December, Friday 6th
Lunch at HISC at 12.30
About 30 members turned out for this lunch and we all ate cosily in the bar. Lyn made her speech and people wandered off - only one table clearing the debris - the other tables being left for the staff. This was bad as the staff spend a lot of time laying up and making everything look nice for us, and it is an understood rule that the tables are cleared afterwards!


NOVEMBER,  Either Tuesday 5th - or - Tuesday 13th

London pic nov 19

A picture of our brilliant day at the City of London - Pic by Paul


November, Friday 1st     AGM at 11.00
Lunch at HISC at 12.30

Agenda for HISC SOCSAIL AGM 2019

Minutes of AGM 2018


The paragraph in Lyn’s report stating that Jane is no longer running the website is incorrect.
The website is still being updated by Jane but she  will not be  collating a  ’NEXT EVENTS’ page or writing  any  REPORTS of events.  Other methods will be introduced


October, Friday 4th.  Lunch at HISC
22 members and guests sheltered from the rain squalls and met in main bar at 12 .30
The usual excellent fare provided by John was enjoyed whilst watching the breakers on the Winner!



October Tuesday 1st   HW  13.58 HT 5.2   Hisc Ferry - 10.30, Return 16.30
Sail to CYC for lunch

Unfortunately as the wind was SW and gusting 25/30 knots,  it was another no-boat day, although later on, as the wind dropped, we did watch a few come into the Marina
CYC-OCT-2019 CYC, as usual,  made us very welcomereserved
They had reserved tables for us in the main room but as there was only a small party in the conservatory we were allowed to migrate into there. Lovely views but it did get a bit warm when the sun came out, which necessitated opening all the windows
The 10 or so of us included new members - the Clutterbucks -  who did come at the beginning of the year but with boat and family problems had not been able to join us sailing - as yet

Many thanks to Trevor and Monica for organising this event. However, this will be the last one they do organise but, happily, Judy Cave has offered to take over CYC events

Afterwards - short walk around the Marina, to avoid the mud, and came across this rather unusual boat



September  Monday 16th   HW  13.46   HT 4.7 Hisc Ferry - 10.30. Return 15.30
BBQ at Stewarts is postponed till 2020 due to building project
Sail to Itchenor Pub for Lunch - 12.00 for 12.30  Organised by Lyn -

Report from Lyn -
About 11 of us had a very pleasant lunch at the Ship Inn at Itchenor today. We all arrived by car so there were no boats. Nevertheless a good time was had by all. The pub looked after us all very well, and we were all very well fed.


September,  Monday 1st - Friday  6th


Sunday 1st     BEMBRIDGE WAS CANCELLED   HW  13.36  HT  5.0 r
However, Sugar Glider left Sparkes about 16.00  and headed for Gosport. Strong NW wind  on the nose required motor and it was noted how shallow it was around the Dolphins
Listened to MAYDAY on Ch 16 - Word Wise with 10 on board had hit rocks off the Sconce and was sinking - Wild Rose hitched a rope on until the Yarmouth Lifeboat arrived to gather people and pump out the  boat so it could be towed back to Lymington.   Rather a lot of W’s!
 Arrived in Gosport and waited 15 mins  aground just short of berth!. Later that evening, the latest model, with a bronze hull, of BOSS was towed into Gosport

Monday 2nd          HW  14.26 HT  5.0 HISC  Ferry  11.00
SG arrived fairly early in Newtown Creek having been able to sail in the strong NW from Gilkicker to Calshott.
Spotted Steamship Sheildhall on way over, not seen before.
 Aurora and Seldom Seen arrived shortly after having been able to motor sail part of the way from HISC. Caracal (MB) arrived simultaneously. Gundog went straight to Yarmouth where Paul and Lyn joined up with a family party near Newtown. Freya, tired of battling the wind, went into the Folly for the night.
SS and SG joined forces for supper; crew of SS being entertained on board SG with a three course Super Sausage Super, the production of which was slightly hampered by the lack of the oven due to failure of knob rotation. SS ferried all ashore for a walk in the morning before setting off for Yarmouth.

