Tribute to Richard


Lunch at HISC

on Friday, December 4th

 This luncheon, the last for 2015, was very well attended and rather noisy.
However, in the absence of our Leader who was off visiting family in Cambridge, deputy Mike Tong eventually managed to make himself heard and delivered a speech worthy of a great ovation.
Amongst other things, flags and events etc., he mentioned that anyone who has not paid up the Annual Sub of 5 by the SGM will, this year, be deleted from the membership lists.


at HISC on Friday, November 6th

 The AGM was attended by about 25 people and the lunch by 31!!!
Click here for the Minutes of the AGM Nov 15


The first of the Winter Lunches

 at HISC on Friday, October 2nd
was enjoyed by about 20 people - lots of folks on holiday



Tuesday, 29th September

This was the last of the summer events and it was rather was sparsely attended with only 18 people arriving for lunch.cyc only 4 boats


Four boats, Naughti Lady, Dragonfly and Emmy 2, managed to brave the strong and rather cold winds with  Freyja being the only one to put up a sail . Some came by car but a lot of folk were away  - in Greece  - or making the most of a last cruise around the Solent, ie Karma, Sugar Glider and Steorra. Fortunately it did not rain and the sun was glorious.



CYC - We Few2CYC - We Few

Many thanks once again to Trevor Rose and Monica for organising this event


Sept 13th - 19th

Due to strong wind forecasts, this entire event had to be CANCELLED
- Lowering of the Jet Stream and Remnants of Hurricane Henri !

Commiserations to all participants and especially to all the organisers who had put in such a lot of hard work in preparation for this week.


Wednesday, September 2nd

A beautiful day drew 33 people and 9 boats to Itchenor where we were warmly welcomed by Nick Griffiths.
There were only about 9 knots of wind from the NW so rather a lot of motoring was done to get there in time.
Stewpot III and Gundog came from Langston and Shardik made her way down from Emsworth.  Naughti Lady, Excalibur, Freya and Elinor also tied up on the visitors moorings whilst Red Snapper and Emmy 2  were able to park on the Club's pontoon.  Mike & Judy drove round from Emsworth. 

The ferry delivered us all efficiently between normal services and afterwards several boats even managed to sail home.
Thanks to John and Barbara Beck for their organisation and the report


August 25th - 28th

 This, unfortunately, had to be cancelled due to bad weather. There were no complaints!



Monday, August 3rd

We were very pleased to see the boats arrive, well done to them, that's what it's all about.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves,  laughing and chatting was reward enough to us.  It all went very quickly and thank goodness the weather held out to the end.    Margaret. 

Four boats left the HISC moorings - Louise, Wild Thyme, Seldom Seen and Sugar Glider  - and were obliged to motor sail out against the tide. They  then had a good fetch to the Langstone Fairway with a frisky SW, dropping the sails before being swept past their destination.. Naughti Lady came out of Sparks and the Clarks came in their rib but as the latter got so wet, decided to return on the inland route under the bridge!
SG spotted a floating fender, supposedly dropped off WT and obligingly picked it up. It was not off WT so SG acquired a perfectly good fender but then had a bit of a job to get back against the tide!. There was not much tide on landing, but on leaving the pontoon, the ebb was rushing past and not enough thought was given to perhaps springing off the stern and going backwards against the tide!

RnM BBQ2 15Drinks and nibbles were enjoyed on the patio before the  BBQ started cooking and we could all enjoy the delicious salads that Margaret and friends had provided. It was all a bit cosy as, although, due to the size of the garden, Margaret had limited the numbers to 48,  over 60 people turned up - so Ray had had a bit of a scramble around to collect more chairs etc.
Ray did not have much of a chance to relax even then as, on the rising tide, he directed operations for getting Seldom Seen from the pontoon up onto the hard which enters the garden. This was in readiness for further exploration and hopeful resolution of the still, ongoing, LEAK!


