Turkey Dining In Night - Christmas Party
on Saturday, December 22nd 2012

About 25 Members enjoyed an excellent Turkey Supper with interesting starter and very exotic dessert!
The party poppers and then the whizzy balloons livened up the party somewhat, the latter causing the waitresses to duck on occasion - we hope they didn’t mind too much.
There were a few hats in the competition but the prizes went to the Solos although Ray did a very good combination effort which off the head was, possibly, an anteater or some sort of  of alien.









 Gary collected the balloon modeling prize having managed to encompass some round balloons in with the proper long  balloons - though we not quite sure now as to what the ‘animal’ was called.
Jane presented the prizes  - and lots of runner up prizes as well - although she forgot to don her Winter Witch’s hat for the occasion - the Winter Witch being a benign creature that doles out gifts of dried fruits etc. ready for the winter hibernation.


Lunch at the Club

Good turnouts for the lunches on Friday, November 2nd and November 30th


The Cruise to CYC
on Wednesday Oct 3rd

did happen despite a very poor forecast
In fact, only Nauti Lady sailed up and the rest of the ‘Fleet’ came by car
The event was attended by 17 members who enjoyed themselves as usual, although it was thought that the new menu perhaps did not quite match those of previous visits.
The rain held off afterwards for a stroll along the shore and Saltern’s Way
Thanks to Trevor for his organisation


The Cruise to Itchenor Pub on 28/09
 did not happen because of appalling weather!


The Cruise to Bembridge and Seaview
Tuesday - Wednesday, September 18 -19th

Six boats - Proud Moment, Sapphire, Lynx IV, Nauti Lady, Stewpot and Sea Harrier went to Bembridge and 14 people enjoyed their evening out. Only three of the sailing boats went on round to Seaview for the next day  - the motor boats finding it difficult to pick up the moorings - and no other boats came for a day sail. So, only 8 people went ashore for lunch at the SC which was rather embarrassing as the Club had opened up especially.  It was a nice day, although with a strong wind.
Thanks to Lyn and Gary for their organisation


The Cruise to Stewart’s Garden
on Friday, August 17th

Tony Aitken took some pictures which are posted here



The Cruise to Itchenor SC
on Monday, August 13th

 Mike Durrant has sent some pictures  of which here are a couple





The Cruise to Southsea Marina
on Thursday, July 26th

The time of the ferry for today was brought forward to 09.00 so that we were all well out of the way before the Fevas, here for their World Championships, started launching their myriads of ribs! 
Four sailing boats  set off in 6 knots with a wind from just S of E at the start of a flood tide , followed by 3 motor boats, Audacious being last to leave having needed to refuel.
Everyone had to go round the Langstone Winner buoy but Lolita stood on a bit further to investigate all the black sailed boats rather drifting around. These turned out to be competitors in the Brewin Dolphin Commodores Trophy - more of which here - http://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/GBRRedcelebrate2012RolexCommodoresCupglory.aspx
 On Saturday, the final winners of this event were Rya Team GBR Red
Into the harbour entrance and a gentle nose up the creek to the Marina. Audacious did not care for the look of a green buoy aground so opted to return and take coffee on a mooring at the entrance for a while. The crew listened to the Coastguard communicating with a PanPan which had gone aground up Newport creek but was also taking on water. Yarmouth Lifeboat was called out but an assisting boat took off the 6 crew and 2 children - went on for ages!. Lolita then arrived and having been told it was a bit shallow said ’We are going home’.  However, Proud Moment sailed into view and prevailed upon them to stay; so these three went up the creek together.
 PM found a space on the outside but Lolita went aground before she got there, managed to turn round and said ‘We are going home’. Audacious tied up on the outside of Sea Harrier, happily ensconced and partying. Kusi had been the first to arrive about 2 hours previously  - despite being told by the Marina that the pontoon was full - albeit of boats waiting for more water on which to leave - and had also gone aground. Roy was a bit miffed as he had phoned the night before and been assured that there would be plenty of water. Naughti Lady came in at speed and manoeuvred, no probs, and then Stewpot’s rib arrived containing, also, Lolitas crew!  It transpired that there had been another little party going on at Stewpots pontoon on the other side of the Harbour! We were just about to depart for the Bombay Bay when Excaliber chuntered in - their excuse being they had been fishing. They had a photo of their catch - a ‘red gurnard called Bernard‘  - returned to the sea - which is, unfortunately, too dark to print. Furthermore, they also turned left into the channel and then left again up a little creek where they went aground.






 Here is a picture of our new
Banner Flag
flying whilst in harbour.