Tuesday 3rd          HW  15.20 HT  4.9
All motored to Yarmouth,  and found Steorra already moored up. Nomad and then Louise arrived later. We were invited to RSYC for Drinks at 6 pm. and then most people  went along to La Cuchina for supper, except those who went to sleep and missed everything!
Thanks to Mike Tong for organising this event
Whilst here - Wild Rose was spotted - a very, very large yellow rib

Wednesday 4th    HW  16.15 HT  4.8
Another very windy day and Aurora (who had just spent a week in Beaulieu) and Steorra decided to stay in Yarmouth whilst the rest motored across to Beaulieu. Freya also stayed in Yarmouth as being a member (with a blue ensign), Andy attended the rally of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 
SS,SG and Caracal, arriving first were, rather surprisingly, told to moor on the mid river pontoon till 15.30. Gundog joined us about 14.00 and informed us that they were only waiting for SG to book in????? and then Louise sailed over and said the pontoon was free. SG called in  - again - and was told SG and SS could raft together and Gundog could raft alongside Nomad, already ensconced.
By then the flood was much stronger and the hole for SG rather tight and not easy to get into in the correct fashion, i.e. backwards. So forwards it was, into the wind, which did not work! Fortunately, there were lots of helpers and SG arriving now bow-on - engendering several dings in the port  bow -  was walked up-tide and alongsidesgheelready. However, this meant that the rather strong wind was blowing straight into the cockpit. So Richard Curteis very kindly took a  warp off Jane and  around the stern of SG, the bow was let go and the stern pulled up-tide.  SS arriving was advised to come in backwards; still not very easy to steer but it was straight alongside and not into a hole. This was managed and Gundog just went head to tide alongside Nomad.
 Several crews walked the riverside into Beaulieu for tea at Stephs -always popular, and then it was into the Master Builders, Yachtsman's Bar for Supper where a table for 12 had been  booked at great expense, fortunately refundable
Thanks to Mike Tong for organising this event

Thursday 5th        HW  17.04 HT  4.5
The wind again was strong from the NW and very fluky and gusty.
 As the forecast for the following day was even worse, SS, Gundog  and Caracal decided to go home and return in the evening  by car.
Picture of SG taken from Nomad, recovering from a lifting 25 knot blast that knocked her right over!

The venue this day was the Hamble River - Universal Marina -  which is on the east bank  of the river about a mile and a half up from the entrance. Dinner was  booked  at Bistro 8 which is on site and which has a nice separate room for 25+. Marina and Bistro can easily be reached by road down Crableck Lane, Sarisbury Green SO31 7ZN. and, in fact, nearly  twice as many people came by car as by boat - making 28 in all -  and enjoyed the menu as follows
 Starter King Prawn and Avocado, or Whipped Goats Cheese.
 Main  Beef burger or Chicken Caesar Salad.
Thanks to Anthony Penfold for organising this venue and for organising the 6pm  party kindly welcomed by Trevor and Monica and all squashed on board Nomad; it entailed a lot of work initially exploring the various Marinas and then there were several late applications which always generate more booking  phone calls etc

Friday 6th              HW  17.54 HT4.3
Louise, Nomad and Steorra (from Hythe Marina) Bossbraved the strong winds and went home.
This left the crews of SG and Aurora to walk the river paths up to Warsash  and then have a very happy hour on board Aurora at 6pm.

Saturday 7th
Having watched Nomad braving  problems with the strong tide on exiting the Marina, SG and Aurora worked out the best plans and best state of tide to leave and travel home. All went well and the not so strong but still fluky NW wind allowed a pleasurable reach homewards.
Pic of the last but one BOSS model which unfortunately dropped its head-sails and  stopped a bit short of SG



August 18th - 21st

Weather  -  wind SW 25 Knots +

Sunday, 18th        HW 14.22   HT 4.5   HISC Ferry   10.00
 Folly Inn  -
Organiser was Margaret Stewart

Monday, 19th        HW 14.50  HT 4 4
Shepherds Wharf  with supper at the Duke of York
Organiser was David Archer 