Time to leave to avoid the worst of the tide entering Chi Harbour and the rain started. SG managed to keep ahead of WT, basically by hoisting more sail  as the SW wind lightened. Good fun and the boats were neck and neck for a bit, and with a Gannet diving in between, until WT luffed into deeper water. Louise  and NL set off slightly later.
Mitch was on hand to collect crews of SG and WT as Family Fun week was still in full swing at 1700 hrs



July 21st-23rd 2015

Rather more wind than advertised and plonk on the nose! Most people just set off and motored - some tried to sail and gave up as getting nowhere but June Dawn sailed there with 8 tacks, all passing behind the Square-rigger ‘Tenacious’ anchored  off St Helens. Nearly everyone, Karma, Aurora, Louise, Steorra (from Hamble), Seldom Seen and Proud Moment with the Ainsworths aboard, arrived about 2 pm and were ushered to the inside of the pontoon where we were rafted up, Sugar Glider being third out in what appeared to be the narrowest bit.
In the evening, the pontoon party happened in the Marina Marquee with the BBQ following on. Only about 12 people stayed for this as others had brought food to eat aboard.

 Next day people did assorted walks but the Gledhills (Seldom Seen) with granddaughter, caught a bus to Ryde, the electric train halfway to Sandown and then the Steam Train to the Hawk Centre!
Meanwhile,  Stewpot from Langstone and Silver Moon arrived - again the latter with strong winds on the nose and they, being large boats, were allowed to moor on the outside of the pontoon. In the evening 25 of us  went over to Bembride SC, most by water taxi but Stewpot and Sugar Glider crews were in theirbembridge 15 78 tenders.
The Menu  - Smoked Chicken and rocket Salad, Tenderloin of Pork, Roasted Root Vegetables, Sage & Apple jus, Raspberry Panna Cotta, with Vanilla Syrup, Coffee/Tea was all mostly enjoyed although the roasted vegs were a bit weird!
Picture shows one of the many tillers for which the club is renowned.
Thursday, and various jobs were done, some more vital (and obnoxious) than others and then people left about lunchtime with a fairly strong following wind - some goose-winged - others with just the Genny - but still making about 5-6 knots. A bit bembridge lyn15lumpy especially by the Chi Beacon.

Click on the blue/pink line for pictures from Tony Aitken

Very many thanks to Lyn for organising this event -
she said that it had  helped sort her head out a bit.



Monday The weather for the first event of Social Sailing week was forecast to be unfavourable for picnicing with strong winds and heavy rain.
However, on the day the rain lessened sufficiently to make assembly on the pontoon at 10-30 a.m. a worthwhile option. There were mild protests as the Captain loaded the 10 members assembled (plus Poppy) into Selene for the trip to East Head. With Will navigating Selene skillfully onto the sloping sands of East Head, all members were able to disembark rather more elegantly than the Captain who could only manage an inelegant plop from the bow.
The trip only happened because of the promise of a sheltered panoramic beach location but having arrived there members were given little time to drink their coffee before being marched around East Head, which Poppy enjoyed. There were a couple of drops of rain during the picnic lunch which was followed by a very competitive game of bowlsEast head 3 which was won by Margaret.
Selene was summoned: a ladder had been requested and was provided to make boarding possible whilst keeping Selene afloat. The strong wind against the ebbing tide provided some exciting spray for those at the rear of Selene so that nobody felt cheated as regards the much promised soaking. Your Captain distinctly heard someone say that the East Head 2outing had been a huge success and that they hoped the trip the following day would be as enjoyable, as they made their way to the hot showers.  From Gary

Picture from Rosemary  -                  above from Ray - only the brave or the mad!

DINNER IN THE EVENING - was attended by 48 members who all enjoyed a very good meal with exotic nibbles in the adults bar beforehand. Gary made a continually interrupted speech! and John, the Chef,  Jennie and her crew, were thanked and applauded.

