream or cream  tea!! before getting ready for the Pontoon Party hosted by Silver Moon.

Picture by Mike W-A

 In all, there were 14 yachts - Karma, Quiver, Wild Thyme, Steorra, Silver Moon, Sugar Glider, Seldom Seen, Sunmaid, Naughti Lady, Eva, Proud Moment, Stewpot, Excaliber and Gundog and 3 Motor boats, Sea Harrier, Audacious and Kusi.
Then it was all 41 of us off to the Royal Solent Yacht Club with gorgeous views over the Solent,  where we enjoyed a delicious menu of smoked mackerel pate followed by a very filling chicken fricassee .
Next day was walks to Freshwater Bay for lunch or over Tennyson Down for the more energetic. By about 3.00 pm we all set sail for Lymington with most just under genny. The 9 knots from the west was turned into a run by the very strong West going tide, which made for a certain drama with a large red buoy which insisted on aiming at all boats as they passed. Fun was had with the Ferries before all were safely tied up on the Dan Bran Pontoon - which now sports electricity. All boats had come except Kusi and Sea Harrier who went off home.
Pontoon party next to Proud Moment and then off to the Royal Lymington for an excellent dinner of starter, buffet supper and then buffet desert, ‘chocolate lumpy bumpy’ being quite a favourite.
Thursday, Quiver and Sugar Glider opted to stay on to explore a bit. Some boats left early to get the East going tide to Newtown Creek - Stewpot was meeting up with other friends - or Hisc, and Seldom Seen and Proud Moment left at lunchtime to get the West going tide - although they had the wind on the nose -  to take them to Studland Bay for a couple of nights before setting off for Alderney.
However, there were rumours of a mutiny........

Thanks to Kevin and Richard and to Richard and Lyn for their organisation.

Pictures taken by Tony Aitken can be found here
Social Sailing Trip to Yarmouth and Lymington 25th and 26th June 2013:

Now this is the TA socsail photo archive, so please dig through and save to your own PCs any images you fancy, but do it, no one lives forever, and when we go we tend to lose our http links...



Cruise to Dell Quay Pub
Monday June 10th

Rather cloudy day with light wind set in the North-east-ish which, as predicted, went round to the South-ish for the return journey but with the sun now out
Rather a lot of motoring as no-one wanted to beat through Itchenor.
Our intrepid leader, in
Seldom Seen, zoomed ahead to arrive first. He anchored off just beyond the Quay in order to come ashore to take the lines of Proud Moment. - but was also available - with the tender and outboard - to haul Audacious off the mud, which she had hit whilst turning  to moor alongside the pontoons

Proud Moment arrived next and tied up on the end of the Quay, though not in a very crew friendly position - the ladder to scale the Quay was positioned near the bow necessitating a major stride to bridge the gap. Those with shorter legs debarked by way of the dinghy!
Meanwhile Wild Thyme picked up the first available mooring - rather a long row in, and Sugar Glider and Fantasy parked alongside Proud Moment.
All 18 of us then walked up to the Pub and met up with Pat who had come by car - unhappily without the Caves.
Sitting in the bow window with a great view, we partook of a very good menu,
 and were belatedly joined by Sheila and 2 friends aboard Heron who were only able to stay for a while.
Interesting return journey with the sun now out and a dead run through Itchenor with a very fluky wind! And then a close fetch with the wind gusting up a little
Many thanks to Gary for a good day out.


Cruise to Haslar
Wednesday June 6th

Lovely day but with a useful but rather light North easterly which fizzled out around the Dolphins
Sugar Glider was the last to arrive with Proud Moments, Karma, and Gundog, a new cream coloured Ketch belonging to Paul Young, already tied up. Motor boats, Audacious, Sea Harrier, Kusi Louis IV and Red Snapper, Paul and Belinda’s new boat, had arrived well before. We amounted to a total of 18 people for lunch
While enjoying the protected sun deck of the Lightship, with the wind now in the SE, we ascertained that Paul Young was the person who had contacted ‘hiscsocsail’ wishing to join us. He had then joined the Club on the Open Day, together with Kerry who was looking for a crewing job, dependent on when ‘her indoors ‘would let him out. Gundog is now on a mooring at Langstone but had previously been moored on Stewart’s Pontoon.
In the afternoon, the Aitkens caught the ferry over to the other side in order to climb the Spinnaker Tower from whence they took some good pictures. These can be seen here:-
Only three boats remained overnight, Proud Moments going on to somewhere undisclosed to meet up with Seldom Seen in Newtown the next day and the others returning home. Only Sugar Gliders crew partook of the curry supper onboard in the evening and enjoyed more of the spectacular views of boats, masses of seagulls and probably  huge schools  of whitebait on the flood tide.
Early start on Thursday and Louis IV who was staying overnight  in Bembridge met up again with Sugar Glider who stayed for lunch and then, in the NE, departed for HISC
Many thanks to John Cook for organising this event