Tuesday, 20th       HW  15.24  HT  4.4
Ocean Village Marina   with a meal at Banana Wharf (02380338866)
Click here for ocean-village-pontoons layout
It's quite quiet for a city centre with a small cinema by the marina.
Organiser was David Archer   
Report from Margaretocean-village-19sm
The weather was pretty bad but three boats made it to Cowes -  Quiver, Louise and Stewpot.  The Folly had re-opened on Wednesday 14th -so we were able to go for a meal and the food was good.   The 2nd day we were joined by Woden at Shepherds Wharf who had braved the continuing   bad weather.  10 of us had a lovely meal in the Duke of York pub in Cowes.  Woden returned home the following morning.  The day and night In Ocean Village Marina were most enjoyable  - it was a nice marina to stay in. We were joined by Gundog, June Dawn, Aurora and Nomad.   Julia and David Archer had booked the Banana Wharf which again was really a huge success.
 We would all like to go to Ocean Village again  - it made a nice change.
Pic by Ray of small party aboard Quiver before going to the restaurant

Wednesday, 21st HW  15.55  HT 4.3  Return HISC Ferry @ 15.45



Friday, August 2nd. HW 13.08  HT 4.8 
Sail to Dell Quay Pub - The Crown and Anchor   - a great pub with good food
Report from Lyn
About 10 souls arrived for lunch yesterday! We re-organised the tables in the Main Bar so that we all sat together! One very well behaved grandchild (mine!) also joined us and a jolly time was had by all! HISC, as usual, looked after us very well, and arranged for choices and meals to come up the the Main Bar despite the Snack Bar being the only "food" place open, so we were spoilt!


Monday, July 29th   HW 9.55   HT 4.1  LW 1510 
Sail to Southsea marina,  S'Sea 19
The Waiting pontoon was booked -it  is dredged to 2m at LW
People  arrived by car, ferry or boat. Car parking OK.
MBs could get under Langstone bridge am. only -but  could stay overnight if arranged.
Lunch was at the New ‘ Cafe and Bar ’ - which served  pub grub menu with GF available
Paul reported that the event went very well and sent in a pictures of everyone on the pontoon next to Amorita.

Thanks to Lyn for organising this event



  July 15th - July 19th

Monday, 15th           HW 11.19  HT 19 4.4 Coffee & Cakes and Dinner at HISC
About 10 people turned up for coffee and cakes and a chat in the morning and then 30 also enjoyed the dinner in the evening - with coffee!

Tuesday 16th          HW  12.04 HT  4.4 Picnic at East Head  Ferry -10.00/15.45

Wednesday, 17th   HW  12.47 HT 4.4 Sail to CYC for Lunch  Ferry 10.30 / 15.45
Only 2 boats and 9 people turned up for this event which was probably because it coincided with the funeral for Xavi Kruk. Thanks to Trevor Rose for organising this event

Thursday 18th        HW 13.28  HT 4.6 Sail to Dell Quay SC - lunch Ferry 10.30
Return ferry 15.45 but Thursday Club may possibly help
Lunch was a very good plough-mans with a desert of stawberries , meringue and icecream  and coffee for 7.50 Special requirements supplied!
Amorita arrived first and parked on the Harbour masters pontoon. Her crew were soon joined by members who had come by car. Eventually they moved onto the Club pontoon and disembarked whilst the crew of Seldom Seen - on a nearby mooring - unloaded and blew up their dingy. They had been delayed from the HISC pontoon by a cruiser moored alongside Selene who refused to move off as they had just boiled the kettle for coffee! . Arriving still a little later was Woden carrying our organiser Peter W as wife was Jan not available to crew their boat as she was visiting a sick relative.
SS handed over particulars and Jane collected the monies - again. Lovely lunch in a very pleasant clubhouse with very welcoming club members. Unhappily  a very unfortunate accident befell Gusti as she left who tripped off the decking step whilst looking to see where was her transport and badly banged her face and ankle. The Dell Quay members were very efficient with their first aid  and produced multiple packs of ice until Gusti was sufficiently recovered to be taken home in the Stewarts car.