Tuesday Most went by boat but Jane and Barry decided to walk starting by the Waterworks and via Thornham
Through the locked gate and it was butterflies all the way - clouds of Gatekeepers joined by Meadow Browns and Ringlets - assorted Whites - very pretty marbled ones, and a Peacock feeding on the Sea Lavender.
 Arrived at TISC with early boat arrivals and enjoyed a bit of a sit down! Set off again and more butterflies enjoying all the brambles. Lots of little Skippers and then spotted a couple of Fritillaries and then a swoop of violent purple? Great Thorney 15hum of a wild bee colony. Arriving at Pilsey, noted acres of sand dunes which had arrived on the South side since we had been there last - which was about 10 years! Spotted a Small Copper and watched a Buzzard hunting over a field of Larks and a Stonechat which insisted on glaring at me so he could not be seen properly. Located two humps of seals basking on the mud banks with at least one very pint sized pup. Next - circumnavigation via slabs  to beach around multitudinous cluster of bovines making use of breeze across path. Arrived at locked gate which, despite Rosemary's dire warning, did unlock and at this stage concentrated on putting one foot in front of other and just made it to the Deck Cafe in time for a cream tea.                        Picnic and drinks at TISC
Excalibur III with Tongs, Clarkes and Candy; Wild Thyme with Kevin, Paul and Ann and Gledhills on Seldom Seen set sail for Thorney in a gentle following wind under grey cloud. Amorita II with the Durrants, Stewarts and Gasbys had left a few minutes earlier after parading the trots. We were to be joined by the Blaydes at Thorney who were walking. Parading the trots was the order of the day with Excalibur doing her stuff under full sail for Rosemary to take several photos from the moorings.thorney2 15
 It was almost high water as we finally left and Wild Thyme looked splendid under full sail in the distance as did the goose-winged Excalibur, whereas Seldom Seen raised only her genoa so as to keep at a respectful distance.
TISC had provided a list of numbers of vacant buoys which in theory was helpful but the associated layout-plan had not arrived and the numbers were in a stranger order than those on the HISC trots, so random vacant buoys were selected and all went well. The communications on channel 06 between boats seemed to go well even if the intellectual level of the conversation was low, so the Captain suggests that we use 06 for conversations in future.
Excalibur and Seldom Seen used their tenders to reach the concrete slipway, Amorita also got alongside and by one of life's strangest of coincidences Kevin recognised a friend in a rib who took them ashore
Picnic lunch was on tables outside the clubhouse where we were able enjoy a different  view of our beautiful harbour. The bar service was excellent and there was much joy for your Captain who had change from 4 for a pint of Doom Bar and a white wine. A repeat visit to the bar confirmed these prices.
At half-water the concrete runway was less than ideal for Amorita so a bit of skillful maneuvering by Mike was required. The three cruisers sailed off on a reach into a strengthening wind which soon turned into a headwind, at which point at least one of the boats motored, which was the only one flying a HISC-SS-flag however.                Gary
 Excellent ferry service provided by Jake on our return.                                                                                            Pictures from  Rosemary

Wednesday dawned a bit grey with a light wind from the SW, which allowed the four cruisers, June Dawn, Audacious, Sugar Glider and Proud Moment - with Gundog crew aboard  - to sail all the way to Chichester. However, most of them had to motor a bit just to get there in time for lunch at 12.30. Stewpot coming from Langstone arrived early as they were organising this trip, Trevor and Monica being away at a Naughti Cat rally in France. Stewpot had on board Janet and Paul Ripley and Pat Bovis and although there was very little wind  and we were pushing  the tide, we all had a good time.   Pat and Paul  both had a turn at the helm, Pat had only ever helmed a tiller but mastered the wheel extremely well.
 All the motor boats  - Dragonfly, Amorita Two, Emmy 3, Audacious, and Red Snapper - also arrived in good time and berthed on the inside of the pontoon.  Lunch was partaken of outside and was a bit slow as the Club was hosting another event in their posh room upstairs. As it was thinking of raining - but did not in fact - everyone departed fairly promptly to catch the tide. There was not any sailing back as the wind was on the nose all the way.
Once again, Jake was very obliging as the Ferry driver

Thursday - was considerably windier than forecast  - up to 18 knots from the SE  - which meant the cruisers all motored to Dell Quay and the poor Solos had to close fetch with a beat through the Itchenor moorings for their DQ Dash Trophy race.
The Soc Sail boats all left at 9.30 with Stewpot and Gundog coming from Langstone again - except for Silver Moon who waited an hour for their mislaid passenger to be delivered by the Solo rib.
Now, Jane had made the tickets but realised that, as she and Peter Wareham  - in the Solo Rib - were not starting the Solos till 11.00, a faster method of getting the tickets to Dell Quay would have to be devised. Sheila, having finished her Jane Fonda class was able to oblige and had sold most of the tickets by the time the Solos arrived.
The Rib had an uneventful trip regarding the Solos but in the middle of the Itchenor trots was hailed by the crew of a large moored cruiser who were pointing at two large, elderly men in the water. One of them was picked out; he had a very heavy rucksack on his back, of the which he had to be relieved before we could haul him in  - no life jacket -  and then fortunately the Harbour Master arrived and took over. Not sure what they did with the tender which was antique and minuscule!
The three big cruisers all parked on the end of the Quay and ran the gauntlet of big gaps to the ladders whilst the rib together with Emmy 2, Amorita Two and Heron were herom DQ15all able to park on the magnificent new pontoon leading off the brand new decking - all done by volunteers of DQ SC - with a bit of help from Walcon.
The eight Solo sailors  - and one pico - were delighted to see their results up on the electronic board - with Barry at the top by 10 secs.
Forty-six sailors enjoyed the ploughman’s lunch followed by fruit pie and  ice-cream and coffee, mostly sitting outside enjoying the sun. Before we all departed, their Commodore and volunteer helpers were all duly lined up and thanked profusely; Barbara will send them a large box of chocs later.
The return home was uneventful apart from one Solo capsizing on leaving the hard when his boat did an unexpected gybe. Through the trots Gary - on Silver Moon - was observed holding out the Genny - not sure for what that penance was due! And the spitfires were out practicing again
Many thanks to Barbara, for organising the catering, Jane and Barry and Peter for the Solos, Sheila for selling the tickets and to Gary for sorting out the Moorings.    The picture is of Heron arriving DQ with tickets! - taken by Rosemary.