Day Cruise to Seaview YC
Tuesday May 21st

A very overcast day with a cold Northwesterly blowing which got up to 20 knots just as we reached Seaview; this probably put off a few boats
The 8.30 am start allowed time for a walk before lunch where a rather select company of 12 enjoyed the upstairs to ourselves. There were 2 dishes on the menu - Curry or Fish pie - the former being the better choice!
We were joined for a short time by the officiating OD (he has a 35 footer in Lymingon with a 7.6” draught!) who was running the 30 teams of the Combined forces in a 3 day regatta using the 13 Mermaids from the Seaview Club
Regardless of all the to-ing and frow-ing from the Mermaids we were picked up rapidly and taken ashore - and again in reverse after a conducted walk given by Gary along to Priory Bay.
Sugar Glider, Seldom Seen and Louise were back on their moorings by 6 pm to be picked up by Mike O’Connor on late duty,   Naughti Lady retired to Sparke’s and Stewpot to their pontoon in Langstone
Many thanks to Gary for a good and interesting day out


Cruise to Folly Inn and Cowes
May 7th - 9th

The forecast was not good for the period so this put off a number of boats from venturing forth for the first Out-of-the-Harbour event
However, Tuesday was a lovely warm sunny day although lacking a sufficient amount of wind. All the boats sailed as far as the Forts  - Naughty Lady flying her kite - and then all the leaders decided it was a bit calm so motored the rest of the way. Sugar Glider hoisted a ‘never before used’ cruising chute which filled for about 30 seconds and then fell in the water - the spring shackle on the halyard being faulty! Past the Forts, as she was still doing about 3 knots with the tide, the engine was not engaged
Arriving in Cowes, Proud Moments was found on a pontoon sorting weed problems in the water cooling system. They had dropped off the Glasbys who had opted for hotel accommodation but joined us by Water Taxi on the Folly Pontoon later.
 All boats  - Proud Moments, new member John Baileys’ Steorra, Wild Thyme, Karma, Naughty Lady, Stewpot and Sugar Glider moored on the off shore pontoon except for Excaliber  who had a dog on board, so there was lots of to-ing a frow-ing in tenders. Richard very kindly, bravely and nobly offered to climb Sugar Glider’s mast, own harness provided, to retrieve the spinnaker halyard.  It took three men and an extra long winch handle to wind him up,  but he did it. Shortly after, a long haired lad on a classic boat on the inside of the pontoon shinned up his mast - just like that - stood on the cross trees and then hung up-side down from them!  It transpired that they were a  family with an International , multi talented Circus Act! - called the Bash Theatre





This sorted, all 20 of the party were kindly invited aboard Stewpot for drinks in the sunny cockpit, before the Ferry collected everyone for the trip to the Folly - which was very busy but still produced food at an amazingly fast rate once ordered.
Next day, Excaliber left early for HISC - rather a rough ride in the tides - followed by Steorra bound for Hamble, and next day before it got too windy, to Hythe.
 Several tender trips were made to enjoy coffee in the Folly Inn.
Sugar Glider left after lunch to get the best tides and had a fair but damp trip back only find that landing on the HISC pontoon was impossible - too many boats - which necessitated a trip up to Sparke’s to collect the tender.
The rest of the boats went up to Shepard’s wharf and enjoyed the hospitality of ISC and then an extra day or two in Cowes whilst it blew 40 knots, with hope that there would be a gap in the wind to get to Bembridge for the next Event on Saturday!
There wasn’t - and Naughti Lady came home under jib alone doing 8.5 knots
 Proud Moments went on to Bembridge from whence it was decided to cancel the Monday to Wednesday cruise due to dismal and again rather boisterous forecast
Many thanks to Margaret for organising Folly and to Richard for ISC


Daytrip and Lunch to Itchenor SC
Friday, May 25th 2013

A light weather forecast, which did not mention FOG, lured out for the day a total of 8 boats, Stewpot from Langstone, Audacious , Carter’s Launch, Naughty Lady and Lynx VI out of Sparkes, and Proud Moment, Fantasy and Sugar Glider from HISC. It was somewhat hazy coming off the moorings but entering the main channel, the wind was very light and the fog thick so it was a case of channel buoy hopping rather slowly on the motor. Sugar Glider managed to find a Fog Horn on board but failed disastrously in the bottle opener department when moored up!