Friday 19th          HW  14.10  HT 4.5 BBQ @ Taylors in Wittering Rd  
 Amazingly Peter and Gusti felt able to carry on with the planned BBQ, the only alteration being that, as it was raining, the event was held inside their gorgeous house where everyone could admire the all round views of the harbour and entrance. This was also possible as the numbers were less than half of the usual due to there being two parties at HISC of Soc Sail members on the same day
Gusti was resting when we arrived so Peter had set up all the tables by himself. A chef from Seacourt arrived to cook the salmon and steak on the  BBQ which was set up outside in the kitchen porch. Everyone brought lots of delicious salads and puds and Gusti was able to come upstairs (it is an upside down house) for lunch and then Peter took her off to the QA where it was discovered that she had broken her left wrist and sprained he right ankle - besides banging her face.

 We all wish her a speedy recovery and thank them both for hosting our final event of the week.

 Many thanks to Peter W for organising the whole week


Friday July 5th Informal Lunch at HISC @ 12 noon

The Gledhills, crew of Seldom Seen, had an enjoyable lunch with the Glasbys.



SATURDAY, June 29th  HW 09.33 HT 4.0
Berthing and Supper at Parkstone SC
The organiser for this event was Mike Tong -

Report and pictures from Ray -
Only 3 boats Caracal, Gundog and us in Stewpot went on this trip.
The first night, we joined Mike in NTC  and left in the morning with light winds. RTIWe initially managed to lead the Round the Island race and arrived at Poole mid-day. Parkstone-marina2
Paul, sailing Gundog single-handed, did it all the way with an early start . We had a good meal together in Parkstone Club. Pic of Marina
Left Parkstone next day at 12 o'clock in light winds but soon had plenty more so we were often making over 10 knots. It was so nice out we decided to stop in Newtown for the night, tucked well inside by 3 o'clock. We then returned home late afternoon on  Monday.  Paul went home  in one sail  again and Mike stayed in Poole.

Thanks to Mike for organising this event


MONDAY July 1st HW 11.08 HT 4.4 Dan Bran / Bertham. Supper at RLYC



MONDAY, June 3rd            HW 12.14   HT 4.5 HISC FERRY  09.00

A nice sunny day but with  a wind of 18-23 knots on the nose. The fin keeled boats had a good sail but the bilge keelers found it best to motor! Going through the dolphins avoiding action had to be taken with a Minesweeper on its way out. Stewpot from Langstone, Quiver, Seldom Seen and Sugar Glider arrived in the Cowes Yacht Haven in good order.candiceUp
 Pic by Barry

However, we rather lost Excalibur 3 but she was eventually found chatting to the Harbour master on Ch 69! Nomad, Skyler and MB Woden arrived and after a short snooze time, Candie was spotted up the mast of Excalibur retrieving the jib halyard - the jib having fallen down as the Cowes channel was entered! Stewpot, as usual was the provider of all things useful i.e. a proper hoist seat as opposed to the plank that Candie started off on. Louise--Cowes-19





                                                      Pic by Gary

Louise eventually arrived having lunched in Osborne bay. Kevin’s brother Alan, over on one of his holidays from San Francisco, was crewing - providing - it seemed - that he and Kevin scrubbed the decks. 50 years previously, Alan had been the prizewinning crew on Jane's Enterprise!
At 7 pm we all walked up to ISC for supper and met up with Glenda who had been a member as a child but had returned for the weekend of the music festival. Supper was excellent with a good choice for all requirements.
Lyn originally organised this event but then handed over to Barry as she was away

TUESDAY, June 4th          HW 12.53    HT 4.6 Sail to  Newtown  Creek
As the wind had gone round to the SE we all had a nice, either 1 or 2 sail, reach and picked up moorings before it started to rain, except Stewpot which anchored in the other channel. Nomad went straight on to Yarmouth and Skyler had to go home.
The rain abated so the crew of SS tendered up to the pontoon and went for quite a long walk. In fact, they only just got back before the tender went aground and Rosemary did have a bit of a mishap and slid through the very slippery steps.newtown-ready However, Gary managed to catch her and heaved both of them into the tender! Meanwhile, Louise arrived having gone the long way round via Beaulieu for lunch and just missed picking up buoy No 2 so had to go a lot further up the river to a mooring which was not in deep enough water!
At 6 pm we all tendered up to the beach on the west side of the harbour entrance for the BYO BBQ.  The rain had cleared and the sun came out on the dot! 16 of us set up camp with Stewpot handing around his magic lighter fuel and gas lamp to those who had bought inferior BBQs. We were promptly harangued by a rather noisy, aggressive flock of black headed gulls. fox2               Pic by Candie

