A good turnout for this meeting was installed in the adults bar so as not to clash with the babies!
Doreen opened the meeting with a bit about her trip to Australia and then the various points were progressed through
In the absence of Geoff Coop, Judy Cave collected 5 from each member (not each boat) and more will be collected as the season continues. So far, our funds have gone to pay the ferry system, which came under some scrutiny as the hours it will be available have been reduced, although there are some errors in the programme and the printing. After several people pursued the suggestion, Mike Baker will find out if it is possible for various nominated people, possibly with ‘Power Boat level 2’ qualifications, to be licensed to drive Selene.
The summer programme seemed to be satisfactorily underway. Several venues will have menus that need ordering and these will be displayed, appropriately, for you to choose, on the ‘Next Event’ page of the web site. Doreen has come to a better agreement with Chichester YC so these two trips in the summer programme will go ahead.
As, during last year, the TTTLs did not function all the time, it was decided to abandon this system and rely on the web site and reminders sent out on the Hisc General Newsletter. People must tell the organisers if they are coming, the number of their crew and if they have spaces or need more crew. Spare crews sill have to contact the organiser for day trips only.
Basil regrettably informed us that Sparke’s Cruising Club no longer exists and that he will not be running the St Malo trip again. Richard Curties offered to organise it, with Carol, for the benefit of all of the Club.
Iris is looking into more theatre visits
Jane Hooper has informed us that she has moved house to Emsworth. Her new address can be obtained from Jane, Judy or the Club.
It was announced, with much regret, that John Hutchins has died following a heart attack that occurred whilst he was assisting his sick wife Jean. Our sympathies go to the family and a further notice will be prepared
A full report of the meeting will be posted on the board in the corridor.

A good lunch was enjoyed afterwards, with people signing up already for the next St Malo trip!



There was the usual turnout of about 40 happy, chatty members who enjoyed the new introduction of the very interesting salad bar. However, there was a certain amount of disgruntle when Doreen disclosed that she was having trouble with the new secretary of Chichester YC who has changed everything - and not to our satisfaction. It was, therefore decided to cancel the lunch there on February 9th so the next lunch will be here at the Club on March 2nd


This event was very well attended, food was good with a different items  on the menu and everyone had a really good chat!
The date for the Spring Meeting was settled at March 30th - 11am for the meeting with lunch at 1.00pm