Arriving in Itchenor, the fog cleared and we came ashore in the Ferry prearranged by Richard, to brilliant sunshine and it was gear off for all 30 of us to sit and dine in the garden
- although the buttery had been very nicely laid up for us.
Food ,especially the salmon fish cakes, was very good
Picture by Mike Wright-Anderson of a group of us with Nick in the background

The return journey produced sufficient wind for some to hoist and Proud Moment and Sugar Glider were having a bit of a battle to windward with PM going better with their Genoa to SG’s Jib - until -  re-entering the fog zone and sight of all buoys -  lost in the middle PM hit the Stocker bank. Sharp about turn and big puff of smoke as engine engaged to full speed and so rapidly off the bank!
We think that Stewpot motored all the way as they had a longish trip out to sea - in the still gathering fog
A good day out and thanks to John and Barbara Beck for their organisation


Daytrip and Lunch to CYC
Thursday April 12th 2013

A somewhat iffy start to the ‘Summer’ season with several boats not making it - not quite ready or not up to the forecast of 35 Knots.
In fact, it was a reasonable run down in 20 knots and the 30 did not arrive - with only a smattering of rain - till noon when most of the company was ensconced in the bowels of one or other of the six boats that did make it - Lynx IV - who was the only one to tie up on the windward side of the pontoon but managed to vacate her mooring no probs - Fantasy, Kusi, Proud Moments, Naughty Lady and Aurora.



Fore and aft views down below in Aurora’s spacious cabin

Stewpot was still in the back garden,  the Stewarts having only just arrived back from Tenerife where they had over wintered in shorts
Warehams, new owners of Aurora, had fortuitously backed the horse of the same name in the Grand National - not, unfortunately  however, on the nose, but still fairly profitably!
Richard went shopping in Sainsburys and turned up with several bottles of Cava with which to ‘Party on the Pontoon, and this was much appreciated though care had to be taken exiting the pontoon afterwards!
CYC had a welcoming black board in their entrance and the thirty of us were again shepherded into the quarterdeck room where after a rather prolonged queue to order, the usual excellent food arrived rapidly and -
Richard was able to speak without having to worry about annoying other diners
With the 25 knots on the nose most boats would have motored home, hopefully before the rain arrived.
Those coming by car might have noticed the swan’s nest between the canal and the side of the road complete with very small cygnets
Many thanks to Trevor for organising the day


Lunch at CYC
Wednesday, February 20th

A brilliant sunny day enticed 25 members to CYC where we enjoyed the new seating arrangements in the partitioned off quarterdeck all to ourselves. This system also gave us a waitress food delivery service instead of the usual buzzers and collect your own.  We enjoyed the views over the harbour - the tide was well out so there were lots of birds feeding in the mud.
Unfortunately, Trevor and Monica were not able to come as they had to attend a funeral, and several other folks were apparently off skiing!
We were glad to see Pat attending, nearly recovered after her operation and walking unfettered by sticks etc. - and rather belatedly the group was joined by three generations of the Blaydes family, post viewing the new boat in Birdham Pool.
Most people had arrived by car but the Mitchells made the most of the weather and biked from - Rowlands Castle!
Afterwards, people went walking - some Birdham way with quite dry walking and others the opposite way being rewarded with a gorgeous view of Dell Quay in the sun. However, the children preferred climbing trees and playing in the mud - to the extent of necessitating  a total lower body re-cloth  before entering their car
 Many thanks to Trevor for organising this event

Lunch at HISC
Friday, February 2nd

Majorly good turnout to day despite horrible weather - again.


There was a certain amount of amusement caused by the Fullers Lorry which - probably because of a lot of improperly parked cars - tried to turn round by the winches and stuck in the sand. The bobcat had to move all the ribs parked up by the winches to keep them clear of the high water Then the tractor came and after a couple of goes managed to pull the lorry forwards.








Picture from Barbara Palmer’s mobile

There was a great cheer from all diners as this occurred, which just happened to coincide with Richard saying he was coming to the end of his speechifying!



Monday, January 14th.

It is with regret that we have to announce today the death from cancer of John Bovis
at Queen Alexandra Hospital.
He sailed many boats including Enterprises, Fireballs and Flying Fifteens, and gave many hours of service to the club, maintaining the winches for many years and latterly heading the measurement team for many of the major championships.
We offer our condolences to his wife Pat, and children Jonathon and Caroline.

John’s Funeral will take place at Porchester Crematorium on Tuesday the 29th of January at 2.30 pm and refreshments will be served afterwards at HISC.

Family flowers only please and donations are welcome to be made
 to “Friends of Hayling Rescue” through Grady’s Funeral Directors on Hayling.


Lunch at Emsworth
Friday, January 11th

Lots of people turned out to enjoy the sun and the chef’s cooking at
Emsworth Sailing club
It was a good day out, enlivened  with several bottles of wine provided by Trevor on the occasion of his 80th Birthday!
Several people then enjoyed a walk along the foreshore doing a bit of bird spotting

Many thanks to Judy for her organisation


Lunch at HISC, Friday January 4th

 A good turnout for the first lunch . It was actually not raining and we were able to eat in the bar and watch quite a few cruisers out enjoying a reasonable breeze in the harbour.