Friday - was a bit windy but did not deter seven ladies joining Lyn for a swim off the Club beach.
 Afterwards, 70-80 people arrived at the Gledhills for the BBQ . A magnificent venue and exotic salads and desserts to go with the pre-ordered salmon and steak. Fortunately, again the wind did not interfere too much and the sun, eventually, came out for a bit. Gary made his little speech announcing the winner of the Attendance prize to be Barbara Glasby with Paul Young as runner up. Lyn was asked about Bembridge and it was decided to go ahead with the BBQ on the Marina on Tuesday of next week. BBQ 15
Gary and Rosemary were then thanked profusely and presented with some bottles of very nice wine and Rosemary exhorted everyone to view the Sea Lavender on the beach. This appeared to be a ruse to get folks down there in order to carry up the Curteis’ tender, in the which they had arrived but were unable to depart for lack of water.
By now, the croquet - organised by Paul Covell  in his not so dulcet tones - was in full swing and occupying lots of people with multitudes of arguments and suggestions.
Gradual departures -  leaving some people to help clear up and others to remove chairs, etc, kindly donated for the evening.
A great many thanks are due to Rosemary and Gary for organising all this and inviting everyone to their lovely house and garden  - a fitting end to a very full and enjoyable week.                                    
Picture by Rosemary




 A rather light fluky wind from the SSW meant  quite a bit of motoring before the breeze picked up and boats leaving Chi Harbour were able to sail  past Cowes albeit with  a bit of tacking. Those coming from Langstone, left much later but having a better wind arrived at about the same time, ie about 2pm
On arrival Sugar Glider and Seldom Seen anchored in the shallow S side of the  East Creek, avoiding the wildly swinging bigger boats in the middle of the ebb with an opposing wind, while all the others  picked up a mooring in the main channel ie, Naughti Lady, Excalibur, Silver Moon, Quiver, June Dawn, Wild Thyme, Steorra and Sunmaid from the Hamble, and Stewpot and Gundog from Langstone. 6 pm and 28 crews all arrived in our tenders on the West bank of the entrance and BBQs were lit in the lee of several wind breaks and a good time was had by all, the only incident being on behalf of John Blake. He managed to drop his life-jacket into a bit of water in the bottom of his tender unexpectedly causing it to inflate!
Thanks to  Kevin Crouch and Richard Archer for organising this very successful event

 In the morning SS and SG tendered up to the Quay at Shalford and walked to the pub for a coffee before setting off after lunch with the rest of the fleet and making the most of the West going tide, albeit with two reefs or just the Genny up. Those leaving early had to contend with  a wind rising to 32 knots; Gundog set off with three sails up and gradually had to reduce sail before motoring the last bit as the East going tide meant  they could not lay the platform at the entrance.
We moored at the Lymington Yacht Haven for 2 nights - bit like parking in a carpark but the shower blocks were fantastic.
Excalibur very kindly hosted a pontoon party before 30 of us set off for Dinner  at the Royal Lymington, who provided a choice of either Cod cooked in breadcrumbs or Chicken wrapped in bacon,  a choice of puddings and coffee at the cost of 15.50 - all very good

THURSDAY 18th  - HW 13.36   June
walked or biked  the direct route  to Keyhaven for lunch at the local pub where there was actually a scramble for a seat in the shade. Afterwards, various vehicular transport was  arranged for those not wishing to do the long walk back along the shore  and do a bit of bird watching - spotted a rather rare linnet.
Silver Moon invited everyone aboard for drinks before  we returned to our own boats for a left overs fry-up for those returning homewards the next day.
June Tong - was the organiser for this very enjoyable couple of days.