Pic by Barry

These eventually dispersed with the arrival of a young fox which became less timid as leftovers were offered! Rain looked imminent so we started packing up until the rainbow was spotted - landing right over Excalibur.        End of quite an eventful and enjoyable evening!
Thanks to Gary for organising this and bringing supplies of wine and nibbles


Pics by Rosemary and Barry

rainbowrainbow 2








WEDNESDAY, June  5th  HW 13.36    HT 4.7
The wind had gone back to the SW with F 3-5  so only the fin boats sailed to Yarmouth,  the others motoring again,  Louise arrived very much later having gone the long way round via Portsmouth to find any boats parading in the Anniversary JolieBriseCelebrations.

  Everyone else made do with the procession of interesting planes that flew over the Solent and a sighting of a lovely French Pilot Cutter DS2

We were all berthed alongside the Yellow pontoon ( 10% discount) and the  large Japanese Ketch, which was parked near us in Cowes, had also arrived.

Pic by Barry
The crew of SS set off promptly to walk the Tennyson Down but were rather dismayed to find that the ‘ End of the Line’ cafe was shut for tea. Crew of SG did find tea at the cafe near the Victoria fort - not such a long walk!YSC 19
 Short time for drinks aboard various boats and we crossed the road  for Supper  at the Yarmouth SC which is quite a small club but which  has fantastic views over the inner harbour and  out to the downs.
We were all individually welcomed by the Vice Commodore and their caterers did a magnificent job providing an excellent meal with very good service. The Bar manager was in jovial attendance all evening..  Barry made a little speech thanking Trevor for taking over from Lyn and arranging this evening and also thanking the members of the Club for making us so welcome
                      Picture of Barry and views, - taken by Gary

THURSDAY, June 6th HW 14.23  HT 4.0 
Returning to  Hisc, to get the tide right, most people set off sometime after 7.30 am with a good stiff following SW wind. Going through the Dolphins the wind went more southerly so we had a brisk beam reach with  20 knots to get us home.     Ferry c/o Thursday Club
Louise went home the long way around - probably!)



TUESDAY, May 28th           LW 13.02 1.9   Hisc Ferry - 0900,1630
 Haslar Marina, Visitors pontoon ,
 A somewhat cold and cloudy day with about 10-11 knots form the NW - and very variable and shifty. Excalibur 111 (skippered by new owner Candice - now a  fully paid up member c/o Paul the treasurer -  and crewed by ex owner Mike Tong) whistled off rapidly followed by Sugar Glider and Nomad - both putting in a couple of long tacks before engaging engine in the Langstone entrance and passing through the Dolphins
Two boats were already moored up on the visitors pontoons -  MBs Dragonfly and Utopia a small run-about acquired by the Williams’
A payment booth had been installed on the end of M pontoon. Unfortunately this booth was not manned on the day so a long walk up to reception was still required!
Lots more people came by car, making 27 in all, and were accommodated in the newly and brightly refurbished restaurant on board the Trinity Lightshiphaslar 19 a.                    Pics by June and Candice haslar 19b

This was as SPECIAL EVENT  celebrating THE 90th BIRTHDAY of JOHN BECK

 We were all welcomed with a glass of bubbly and after the meal Barbara produced a surprise for John of two cakes - with candles

People started to leave about 14.30. Excalibur especially needing to hurry to get the 16.30 ferry.
The NW wind was still with us but just through the Dolphins it went N sharply which meant a tight fetch. Fortunately, the wind gradually reverted and a good 6-7nots was achieved nearing the West Pole Beacon .

Many thanks to John Cook for organising this event - although, unfortunately, he was unable to be with us on the day as he was unwell.
Many thanks to the Becks for supplying the bubbly and cake!



