Christmas Dining - In Party

December 18th 2009

Sometime before the event, the Fifteens challenged the Social Sailors to a competition  - who could produce the best HAT!

Despite a certain amount of original noncommittal, nearly everybody turned up in some exotic creation, none of which, however, could beat that of Roger Palmer, who managed flashing lights as an extra!

Roger is seated under the picture of Snell and if you click on ‘view bigger picture’ or ‘even bigger picture’ you will be able to find him and peruse assorted hats and various other amusements.

Collage picture kindly produced by Paul Ripley and linked up by Barry

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Cruise to Hornet Sailing Club - August 13th

A beautiful flat, glassy sea welcomed even non-sailers and the sunshine was even better.
 32 of us descended upon The Hornet Sailing Club in Gosport for lunch and were welcomed by a complimentary drink from Joan in memory of Bill, who had done the organising of these trips in the past. Needless to say we all raised our glasses in thanks and appreciation.
We would also like to say a huge thank you to Tony and Hazel Mills for their organisation in getting us all moored up safely and easily and, also, for those who drove by car, the entry through security on the gate.
 Lunch was of course as good as ever and a good time was had by all.
 We look forward to going again next year.
 From Monica and Trevor Rose

Cruise to Folly and Osborne House Concert, July 24th - 26th

Doreen would like to say an extra thank you to Tony and Hazel for the great time we all had at the Osbourne House Concert

From Tony Aitken
Here's the link for photos of the Osborne House 'do'.

Tony Mills did a fine job of getting us all there and back. There were over 50 HISC types there and everyone enjoyed the evening.

Social Sailing Week July 6th - 10th
From Doreen:-
The weather blew and rained us off on Monday but 26 went by road to Emsworth SC. The hospitality and food was excellent.
Tuesday was still breezy but 6 Solos did the Dell Quay Dash. Only 3 yachts went but we had 39 people at DQSC for lunch which was very enjoyable and provided by 2 members, Jean and Liz. Quite amazing how they manage it all!
Wednesday 9 boats went to CYC with much improved weather. the food was very good. 39 enjoyed the day.
Thursday 5 boats and 22 people went to Bosham SC and the NW wind made the quay easy to manage. The new caterers at the club were very obliging and the food was very good.
Tuesdays skittles were fun and 20 attended. Thursdays dinner at HISC was attended by 34 and the food was very good. Itchenor were entertained there as well as us. As usual the highlight of the week was Mike and Jean Baker's BBQ. 45 attended and a great time was had by all.
I would like to thank the Social Sailors for the lovely flowers and all the support I received.

Poole Week June 22nd - 26th

 Photos From Tony Aitken
 and  from John Beck 

From Monica and Trevor - Twelve people went on to Parkstone Yacht Club on Wednesday of Social Sailing Week. Nauti Lady, Fancy, Catspaw, Proud Moments, Seldom Seen and Sunmaid. We enjoyed a lovely day getting there with good weather until the wind died.
Parkstone members were on the pontoons to catch us and the strangest thing was that we were caught by the owner-from-new of our Nauticat 'Nauti Lady'.
We had a drinks party on board before dinner in the Club and were entertained by 50/60 Parkstone dinghies tacking out of the marina to get to their racing. It was very short tacking and spectacular to watch; Darts, Enterprises, Wayfarers, Albacores, lots of different RS's, not all youngsters either.
Our return to Lymington Town Quay was a good windy day for those who chose to sail. We have come to the conclusion that it is best to steer from inside and keep dry, especially when the wind is not in the right direction!
Trilogy and Sea Harrier both came across from Yarmouth to meet up with us but the rest came across on the Ferry. We had another great night, eating and drinking and making merry. Early morning saw most people leave the Town Quay, except Catspaw who had a temporary engine fault. Of course the motorboats and ourselves took our time and left later.
We did not come back to HISC straight away as we stopped off at East Cowes to join our first Nauticat Rally. They are likeminded people to HISC Social Sailing and we got to know lots more people.
Doreen reported - Six boats went onto Poole with lovely weather and a good easterly. The return was a fetch back and not the forecast wind which had kept four boats in Yarmouth. Five boats sailed to Lyminton, Kusi and Sunmaid returned home and Seldom Seen went into Newtown. In all, there were thirteen boats on the expedition
From Mildred -
Four boats stayed at Yarmouth for three nights, belonging to Mike and Judy Cave, Liz and Chris Alder, Adrienne and Tony Aitken and John and myself. On the Thursday evening everyone, except for Judy and Mike, caught the 5.35 pm ferry to Lymington (Tony Aitken had got a voucher which was BOGOF on the Wight Link ferry, so 6 went for the price of 3), then the train one stop, to join the "boozing" crowd on the Town Quay. We all went up to the pub for dinner. The "overseas" crowd then caught the 9.40 pm train back to the pier, having to wait nearly an hour for the ferry back to Yarmouth. We tumbled into boats around 11.30 pm only to be woken up a short while later by thunder, lightening and heavy rain!
From Liz and Chris - Excellent photos! 
That bridge at Lymington definitely has a bend in it...........!!!!
We both had a GREAT time and would like to say a very big thank you to all the organisers for all their hard work.

Cruise to Littlehampton  Tuesday, June 9th - 10th    From Paul
Neither Doreen nor I sailed there as the wind was 5 gusting 6 when we met in the HISC car park. With our house build, it would have been our first 'away trip' this year, and nothing has been previously 'tested'.
Doreen fetched through the Looe Channel, met a head on NE and  very bumpy seas and, with a forecast of a Westerley and rain  next day and with the need to get back home on time, decided to retreat to Bembridge. We traveled there by car to ensure the berths and pub were as they should be!
In the end only 4 boats , Trinco, The Feeling, Proud Moments and Louise, and their 8 crew sailed there and the feedback was that they would all go there again. The Arun View pub where I had arranged supper was particularly praised by all for excellent food at a reasonable price. Well done to Landlady Yvonne! So a good time was had by all  - and then they had a nice Southerly and no rain for the homeward trip.