7 am start for those going West with a moderate breeze which died around Cowes with container ships looming! Breeze returned by the Forts or Dolphins allowing goose-winging or hoisting of Chute.
Sunmaid and Excalibur spent Friday night on Poole Town Quay and Stewpot and Naughti Lady carried on further .
Here is a report from Margaret -

After leaving Lymington in company with Naughti Lady we had a bumpy sail along to Weymouth, particularly at Saint Albans Head.  We had a North Westerly blowing force 4/5, with wind over tide.  We decided to go no further than Weymouth as we only had two weeks and did not want to get caught further west.  We stayed for 4 nights (buy 3 and get 4th free)   We took two bus rides, the first to West Bay where we had wonderful Smoked Mackerel Chowder for lunch in a beach type stall cafe called Rachals.  Highly recommended. The views from the top of the bus of the peninsular and Chesil beach are fantastic. The second bus ride was to Portland bill to "The Cove House Inn" which is on Chesil Beach and we had a good meal of scallops.
lynington  15 jellyfishFrom Weymouth we headed East to Poole -  Naughti Lady continued on to the Solent.  We had a  light South Westerly wind 3/4 but going in close to Saint Albans Head, it was flat calm.  Had a peaceful night in Studland and then anchored for two nights off Brown Sea Island. Went ashore for a walk and saw the peacocks and a red squirrel. Had another good lunch! 

Whilst sailing along we saw lots of big Jelly fish, some getting on for 2 foot, many being washed up dead on the beach on Brown Sea Island
Picture here showing my foot to give an idea how big they were.
lymington15 2jpg

We then anchored off  Goat Horn Point  and met up with Delia and Alan Clarke who rent the cottage there They made us very welcome, insisted on including us in their family meals and  we got to know their lovely family. 


Stayed three nights and then, homeward bound, had a lovely sail to the Solent blowing a North Westerly 4.  

Stayed one night in Newtown Creek, two nights in Newport and then arrived home Thursday, 2nd July around 5pm.


Picture of Ray at helm of Stewpot
doing what he loves best!



on Thursday, June 4th

After several weeks of miserable weather we were blessed with sunshine and a gentle SE wind. There were 9 boats in total with 23 people on board joined by the Caves who drove to the Crown & Anchor.  Daydream (single handed), Proud Moment (Tim and Lyn), Sugar Glider, Seldom Seen, Excalibur and Red Snapper departed from the HISC trots and Emmy came from Sparkes. Stewpot and Gundog sailed round from Langstone.
A thoroughly enjoyable sail on starboard was possible as far as the Itchenor Reach at which point the wind was dead on the nose so motoring was thought to be wisest.
The Secretary at Dell Quay had been approached and had kindly persuaded two members of the club to take lines on the wall making life so much easier for those going alongside.


Five boats were rafted along the wall, Emmy 3 and Red Snapper used the Harbour Master's Pontoon whilst Proud Moment and Sugar Glider anchored off on mooring kindly identified to us by DQSC. Barry did the noble thing as far as bringing people ashore was concerned.
After a relatively light drinks session we joined the Caves at the five tables reserved for us outside at the C&A, in their pretty terraced garden with lovely views over the harbour, and spent a very happy two hours eating and drinking. There was no long wait for food to be served, which had happened on some previous visits, so well done new manager Oliver!
With the tide having turned about an hour previously and with the gentle wind blowing us off the wall, departure was smooth and uneventful, as was the downwind sail back to HISC with only the necessity of a few gybes on the Itchenor Reach to provide a minor challenge, which the goose-winged Sugar Glider managed rather well.
This was the weather we had all been waiting for and we made the most of it!