Not very good as it would not keep still


Up in the restaurant, the tables and shades were rearranged into one long one and 20 people and a dog sat down.  Later 6 more arrived from lengthy partying on PM and Excaliber’s crew and dog returned to their boat for a picnic with their stepson.
Fortunately, there was a nice breeze across the deck which was otherwise a bit hot -  and the wind went around to 160 but then returned to 144 ish for the sail  (?) back.
The food and service was excellent with napkins of cloth, although I am not sure that un-recycled ones of paper might have been preferable.
Leaving, we were told that the pontoon charge was negotiated to half price-  only 5!
Back though the harbour entrance and the gravel boat was observed going in.
With enough sea room, Audacious,  a 25ft  Draco Crystal, was opened up for the first time and reached 18 knots. However, speed was reduced to view the 200 or so Fevas which made a pretty spectacle in Hayling Bay.
 In over the bar - only slightly bumpy - and home.
There had been some problems with communications - or lack of -  and members are reminded that they should be using Channel 10 and should have their radios ON.
Many thanks to the organisers, John and Barbara Beck, who said for the next visit they would hope to provide a little more water.




Monday - Friday, July 16th - 20th

The weather was not forecast to be much improved and on Monday this proved to be the case with John Cook’s improvised trip to Itchenor Pub being cancelled

MONDAY EVENING, however was well supported with 50 members partaking of the well kept secret of the free drink beforehand. The menu of crayfish cocktail, lamb and a mousse was excellent.  We then listened to Richard ‘s 15 pages of notes about what had happened and what was going to happen for the rest of the season, and also to an amusing little poem by June and read out by Mike all about WD. This took 31 minutes by which time people were ready to pay up and go home.
TUESDAY dawned fair and sunny with not too much wind from the west, so the fleet, consisting of Audacious, Sea Harrier, Lynx IV, Lolita, Proud Moment, Nauti Lady and Seldom Seen set sail in good order. Lolita arrived first and turned around ready for a quick getaway as Mike was worried about depths on leaving. Others with shallower draft boats partied on the pontoon for an hour or so. All were able, miraculously, to sit outside for lunch and enjoy the sun on the Club patio, being entertained by some picos out training just off the club. Return trip was a  motor into the wind although Seldon seen was observed sailing the last bit under genny and Proud Moment was sporting two sails over the NW Pilsey bank and and looked very handsome. Thanks to Monica and Trevor for their organisation
WEDNESDAY The Picnic on Emsworth pontoon was not considered an option in 30 knots and local pubs were not very helpful so lunch was partaken of at HISC.
THURSDAY was still a bit windy which depleted the Solo fleet to 6 only for their Dash although twice as many as this motored round.  Likewise, several Cruisers decided to go by car leaving Seldom Seen, Proud Moment, Picaro, Nauti Lady and Excaliber to arrive promptly to moor up on the Quay to watch the Solos arrive - in very close formation  - but with our Vice Commodore in the lead. Liz Sagues , as usual, finished the Solos and timed them in for future handicapping reference! Solo ladies coming in Kusi, were arranged just inside the entrance and sold 50 tickets, although some of them were Dell Quay members wishing to join in. Francis sold them tickets at the special price, for them, of 7 (!) Lunch was the usual excellent ploughmans’ followed by a delicious trifle - choice of raspberry or orange  - and then coffee, all partaken of on tables laid out with cloths - which was just as well as it bucketed down for a short spell. Beryl Dyton, and the House Committee of Dell Quay were thanked by Richard, and their Commodore, John Nash, responded welcoming everyone and saying they were all delighted to have such a large, happy crowd in their Clubhouse. A long beat / motor back to base with the rib being deployed for one of the Solos. Thanks to Barbara and Jane/ Barry for the organisation.


Monday - Saturday, July 2nd- 7th

Report from Richard Smith

Mon. 2nd July. It was not a nice day. Winds were S/SW and pretty strong (probably F6) and those coming from Hayling and Langstone had a tough sail / motor. It rained of course! But---Karma, Nauti Lady, Proud Moment, Sapphire, Seldom Seen and Stewpot made it to Shepards Wharf, and 15 of us had a very pleasant meal at the Island SC. They looked after us well.

Tues. 3rd July. Karma, Proud Moment, Seldom Seen and Stewpot risked a new social sailing venue at Newport pontoons, and dried out on Newport mud. We again ate well, this time at the Medina Quay Restaurant. Gary, “skipper” of Seldom Seen, had something of a midnight adventure with mud and mooring lines! Unfortunately his scantily clad figure was not caught on camera by our resident photographer! Our thanks go to Margaret and Ray for suggesting the venue. We will be back.