TUESDAY,  May  21st         HW 14.02    HT 4.6 Hisc Ferry -10.00
Bembridge Marina with supper at BHYC @ 7.30 pm.
 We all left the harbour with a following light  N wind which promptly changed to a fairly brisk SW at the harbour entrance, lifting nicely towards Bembridge Lifeboat station. The sail was interrupted on CH 16 by a commentary about an underwater explosion about to take place which we eventually decided was just off Langstone entrance. Lots of delays then a misfire and then success - but nothing to see or hear.
Steorra from Hythe did not have such a good wind as we did. They had a large finger berth  whilst Sugar Glider, Seldom Seen, Gundog and Proud Moment were in the very convenient smaller finger berths with Dragonfly and Caracal (MBs) even nearer  the showers.(Disappointingly, all the new buildings promised had not materialised due to protests by local residents.) On the Outside were Nomad, June Dawn and Skyler, with new members, Jean and John Crump who keep their boat in the Civil Service DIY Marina in Gosport for a minuscule subscription!
Assorted taxis or walk to the YC and meet up with an old friend from Hornet days at HISC. Very pleasant sitting outside on the balcony  and supper was good for the 21 folks who sat down inside a bit later.
Picture of Poppy who was very thirsty and drank most of a large bowl of water and then tried to get in the bowl. Who took this picture? please can you send it on to me @
Many thanks to Lyn for organising all of thisSGinField

WEDNESDAY,  May 22nd  HW  14.49   HT 4.7
Lunch at Seaview YC  Could be  day trip only
 Early morning and low tide off the back of Sugar Glider - --- parked in a field.       Pic by Barry
There was a large taxi booked for the non-walkers. Walkers went along the beach  before the tide became too high but they still had to paddle or rock climb to get round the headland. Arriving at the Old Fort Pub, we sat in the sun and a stiff E wind with coffees and when everyone had arrived we pottered along to the YC.



Very pleasant sitting on the balcony watching the Mermaids racing and also the arrival of Daydream, the crew of which inadvertently picked up a nearby yellow buoy but were obliged to move to the outer red one! . All 23 gathered inside for a very good meal - although perhaps not quite as impressive as last year. No time to visit the ‘beach huts’ this year so it was a walk back over the fields as the tide was now well up.BembridgeEvePrimrose
 Walking around the Duver the flowers were amazing - great swathes of pinks, a lovely  bank of foxgloves by the marina - only one lupin! but masses of evening primroses on the harbour side
Pic by Barry
Many thanks to Gary for organising all of this - although Lyn sorted the taxis.
The PONTOON PARTY - at 6 pm off Mike Tong’s new boat  - Caracal - was moved up to the Marquee as Gordon did not think that 20+ people standing on his pontoon would be good for it. This was excellent news as there were benches for our use as well. The first entrance to the marquee was rather narrow so sensible people eventually  left around the far side. Most, however did not and Jane, unhappily, managed to step into 3ft of air and land on the slipway below, - the post rails and bases landing on top of her. No major damage but in the morning Gordon thought that he had better add more permanent railings!
Thanks to the Tongs for a very pleasant ‘cocktail party’

THURSDAY,May 23rd       HW 15.34    HT 4.4
Port Solent  - Drinks and nibbles on Gundog then Dinner @ Weatherspoons
Lyn had skippered PM for the first time but did have Simon Hooper as a confidence booster on the way over. Simon’s rib was towed behind so he could return promptly, but it was noted to not be there at one stage so picking that up that was good manoeuvering practice!  PM leaving in good order to go back to HISC..Pic by Barry
Four boats set off for Port Solent and the wind was as advertised - variable.
So we were either floating or doing a  nice beam reach at 7 knots. gundogForts

 Gundog contacted SG on CH16 by the first fort and explained that, as he had engine problems, he would take the boat home to Langstone and come round by car.
Entering Portsmouth Harbour it was HW so after passing D36 - HMS Defender (being loaded with missiles) and progressing up the channel - trying to stop off the end of the waiting pontoon to pick up info with a strong following wind - it was an easy job to enter the marina through the lock in free flow.
Paul arrived  and brought his really delicious nibbles to Nomad  -  the only other boats present being SG and Caracal. Some folks arrived by car and then we met up with others in Weatherspoons where the steak was much praised.
Many thanks to Paul for organising this event.