Report from organiser, Gary


Monday - Thursday, May 18th - 21st

Did not quite happen as planned!
As there was another strong wind forecast for Monday, those boats that could went early on Sunday. This entailed motoring out as far as the Fireballs and Merlins OM, fetching on port to the doldrums through the Forts and then coping with the 22 knots that eventually came back in. Excalibur reefed first followed by Sugar Glider.
SG went into Shepard's and Excalibur into Cowes Yacht Haven where she was joined much later by Naughti Lady. June Dawn went all the way up to the Folly and unfortunately, had to stay there stormbound - we never did manage to meet up with her. In fact, she waited till the weather improved and then sailed to Lymington to meet another boat and spent the weekend with friends. Supper that night after drinks on Excalibur, was in Murray's and the following night in the Duke of York after a day spent shopping and walking as it was too rough to get up to the Folly! Very noisy night again
Tuesday was a bit better so we three boats motored round to Yarmouth, 26-30 knots on the nose and hail with it. Wall to wall grey sky for most of the way but with the sun momentarily shining on the Square-rigger nearer the mainland. N Lady arrived first and we were all rounded up and the seven of us were entertained with a sumptuous lunch aboard her. On the way in we had noted a mini-frigate look-a-like moored outside with BORDER FORCE painted on her bows. Shortly after lunch, a black rib with two men on board came inside investigating some of the foreign boats. Last year, on her return trip from France, Excalibur had been accosted by this boat and boarded by the men on the rib who searched her politely but thoroughly.
 In the afternoon, there was some walking up the river and then, after a cozy party aboard SG - heater on - we trooped off to the Kings Head. Returning to boats there was a spectacular sunset - a small window of yellow with the red sun going down and assorted rain curtains hanging overall P1020096          
Wednesday, N Lady and then Excalibur left for home with a fresh NW but SG stayed to walk the walk from the Needles to Freshwater Bay (cafe lunch) then through the Nature Reserve and along the Yar. Magnificent views over the Solent with the sun on various boats and Hurst Castle sand Spit and then on acres of yellow gorse on the downs.

Loads of spring flowers including one early spotted orchid.




Thursday, SG left early to get the tide but as no wind  had to motor well through the Forts until the SW 15 knots arrived on cue at 13.00.

Thanks to Margaret for organising and then de--organising Folly - especially as for various reasons Stewpot could not come; and to Rosemary for taking over from Lyn for Yarmouth although, Seldom Seen, still leaking, also did not make it.


Thursday May 14th

Report from John - Thursday's weather proved how good our forecasters are - eight intrepid SS sailors representing Stewpot, Sugar Glider and Audacious set forth by car to Haslar. The rain and spray along the M27 made visibility so bad that either SatNav or GPS was essential. However, the elements relented and it was only a slightly damp walk along the pontoons to the Lightship. I had told the proprietor, Maria, the day before not to expect more than a dozen, but when we arrived the mindset of the waitress (slightly not with it, then or later) was still stuck on the potential of 30. However, there was plenty of chat and humour over lunch, with some recounting of previous disasters and embarrassments on previous SS events. Alan gave us a technical briefing of why the keel detached from the Legend, Cheeki Rafiki,  which capsized, losing the four crew some while ago - and there was much discussion about the large yacht moored alongside on the outside of the Lightship. This was ALVA a 44/52 mtr boat with a 3 mtr keel and rather peculiar rigging which consisted of three foresails and one self-tacking jib on a boom; a forward mast with one cross-tree and two similar masts aft. No gaffs and all with lazy jacks. She has apparently just come from Tenerife via Lanzarote and Morroco

Many thanks to John for organising this event - however, as he had not been briefed by Gareth in advance there was no speech, so we departed about 15.00 - in the dry!

PS. Ray had a very novel umbrella - it was large but had overlapping venting panels so that should a gust get underneath, the wind would blow through the vents and not blow away the umbrella!


Monday, May 4th - Thursday, May 7th

The forecast for this trip was not auspicious and about half of the fleet opted out for various reasons. Those with time realised that once in Bembridge one would not be able to leave till Thursday!
Monday allowed us all a nice sail across, one tack close hauled in about 13 - 16 knots out of Chichester but two tacks out of Langstone.
Silver Moon arrived first and went on the outside of the pontoon followed by Stewpot and Excalibur. Sugar Glider was the last to arrive, her crew being more interested in the proceedings of the Glyn Charles Charity race (and also noting several of the Topless Launches on the way up to their picnic at Langstone), and joined Seldom Seen and Gundog on the inside finger pontoons - very shallow but supposedly more protected!
Silver Moon kindly hosted a party in their large cabin and then, as it was now raining, we all 14 of us caught the water taxi to Brading Haven YC where we enjoyed Tara’s cooking and service. Got a bit damp on the return journey and settled down for the first of three rather noisy nights in F8-9.
Tuesday,rosemary @Bembridge
We all adjusted mooring ropes  and flapping halyards, and Stewpot was seen anointing fenders with squeezy and later retrieving one from the beach that broke loose! Others looking very flat!