Wed.4th July. Nauti Lady and Sapphire had remained in Cowes, and we all sailed to the Beaulieu river and Bucklers Hard Marina. We were joined by Silver Moon and Louise. So—we totalled 8 boats. We were joined by Sue and Richard Pratt and John Cook (all by road), and therefore 23 social sailors enjoyed a good meal and good company at the Master Builders Hotel.

Thurs. 5th July. Stewpot left us. We missed them. We had some walk type exercise, which did us good. We had pre food drinks on Louise, and post food drinks and musical entertainment on Silver Moon. That was brilliant and delightful, and, throughout the day, I don’t think it rained at all.

Fri. 6th July. Nauti Lady, Proud Moment and Seldom Seen returned to HISC moorings, and it rained most of the way. Louise and Sapphire braved Newtown Creek for the night. Silver Moon went to Cowes, and Karma remained at Bucklers Hard.

Sat. 6st July. All remaining boats arrived safely back at Hayling. It blew a bit too (again)!

So---we did a lot of socialising, and quite a bit of cruising, and a lot of surviving! If only the weather had co-operated a little more! It was pretty bad----but we still had a very good time.

From Tony Aitken

What merry japes! Thanks SO much for all the organisation, and hard work you do.

Here are my random pics; feel free to do whatever with the images for a totally prize winning log.



Poole Week
June 18th - 22nd

Report from Barbara Beck

12 boats went to Lymington on the Monday, 9 yachts, 1 motor-sailor and 2 motor cruisers. After a party held by “Louise” and “Silver Moon” everyone partook of a very nice meal at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.

Next morning 6 boats crossed to Yarmouth, 5 took off for the West Country or Studland Bay,1 intrepid motor cruiser left for Guernsey. We were joined in Yarmouth by a second motorsailor. On Wednesday 3 boats left for home; three left on Thursday for HISC to beat the gales and the other went to Cowes.

A great time was had by all who took part.


As previously reported 12 boats battled their way to Lymington on Monday 18th June, and 30 social sailors enjoyed the hospitality of Royal Lymington Y.C. for dinner.

The fleet then split, and this addendum report follows the progress of vessels that left the Solent on the Tues. morning, 19th June.


The Cruise to Seaview
Wednesday, June 13th

This was a somewhat chilly day with about 12 knots from the SE.
On the ebb, this made for a rather choppy exit over the bar.
Proud Moment left in good time but towing a dinghy; Seldom Seen followed shortly and would have overhauled PM if the moorings had not arrived in time. Picking up a mooring was especially difficult for Audacious  - a 25ft Draco Crystal - the low down-sloping bow, with only 1 ft stanchions, ploughed into the heavy onshore swell, making life a bit dodgy for the bow lady!
The ribs came and collected promptly but we had to land precariously on the narrow and undulating, but useful,  pontoon extension.
Upstairs - in time for coffee today - were gathered 24 members with a further addition of 2 friends of Paul - the Dougals - from Ventnor.
Besides boats already mentioned, there was Stewpot out of Langstone, and from HISC, Sapphire, Sandpiper, Wild Thyme and Winter.
Winter, a 44’ ketch  is now resident, having sailed over from the Caribbean in 2009 with a crew of three.
Around 1 pm, when most people had finished their choice of the delicious ‘chef’s special of the day’ - Chicken curry - Geoff on Shardick and Mike on his Endeavor 24 arrived, both having sailed single handed from Emsworth -  preferring to steer their own boats!
Shortly after this, HMS Diamond was seen exiting through the forts. This was a satisfactory sequel for those members who had previously, on June 1st, watched her sail into Portsmouth with a 21 gun salute marking the beginning of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations
After the customary meander around Seaview studying the architecture, all boats sailed home albeit with a rather uncomfortable cross swell. The earlier arrivals witnessed a fly-past of helicopters  - 2 Lynx, 1 Sea King, 2 Chinooks and another Sea King, all going along in a drooping line formation.
PM, however, opted to continue to Yarmouth where the boat was going to be left ready for next week, the crew, including dog, going home by ferry.
Many thanks to Gary for his excellent organisation.

The Cruise to Haslar
Friday, June 1st

Despite a rather gloomy start to the day, the sun came out and dispelled the mist and clouds. The NE wind was not helpful, most boats heading out into the flat blue sea and then motor-sailing through the Dolphins, where at about 11.30 the wind obligingly went SW. Shardick, coming from Emswoth, sailed all the way but did miss the party held on Lynx V I which had come early from Bembridge where the crew had stayed overnight. Apparently, when they arrived at Bembridge the previous morning, there were only two other boats there but by evening the pontoon was full and rafting. They met and talked to the new owner who is already dredging out the channel and edges in preparation for straightening and lengthening the pontoon, and then again if it proves successful.