FRIDAY, May 24th                HW 16.16  HT 4.3
Before 10 am, Nomad and SG locked out together for the return to HISC. As it was very nearly low water there was quite a different landscape in the harbour from the HW of yesterday so we set off island hunting. Nomad had the first success with one that was as yet uncovered. Passing D36 again - surrounded by tugs - we watched two other tugs in a love dance - presumably practicing their manoevers and pacing -  all the way out of the harbour. Here we encountered a rather light W wind which eventually allowed us a gentle run homewards. Caracal came past us at speed by the Bar Beacon and the wind rose momentarily just as we tried to berth in Sparkes!




THURSDAY, 2nd May   HW 10.58   HT 4.3   HISC Ferry-10.30 am 
 Sunny day to start with but a rather cold wind from the NW with just sufficient knots with the which to run up to Itchenor. Seldom Seen opted for just their big genny whilst Sugar Glider had up the main and small jib and arrived shortly after Nomad who had also had up one sail. penfolds1
The last boat to set off was Sheila Penfold in HER boat ‘Ho’, released from the creek at HW, and pictured overtaking Sugar Glider
pic by Barry
There were three white visitor buoys available and the ferry was prompt and rapid!
 Lunch was  enjoyed in the conservatory  and the coffee was exceptionally good!
Several of the 12 people who came by car had to leave rather abruptly as their time ran out in the car park but the 14 boat people left more leisurely and motored home against the now, head on wind
 A good day out and many thanks to John and Barbara Beck for their organisation



Tuesday, 23rd April.  HW 15.08   HT 4.6 

A rather dull, but warm, day with 5 knots of wind from the east- so no sails up to CYC
Our organiser Trevor, on Nomad, was first to arrive and directed the next boats as to where to park on the waiting pontoon. Dragonfly was allowed on the outside but Sugar Glider was enticed inside with some doubts as to whether it was deep enough - but it must have been dredged as she did not go aground. Woden  parked behind having just exited the Marina where they had spent the night due to the tides not being right to get out of their creek in the morning. This left room for Seldom Seen on the outside who was a bit late as the crew  had to tender out to their boat - the ferry having inadvertently been cancelled!
This being St Georges day and also Blaydes’ Wedding Anniversary - again - the Prosecco was uncorked on Sugar Glider  with the crew of Woden and SS invited aboard, (just about room!), the other boats  having their own parties.
Off up to the SC where we met up with more folks who had come by car, making a total of 18 to sit outside and enjoy the usual excellent menu and even better coffee from the bar. Trevor came around and collected his 5 for parking and Lyn came round and chatted about future events.
Time to leave and Woden was in a hurry to get back before the water left the creek. This they did and despite spending an hour packing up, they unloaded everything ashore without getting muddy!  Dragonfly roared of and SS also left sharply but did not sail in deference to recent surgery on knee. SG  did sail - as there was a bit more wind albeit from the SE - a run through Itchenor turning into a fluky beat up to Rookwood, which was fine once the track for the jib had been sprayed!
Nomad steamed past through Itchenor and was the first to arrive at Sparkes to find that the Dredger was parked off the end of the fueling pontoon and right across the entrance to the Marina. Rather upset the navigation! SG arriving a little later encountered the crew of SS tendering home with their electric motor enhanced by some powerful paddling.
A good day out and many thanks to Trevor and Monica for their organisation.


SGM and Lunch at HISC

Friday, April 5th at 11.30 prompt

About 70-80 people attended this meeting with a few more turning up later for lunch - due to tyre punctures etc
 For the meeting, Lyn had to cope with no microphone as it was not working, that is until about 10 mins into her discourse when it started emitting a very loud buzzing. Someone eventually turned it off at the wall and Lyn continued only to be interrupted again as the machine's battery chipped in. There could not be found anyway to turn it off so the large machine was bodily removed and disposed of - somewhere!
Peter Wareham stood and talked about Harbour Week being the highlight of the Social Sailing year! And is quite enthusiastic about competition between co-ordinators!
Shamrock Marina is closing so Ocean Village is being investigated instead
NTC Pub is remaining closed but it was pointed out that there is another pub up the road and someone said it is on a bus route - to be investigated.