Quite difficult to actually balance on the pontoons at times!

Major panic on Sugar Glider as Barry realised he did not have enough insulin - see below for panic medical instructions.
Lovely sunny day for our walk to Seaview YC which was very quiet due to cancellation of their Mermaid racing. Very pleasant lunch there as usual. Silver Moon crew then headed for Ryde and home - boat to be collected on Friday and other  folks caught the bus back to Bembridge  - the walk back from Bembridge to BH through the marshes was explored with appreciation - and we all settled on our own boats for a ‘quiet’ night in. Gary and Mike had a slight distraction with calls to the TSB with a new bank account being prepared.
Wednesday again dawned sunny but with some grey clouds but not the persistent rain that had been promised. A bus took the eleven of us to Sandown for a walk along the supposedly sheltered lower coast path under the fascinating sandstone cliffs to Shanklin where we found a fun Pub half way up the cliff  - the Chine Inn  - for lunch. Slight hold up on the way - Ray’s loo stop was somewhat prolonged due to him having to extricate a locked in person!

Sandown 2 May 15Assorted photos were taken on the way back and a view up a clock tower at the racing clouds induced vertigo in all those who cared to look.

Lots of surfers enjoying the waves. As we just missed one bus there was time for coffee in a little cafe on the seafront - or shopping for supper.

More panic on way home as Gundog skipper, Paul, realised he had lost his credit card necessitating calls to bank.
Back on the boats and it was partytime on Stewpot where we all admired the beautiful pale beech interiors in pristine condition.
Thursday and sighs of relief as the wind was now down to F5-6 and dropping. The three shallow draft boats left 3hrs before HW and running at about 5.5 knots with a single sail up arrived home in time for a cuppa.  Stewpot with her lifting keel left shortly after and was home and off to vote by 13.00hrs. Excalibur  - much deeper keel - had to wait a bit but hoisting her asymmetric made it home in short time doing 8.8 knots.
 A great many thanks to Rosemary who ordered the water taxi and then pacified  Tara ref the lack of people to eat the pre-ordered meals and to Gary for arranging Seaview and organising all the bus timetables to perfection - a really enjoyable outing for the first one of the season.

Panic instructions for elderlies afloat with insufficient medical supplies!
 Make sure you have own doctors phone no.
Locate local chemist and,
a) ascertain they have the drug you require and,
b) get their fax number.
Phone your doctor and ask for Pption to be faxed to local chemist
Repeat last procedure as fax does not arrive
Takes rather a long time.

Friday May 1st

This was the first of the Summer Friday lunches . It was attended by 21 people including Lyn and Richard .


on Thursday, April 30th

It dawned a lovely sunny day with a brisk Westerly which allowed the two boats that did sail to run all the way, Sugar Glider with main up and Seldom Seen (still hunting leaks) with Genny.
Naughty Lady and Red Snapper had arrived first and taken up the only spare mooring so S G arriving next managed to pick up one of the moorings with a fishing boat dinghy (nasty hard gunwales - no rubber) on it with SS then tying alongside. Phoebe,  went on the pontoon and Emmy 2 and Heron moored off onto another dinghy.
Besides the 18 people that had come by boat, another 16 arrived by car
 Arriving at the Club we were met with a beaming smile from Nick  who later showed pictures of his nine month old daughter, Isla, looking very pretty in pink.   The conservatory was nicely laid up for us but some well wrapped folks ate outside in the sun and watched the rain curtains starting to arrive to the North. We enjoyed a choice of lasagna or chicken curry followed by strawberries and cream.
P1040645 (2)



Waiting on the Itchenor Pontoon for the return Ferry.



Leaving, we realised we would all have to motor back sharpish - in a head wind rising to 22 knots and the promised rain, in order to get back for the Ferry (Alex in a rib) before the tide left the pontoon high and dry.

Thanks to Barbara and John Beck for their initial organisation, although they were not there, having  booked an Horticultural visit for this day onto which Itchenor had latterly had to change 


Spring General Meeting
Friday, April 24th
 11.45 in the Club Main Bar

There was a mass turnout for this rather important meeting.
 Unhappily, Richard was not well enough to attend so Mike Baker introduced the meeting and announced that as there was only one  nominee for each post of Fleet Captain and Treasurer there was no need for any elections and the nominees would take up their posts These were-

 Fleet Captain - Gary Gledhill

 Treasurer - Mike Tong.