Arriving early into Haslar, the crew of Lynx was able to watch the ‘launch of the Jubilee celebrations’. The Destroyer HMS DIAMOND sailed into harbour with a 21 Gun Salute  - responded to by another 21 guns from the Fort Blockhouse - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4350328/Diamond-fires-off-21-gun-salute-to-signal-jubilee-lift-off.html Then there was a Flypast of 4 helicopters in diamond formation with a Jaguar which zoomed in and swooped spectacularly upwards into the sky.

Kusi left Northney and arrived at HISC to escort Sea Harrier which was single-handed, and Picaro, Sandpiper and Audacious made up the rest of the fleet.

After the noisy party on Lynx, all 17 of us trooped onto the lightship and partook of lunch on the top deck. This was not uneventful as there were plenty or boats in and out  of the harbour and one large yacht in particular, which failed to miss the transom of the lightship as she left the marina!  Then a huge Dakota flew overhead and circled back accompanied by another miniscule plane
Uneventful sail home but great, fun day out

Many thanks to organiser John Cook


The Cruise to Dell Quay
Wednesday May 23rd

Report from Monica

A day superbly organised by Gary Gledhill, 8 boats turned up, all flying our group flag.  We were recognised as HISC and pointed out that we are a 'special section'.

Margaret and Stewart arrived first just in front of Proud Moment and managed to fend off the fishermen from the quay


The Dell Quay SC Webmaster thought perhaps they could reciprocate one day with their cruisers and I suggested he contact Carol.





He is on:     http://www.dellquaysc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=320:webcam-spy&catid=54:latest-news&Itemid=122


and I have sent him some photos of us as he asked.  He was delighted to see us all on the quay, and as he lived only just up the road, came to see if his CCTV cameras were telling the truth.!


John Cook brought along champagne to celebrate his inaugural motor in his newly purchased vessel.  As John then left behind his jumper in the Crown and Anchor, Seldom Seen thought it would be a good opportunity to return when everyone had gone home and practice coming alongside by themselves!

Lunch, as agreed by all 27 of us was superb, and we all sat in the garden, and on a day like today had to sit under the umbrellas.

A great time was had by all.


The Cruise to Cowes,
May16th -18th

Report from Tony Aitken
There is a set of random photos of the Cowes/Folly event at:


The new battle flag is a great success, what a good idea, thanks to all who organised that, and I hear there are a few left for sale, do contact Richard Smith asap.
Much fun was had, but for us, not a lot of sailing as there was wind on the nose on the way there, and wind on the nose on the way back.
Dinner at RCYC was well attended, we lost a few and gained a few on Thursday for the arduous passage up to The Folly for dinner, which was really very good, the Folly is back on form imho, and we’re booked in for the September trip. Many many thanks to Anthony, Richard and to Margaret our organisers of the two days

A bit more from Monica
 Eleven boats attended Cowes, a good turnout.  The trip was bright but cold, and most boats put on their motors towards the end.  Thanks to Anthony Penfold for organising such a good menu at The Royal Corinthan.  The energetic walked and some of us went by Water Taxi.  It made you feel quite Royal arriving by taxi and such a lovely quiet calm night.  Nauti Lady was across the pontoon in Cowes from a training yacht who also asked about our flag.  He used to sail Solos in the 1960's at HISC and was most surprised to see a Cruiser fleet.  He noticed how we all looked after each other, arriving and departing and thought what a good idea to have such a group.  Thanks to Margaret and Ray for organising The Folly. The Folly food was as usual excellent, and good value 2 for 1.  All was OK until the guitarist began to play and it emptied the whole of the pub!

The Cruise to Seaview
on Wednesday, May 2nd

A somewhat overcast day with a chill but sufficient NE to take us across - after having stood on the pontoon and surveyed the  damage done to Selene and the pontoon by the storm on Sunday in conjunction with the fact that Selene was bouncing on the bottom at neaps low water!
After a very pleasant run and then broad reach of about 2 hours all the boats- Shardik with three Palmers aboard from Emsworth, Stewpot from Langstone Ferry, and five boats from Hisc - Proud Moment, Seldom Seen, Naughti Lady, Excaliber and Nuada (on her last event before being sailed by John round to the East Coast and her new owner) arrived in rapid succession to pick up the allocated row of moorings. Four of the boats were flying the smart new HISC banner and Excaliber also had up her own very distinctive banner.
The Club did us proud; we had three very nicely laid out tables upstairs to accommodate the 22 of us, whilst the local school, who we think were sailing in the Mermaids or Picos with livid green sails, were all kept organised downstairs.
002After an excellent meal mostly delivered up to our tables, we went for a walk along the beach - reminiscing of 30-40 years ago -  and back through the town before embarking for a straight port hand fetch all the way back to the beacon where Proud Moment, at least, held on close hauled for a bit before lowering everything to regain the mooring in good order.