Thursday, March 14th  - @   British Legion, HI.  Arrive 6.00 - 6.30 pm

It was planned to play a round of skittles prior to food at 7.30 and continue playing afterwards till about 9.30 - 10.00 pm

Lyn kindly organised this event with Paul helping with the collecting of funds
.Lyn reported that - Actually,  the evening seemed to go very well, much better than l thought it would! Everybody made a great effort to make it a good evening  and it was. The Legion was very comfortable  and the food more than adequate. 23 souls turned up, we had prizes for the winning lady and man, and booby prizes for the losers. John Blake organised a sweep stake after supper, and that was won by Peter Wareham.

In all a good evening.



 Lunch at HISC

Friday, March 1st welcomed about 30 members for the monthly lunch.
 Lyn made her little speech about the next events and mentioned that because of possibilities of infringing the Data protection laws, the Yahoo General Newsletter is being discontinued.
Therefore, members will have to rely more on the website for details of events, the only reminders being those distributed on the weekly Thursday HISC Newsletter
 Mike Tong then stood and mentioned assorted means of communication and explained various routes of accessing the website.
A circular was distributed containing an up-to-date list of members with their email addresses.


 Lunch at CYC

Wednesday, February 27th was another absolutely brilliant day, though probably the last in the run of amazing ‘winter’ weather we have been having. Temperature on Cambermet was 13* and probably 2-3* higher on land although the wind was chilly.

CYCfeb19 23 members enjoyed the views, birds and sunshine from the conservatory - which was specially reserved for us. It would have been 24 but Barry felt he had to make the most of the good weather and finish off repairing Jane's gel coat scraupes. The birds were many and assorted but the funniest thing was watching the swans paddling at speed through the deep sloppy mud across the bank behind us!
The Menu was, as usual, very good and so was the coffee - now purchased from the bar
home_banner.jpg boleh A postprandial potter along to Birdham Marina discovered the weird and wonderful BOLEH , a rebuilt Chinese junk now used for sail training and hauled out alongside the road.

 Very many thanks to Trevor for organising this event - rather later in the season than normal as he and Monica were residing in Teneriffe for the preceding fortnight.


 Lunch at HISC

Friday, February 1st. About 40 local members braved the rather awful cold and snowy conditions. Further afield the road conditions were worse with promise of more snow!



Lunch at Emsworth SC

Friday, 25th January  was a somewhat dull day, the sun not properly emerging to Emsworth-2019-2shine on the full tide - although still a better spectacle than the often acres of mud!
Ex-fleet captain Gary with wife Rosemary and Anna Williams relaxing in a window seat whilst awaiting lunch. Pic by Paul
This event was organised by Judy Cave who praised the caterers for their patience in coping with the last minute increased number of members - the last count being 36.  Many thankspaul-thanks to Judy for also coping with the hectic last minute arrangements!

In the absence of Lyn, who was off visiting far flung  family members, Paul stood in and thanked the staff for the usual excellent fare and then mentioned the next events  and the circulating cup for staff gratuities.

 The 2 admin fee was requested on the day to cover the Club costs                             Pic by Jane




Friday, January 4th was a gorgeous, if cold, sunny day. There was a very good turnout of 45 members, including a new couple, the Crumps, enjoying John's usual excellent menu. On the water entertainment was provided by the presence of a huge crane in Sparkes and the toing and froing of Split Two , the activities of which we all enjoyed at Bembridge one year!
 Lyn gave her first speech of the year - with Microphone - and made several announcements, firstly repeating the sad news of the demise of Jean Baker. The Programme was discussed and a new procedure announced ie - the introduction of Co-ordinators who will oversee the weekly events. This had all been discussed at a meeting of organisers beforehand. It should not affect members but will lighten the load of both the web-master and the Fleet Captain.
Organisers need to understand how it works and all is explained on the page - GUIDELINES FOR ORGANISERS AND CO-ORDINATORS


For a  printable version of the programme -
 Click here - !a -