It also transpires that the Deputy Harbour Master Will Barker used to be Chi Harbour Patrol Crew for 5 years until 2 years ago, so knew Frank Dunster, me etc. He had also worked at Sparkes for a short time.


Letter from Liz and Chris Alder
We hope you all have a wonderful trip to Gins Farm. We're very sorry to miss it and the cruise to Littlehampton and will be thinking of you. We're off to Cherbourg and the Channel Islands with the RYA organised cruise for 'first-timers-in-their-own-boat-crossing-the-Channel'! Hope we make it!!!
We'll look forward to seeing everyone on 22nd in Cowes and Yarmouth and Lymington (staying 2 nights in Y'mth so not doing Poole this year).
All the very best

Liz and Chris

Cruise to Gins Farm, Thursday, June 4th
Fancy  set off in solitary fashion from HISC in a nice gentle breeze - which, unfortunately, became even more gentle,. So, it was a motoring and sunbathing journey this time. On arrival, it was found that Lolita, Marona and Trilogy were already moored on the Club pontoon so Fancy tied up on the outer pontoon and was shortly joined by Trinco who had also been on a sail-a-bout  and had just returned from refueling at  Bucklers Hard.  With the whole afternoon in hand, there was plenty of time to walk through the woods and under the shrieking buzzards (as reported by the Caves who had walked out earlier) to Bucklers Hard for ice-cream and tea. Meanwhile, the Penfolds had arrived from Hamble and this made a total 15 of us for supper, which we did feel was, possibly, not quite up to their usual standard . Never-the-less, a very pleasant evening.
In the morning, Fancy’s crew, on tender-hooks to catch the remainder of the east going tide, crawled out of bed and set of at 5.30 am, waking Trinco in the process. Both boats motored over towards Cowes and headed for a very large container ship which failed to turn when we anticipated it should . This resulted in a rapid fleeing of the situation until the container’s course could be verified!
Both boats arrived back about 9.30 and Fancy continued up to Itchenor where  the crew went on an exploratory walk to discover what the new ramp and quay was all about at the northernmost end of the West Wittering houses. Very interesting and someone has an awful lot of money! (See planning application:-WW08/01902/FULL)
Fancy sailed back to her mooring and arrived at the same time as Marona and Lollita who had started at a reasonable hour but had to plug the tide.
A very enjoyable mini cruise and thanks to John and Barbara Beck for organising both these events

Cruise to Folly Inn, Tuesday May 26th  - the first proper outing of the season. This  promised to be OK weather wise but wasn’t awfully!. The rain cleared by about 10 am, the sun came out, and ‘Trinco’ and ‘Fancy’ set off under full sail out of the harbour entrance.  ‘Trinco’ freed off and was obviously going to go through the forts whilst ‘Fancy’ kept close-hauled aiming at the Dolphins. Unhappily, the wind backed a bit and then very suddenly slammed in at 30 knots.  ‘Fancy’s’ crew hurriedly dropped the main and carried on under jenny but ‘Trinco’ was seen sailing very nicely still with full canvass. ‘Fancy’ could not now quite lay the Dolphins so the last bit through to them was under motor but then it was beating under jenny again, with slightly eased wind,  crossing behind ‘Trinco’ just before Ryde. Under the headland before Cowes, it was decided to motor the last bit as the crew was fed up with the bumps. Freddie, Basil and Mike came through at some stage in the power boats, and  Fancy, after eventually acquiring some fuel, tied up opposite The Folly for a bit . ‘Sunmaid’ arrived  shortly, having reached over from the Hamble and then Jane  and Peter came around from Newtown where they had spent the previous night.
(Whilst walking to the shop I noticed that the defunct factory was called Saro Ltd so later did some googling  - Click here:-       Thought this was interesting but maybe you all know this anyhow!)
So, it was a happy but select party at the Folly and then back to the boats.
In the morning, Fancy’s crew awoke to rain and wind and only 0.1m under the keel. There was not much sign of any other activity but Mike did, apparently, leave quite soon and took his boat straight home. Others were off to different places for extended cruises, presumably when the rain eased!. Fancy decided to leave about 8.30 am to get the best of the east going tide but had to put up with continual rain.  The SW F5+ kept the boat going over the ground at 7-8 knots so it was quite a quick ride home, fortunately to arrive before the 40 knots, and much to the relief of the rather damp crew!

The Spring General Meeting at the Club, on Friday, March 27th,  - followed by lunch was as usual very well and boisterously attended. A full report of the Minutes can be found here :-  SGM 2009

Lunch at Chichester YC in February - thanks to Doreen  - and at Emsworth SC  in March - organised efficiently by Judy Cave - were both events that were much enjoyed  and well supported. The venues are always interesting and the menus excellent.

There was an amazing turnout for the first lunch of the year at HISC on Friday, January 9th. About 50 people sat down to the usual excellent fare and made more than the usual amount of noise.
Doreen eventually managed to quieten things down a bit for her announcements, which mostly concerned the forthcoming programme.
The Spring Meeting will be on Friday, April 1st and it was pleasing to hear that we shall be going to Chichester Y.C. for our usual winter lunch; this will be on Wednesday, February 18th. On the trip to Bembridge on May 12th, it will be lunch only at Bembridge S.C and thereafter make your own arrangements. And finally, Hythe Marina cannot accommodate us on September 16th - 17th, so arrangements have been made with Shamrock Marina.
After a collection on a previous date we were able to make a donation of 20 to the Lifeboats