Many thanks to Gary for organising this event which happily happened despite the initial and belated muddle in advertising!



The Cruise to Chichester YC
on Monday, April 23rd

A perfectly horrible day with non-stop rain. Only Mike Tong with John Bovis as crew decided to brave the elements. As the Marina had been told no-one was coming they were not expecting any boats so let them off the mooring charge! We think they would have had a rather rough trip home
Usual excellent fare and good coffee - when you got to the machine - enjoyed by another 31 people who had come by car.
On leaving the Clubhouse, Judy spotted lots of small birds darting and swooping over the canal - obviously hunting for insects. At first, Jane thought they must be house martins but they didn’t seem to have any white on them; they looked more like crag martins - last seen in Spain - so a description has gone to the experts at the Conservancy for their views on ID
Thanks to Trevor and Monica for organising this event.

Response from Ed Rowsell, Conservancy ecologist:

As there were lots of them that probably rules out any rarities and nothing has been reported of that ilk.
Rain and light conditions can significantly change the appearance of birds, particularly colouration. From the description I would suspect they were probably swallows; plenty have already arrived and they have some white markings on the forked tail, and the underside is creamy buff, but they do have long tail forks (which might not have been readily visible. The other options are house or sand martins (which are a bit more off white on the underside), but not many have arrived yet and they don’t have white on the tail.

Should have gone to Spec savers!  J


The Cruise to Itchenor SC
on Thursday, April 19th

Not a very nice day, but two yachts and two motor boats, carrying 20 crew between them, arrived at the Club with another 11 people coming around by car. A good lunch was provided -  at half price to make up for the Club having forgotten we were coming last time  - and on leaving, the secretary made a point of mentioning when they were expecting us next time!
Nick was very welcoming in his new job and shook everyone by the hand with a happy smile
Thanks to the Becks for their organisation

Lunch at the Club
 on Friday March 2nd

Despite the fog outside, and a certain wariness about the imminent arrival of 200 lasers, about 50 people arrived for lunch and a noisy chat!
Lunch was in the bar area which was therefore packed out.
This was due to the staff, and Lady Vickers (flowers), preparing for the Commodores Supper later in the evening.
Rosie, the Gateman, was very worried about how he should greet people at the entrance - at what time should he start saying ‘Good evening’ rather than ‘Good afternoon’? Tricky!  We decided at about 5pm might be OK
John said he was just about ready!
Hope they all had as good a time as we did.

Lunch at CYC
Wednesday, February 15th

Not so well attended - people on holiday? -so only about 35 souls arrived to partake of the usual good menu and then struggle with the new again coffee machine!
Not a very sunny day, and with a distinct shortage of water and 4-5 knots of NW wind, Roy Barnes decided against his original plan of bringing Kusi out of Northney and to the pontoon outside the Marina
Short walk after lunch for some up towards Chichester along the shore, with a spectacular view of Dell Quay SC when the sun shone on it for a short while.  Enjoyed the many, noisy, circulating flocks of geese.


Lunch at the Club
Friday, February 3rd

This lunch was as well attended as usual with over 40 people enjoying themselves


Lunch at ESC
 Monday, January 16th

Brilliant day. We sat in the sun and watched the tide come in up the little estuary and cover the mud flats and then saw a huge flock of Brent geese - not in typical formation - come and land just outside the window.
Food was very good and nicely served and Judy and Mike managed to arrive in time despite Mike having recently bent his back.
 Judy made a collection after the meal which she presented
- with our thanks - to the staff .
Most people stayed to chat whilst others went for a walk in the sun - or walked back homewards to the Ship! - and Barry and Jane trundled off - again - to the Lifeboat Station to mend Chimet.

Lunch at the Club
Friday January 6th

Well over 50 members turned up to celebrate the first event of the New Year
After lunch there was discussion about the  Supper on March 17th and it was decided to abandon this and have a table on the Saturday Club Night of March 10th.
A lot of chat followed then about the Banner.  It was decided to have one large one, as donated by Iris and then to order about 20 smaller ones for each boat at a cost of about 30 each.. They will be red, with HISC written down the leading edge under the Club shield at the top