Garry then took over the meeting, the minutes of which can be found here

Spring General Meeting


Tuesday, April 21st

What a glorious day for the first event of the season - wall to wall sunshine and a nice breeze - albeit from the ENE,  a bit chilly and rather fluky, and  occasionally gusting to 20 knots.
Sugar Glider set off first - after a nice cuppa - and held off Excalibur for a while making use of the shifts, but only for a while. Daydream shot past  and was the only one to brave the moorings through Itchenor with full sail up! Seldom Seen motored slowly along investigating the source of a leak which it was eventually decided must have something to do with the exhaust system.
Several  boats came out of Sparkes - Emmy 2 - a new acquisition of the Wright-Andersons,  Amorita Two, and Naughti Lady. Dragonfly came up from Northney Marina - Roy Barnes‘ new toy - a rather large Corvette - and  very kindly hosted the Pontoon Party. Heron eventually arrived from her mud berth having had to await the tide. A few people also arrived by car and 42 friends sat outside in  the CYC  garden to eat and enjoy the sunshine. The coffee was served from the bar as the machine was broken, so no fun there today.
Nautilady.Aprilo 15pgReturning to the pontoon we found that the wind had veered to the SE which made life difficult for those residing on the inside. Then, rather than a run home it was more of a gentle reach.
Many thanks to our organisers, Monica and Trevor seen here homeward bound in Naughti Lady with John Beck on the helm and Pat Bovis trimming the Genoa.

Proud Moment was missed.


Lunch at the Club
Friday, April 10th

There was an immense turnout for this lunch of about 60-70 people . It was a very sociable event with lots of chatting and discussion. Richard stood to do his speech, very sadly announcing his resignation due to  ill health. Gary then spoke about how much all the hard work that Richard had put into the job was so much appreciated, the which initiated a grateful round of applause.

There will be an extra Spring General Meeting on April 24th  to receive nominations and elect a new Captain and also Treasurer.

Meanwhile, Rosemary will be taking over  the organisation from Lyn of the first trip to Bembridge


Lunch at the Club
on Friday, March 6th

A good lunch but not so well attended as usual  - about 24 again- due to people being busy, on holiday or invited to the Commodore's dinner in the evening!


Lunch at CYC
on Thursday, February 19th

 A rather damp day which turned to rain as we were leaving which precluded any ideas of a walk along the beach!
About 24 folks turned out with numbers swollen by the Mitchell family as it was half term. Poppy dog was produced for them to play with and exercise in the garden for a while before ordering and sitting down in our usual room - the Quarterdeck.
Here we had a good view of the harbour and the pontoon with a variety of passing birds, starting with two redshjanks roosting one-leggedly, coots swimming under the pontoon, mallards going around the end and a great crested grebe providing endless fun as people tried to focus binoculars on it before it dived again. Two oystercatchers took up residence as we left.
Richard did his usual; thanked everyone and mentioned the forthcoming events and we departed having enjoyed a pleasant interlude with only a little hassle from one of the coffee machines - which do produce great coffee.
Thanks to Trevor and Monica for organising this event again.


Lunch at HISC
on Friday, February 6th

A nice cosy lunch in the the Bar with a view of the cold NE wind smashing waves all the way from the Winner Bank onto the very unhappy looking pontoon!
There was a good attendance of about 40 folks despite most of them having enjoyed the GODS evening the day before.
Richard did his usual and mentioned a suggestion that every first Friday of the month all through the year could be a Lunch at HISC - this was duly entered onto the website  programme - in PINK


Lunch at Emsworth SC
on Friday, January 9th

A good turnout with about 45 people arranged around the large dining room. The lounge and bar end of the building was beautifully refurbished and major building works were going on at the front where a car had rammed the building about a year ago and then been set on fire!
Very enjoyable food in a pleasant sunny atmosphere despite the howling wind outside.
Richard thanked the chef and ran through a few future events and then mentioned an article in the Yachts and Yachting magazine which stated that HISC had won the Club of the Year Award - one of reasons being the newly instigated Social Sailing fleet!
A short walk along the beach afterwards for some, again despite the wind!
Many thanks to Judy for organising this ever-popular event


Lunch at Hisc
On Friday, January 2nd

Not too many folk turned out for this Lunch - probably a bit too near other events!.